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Song by Grey Daze
Live debut May 23, 1997

"Forever" is an unreleased song by Grey Daze.


The song was discovered among various Grey Daze video recordings from Sean Dowdell's personal collection. It was present on only one of the shows, which was also the only one featuring soundboard audio. According to Sean, it was the last song Grey Daze created together and it's titled "Forever". It's possible, however, that his statement isn't entirely right since a February 1998 article published by Arizona Republic reported Grey Daze would be releasing a third CD that spring.[1] On his Facebook page, he wrote, "This was one of my favorite songs we ever wrote (as far a choruses go) but we never had the chance to record it in the studio. I think it is one his most brilliant lyrical writings"[2]


The only known performance of "Forever" happened at Electric Ballroom in Tempe, Arizona during Best Of Phoenix 2. The show also happened to be the release date of ...No Sun Today, which, according to Chester's speech from a different show, was on May 23rd, 1997. After the song, Chester said, "That was a world premiere. This song has never been played before, except a couple of small times. It's not even named yet."


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