International Tour 2004

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"International Tour 2004"
Tour by Linkin Park
Location Europe, Asia
Type Headline
Associated album Meteora
Start date June 3, 2004
End date June 22, 2004
Number of shows 9
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Name Job
Rob McDermott Band Manager
Mike Amato Tour Manager
John T. Williams Tour Security
Bruce Thompson Personal Security
George Hundleby Personal Security
Mark Fiore Videographer
Andrew "Frosty" Forster Band Bus Driver (EU)
Jim Digby Production Manager
Robert "Ragman" Long Stage Manager
Janet Taylor Production Assistant
Mark Wise Security Director
A.J. Pen Lighting & Visuals Director
Brad Divens FOH Engineer
Brad Wright Monitor Engineer
John Van Eaton ProTools/Show Electronics
Jason Lemiere DJ Tech/Backline Crew Chief
Sean Paden Guitar Technician
Ted Regier Bass Technician
Brad Stonner Drum Technician
Ethan Merfy Carpenter
Jason Ruggles Audio Technician
Jonathan Hitchings Monitor Tech (EU)
Rob Lowe Band Assistant