Fall Tour 2003

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"Fall Tour 2003"
Fall Tour 2003.jpg
Tour by Linkin Park
Location United Kingdom, North America
Type Headline
Associated album Meteora
Start date November 20, 2003
End date December 13, 2003
Number of shows 10
Linkin Park tours chronology

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Name Job
Jim Digby Production Manager
Robert Long Stage Manager
Janet Taylor Production Assistant
A.J. Pen Lighting & Visual Director
Brad Divens Front of House Engineer
Brent Carpenter Monitor Engineer
John Van Eaton ProTools/Show Electronics
Jason Lemiere DJ Tech/Backline Crew Chief
Sean Paden Guitar Tech
Ted Regier Bass Tech
Brad Stonner Drum Tech
Shawn Shebetka Carpenter
Paul Lugo Carpenter
Dan Beard UK Head Rigger
Beau Alexander Audio Tech
Angelo Pizzera UK Audio Tech
Heiko Ulshöfer UK Audio Tech
Dave Lee UK Lighting Director
Ricky Hopkins UK Lighting Tech
Jim Allison UK Lighting Tech
Icarus Wilson-Wright UK Video Systems Tech
J.T. Harding Band Assistant
Mick Ridley Merchandiser



Band rehearsal

November 11th - 14th LA, Third Encore?