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Single by Linkin Park
from the album Meteora
Working title Faint
Recorded 2002
Released June 9, 2003
Format CD, Vinyl
Length 02:42
Stems LPConcerts[1]
Open Labs SoundSlate Pro[2]
Time signature 4/4
Tempo 135
Key C# Minor
Live debut February 23, 2003
Last played October 27, 2017
Writer(s) Linkin Park
Producer(s) Don Gilmore, Linkin Park
Label Warner Bros.
Linkin Park singles chronology

Somewhere I Belong (2003) Faint (2003) Numb (2003)

Meteora track listing
  1. Foreword
  2. Don't Stay
  3. Somewhere I Belong
  4. Lying From You
  5. Hit The Floor
  6. Easier To Run
  7. Faint
  8. Figure.09
  9. Breaking The Habit
  10. From The Inside
  11. Nobody's Listening
  12. Session
  13. Numb

"Faint" is the seventh song on Linkin Park's sophomore album "Meteora". The song was released as the second single from the record on June 9, 2003. The song is renowned for its fast paced beat and powerful deliver, as well as its live performances.


In March 2003, Mike Shinoda did a track-by-track of Meteora for ShoutWeb. About "Faint", he said, ""Faint" is a fun song. Brad actually brought that guitar part in originally thinking that it would be 70 beats per minute or somewhere in that vicinity I think. I'm not sure about the exact number. He played it to a click during Ozzfest and he came back. He and I had done the drum tracks to 140 beats per minute. First he argued with me and told me that it wasn't supposed to be that then I told him, "I know what you intended but I think this works." He listened to it and he totally changed his mind. I just heard something different when I first heard the part so that's how this came about. We're going to skip the lyrics on that one. "Faint" was just a working title that we wanted to keep. I don't know what the actual title would have been but it wasn't that. That word doesn't even appear in the song."

On the Meteora booklet, the band wrote, "Brad came into the studio bus, where Mike was working, to record a new idea. Brad recorded scratch guitar tracks for "Faint" over a click track (no drums, no music), expecting the tempo to be about 70 BPM (beats per minute). He returned to the bus a couple of days later, and Mike had put together the beat at 135 BPM - Almost twice as fast. After careful deliberation, Brad and Mike decided the faster beat was more fun."

As for why the band named the song "Faint", Mike said, "I always struggle with titles. In my process, usually a song ends up having a title because of the lyrics. The session, the file on my computer usually has a different name. On our second record Meteora, the song "Faint", the reason it was "Faint" was we liked the word "Faint", the session title, more than the actual idea of "I Won't Be Ignored" or whatever. Like those titles felt so overwrought, so the idea of using the session title was cooler to us."[3]

In an interview with Yahoo! Launch on October 12, 2003, Mike pointed out the differences between their (at the time two) studio albums saying, "One of the big differences people will notice between Hybrid Theory and Meteora is just simply the use of different instruments, different textures and moods. For example, in "Breaking The Habit" we have live strings and piano, in "Faint" we have live strings. You'll notice Japanese flute here and there, we'll use different samples that will basically create a new mood, create a vibe in the song. The songs still have the Linkin Park sound--they have the dynamics, the heaviness, the things that make it sound like us. But we did try to experiment with different sounds and time signatures and tempos, all these different things just to make it feel a little bit different."

In an interview with NYRock in May 2003, he also mentioned "Breaking The Habit" and "Faint" as being "faster than any songs we've ever written".

Mike has stated "Faint" is his favorite song to play live. In an interview with O Globo in 2012, Chester Bennington said "Faint" is one of the songs the band can't stop playing: "There are some songs that we can not stop playing. Hardly anyone will come out of a show without hearing our "In the end", "Numb", "Crawling" and "Faint", for example. And it is pleasant to see the audience happy. Of course there are those that we no longer so fond of playing, like "Runaway", but fans love. I do not understand why, because I think this is bad music today."


An early demo version of "Faint" with different lyrics and no vocals during the chorus was released on the LP Underground 9.0: Demos CD on November 23, 2009.

In October 2010, fans became aware of alternate versions of three tracks on the LP Underground 9: Demos album. A European WBR promo version of the CD exists, with alternate versions of "Across The Line", and the demos of "Faint" and "By Myself". "Across The Line" had an extended intro, which was just an instrumental version of the bridge of the track, while "Faint" and "Sad" had entirely new/longer intros. These were the longer versions of the tracks before they were edited and shortened for their release on the CD by Mike Shinoda. The acetate CD was posted on LPLive on October 31, 2011 by BPERCY.

Adam Ruehmer confirmed the legitimacy of the tracks on November 1, 2011: "I have some good news for you. The songs are legit. I finally found the file Mike sent me before we went to mastering. The extended intros are there. Congrats! I'm REALLY confused at how this stuff got put on a promo CD in Europe. Strangest thing ever!!"[4]


CD Single 1

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Faint Linkin Park 2:42
2 Lying From You (Live) Linkin Park 3:07
3 Somewhere I Belong (Video) Linkin Park 3:46

CD Single 2

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Faint Linkin Park 2:42
2 One Step Closer (Reanimated Live) Bennington Chester Charles, Bourdon Robert G, Delson Brad, Hahn Joseph, Shinoda Mike 3:43
3 Faint Live (Video) Linkin Park 3:25

Vinyl Single

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Faint Linkin Park 2:42
2 Lying From You (Live) Linkin Park 3:07

Music Video

Live Video

Before the final video for "Faint" was ready, a live video of the song was released in May 2003 in the UK to fill in.[5] It can be found on the CD Single 2 for the song.

The video was taken from Linkin Park's performance at the MTV $2 Bill concert at State Theatre, Detroit, MI on March 17, 2003. Eleven songs from the show were originally broadcasted by MTV2 on March 25, 2003 and Mike helped mix the audio for the broadcast. Chester went into the crowd on the end of "Faint".

Music Video

The music video for "Faint" was directed by Mark Romanek and shot at the end of April 2003 with about 1,000 fans from LP Underground, all of whom were 18+ years old. Romanek's treatment was based around the "I won't be ignored" portion of the song's chorus, featuring the band performing and ignoring the cameras and audience until the end of the video. Mike Shinoda told MTV, "We just saw a rough cut of it today and it looks great. We really wanted to throw people a curve ball... I think it's different for us, and it's a lot of live action — very little [computer generated imaging] — and it's real exciting."[6] The video took 2 days to shoot at a secret location in downtown Los Angeles on April 29th and 30th as noted on From The Inside: Linkin Park's Meteora.

The book contains quotes from various band members about the video. Joe Hahn wrote, "This video was directed by legendary film maker Mark Romanek. Mark did an amazing job at displaying the energy of the band through the use of silhouettes and heavy backlighting. The concept of this video revolved around the words "I won't be ignored." The idea being that you see our backs, but the energy is so great that it cannot be ignored. The excitement of the audience really made this video come alive."

Mike wrote, "In a scene that eventually was cut, I wrote "en processo," which means "in progress." "Work in progress" was a reoccurring theme in the Meteora artwork."

Rob Bourdon wrote, "We shot the video for "Faint" in front of some of our most die-hard, dedicated fans. Having them there jumping, screaming and singing along made it so much more exciting and fun than just playing along to the song in front of a camera crew. They helped to make our performance the best it could possibly be."

To promote the video, beginning on Monday July 7, 2003, six Linkin Park "trading cards," one for each member of the band, were strewn across the Linkin Park website as well as radio station sites and select fan sites picked by Mike (one of them being pushmeaway.com). Each card allowed users to see the video for "Faint" as well as view behind-the-scenes footage taken from the featured band member's perspective. Brad's card for instance said, "My favorite moment on the 'Faint' shoot was when the director, Mark Romanek (Audioslave, Red Hot Chili Peppers), surprised [drummer] Rob [Bourdon] by running up behind him and dumping an entire bottle of water on his head. Being the true professional that Rob is, he finished the take without missing a beat."[7] Real trading cards were also given to street team members to promote the contest.[8]

The original ending for the video featured Mike spray painting "En Processo" onto a metal garage.[9] This can be seen in the director's cut of the music video which was distributed by Mark Romanek in an internal review DVD and included in his own DVD titled The Work Of Director Mark Romanek. The DVD contains audio commentaries by Romanek and Joe Hahn.

The original treatment and credits for the video, from Mark Romanek's website, can be read bellow:


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Faint Meteora 2:42 2002 March 25, 2003
  • Intro starts at the end of "Easier To Run".
Faint Faint

Broken Dreams II

Essential Bands

8-Bit Rebellion!

2:42 2002 June 9, 2003
  • Full song.
Faint (Demo 2002) LP Underground 9.0: Demos 3:11 2002 November 23, 2009
  • Different instrumental
  • Different lyrics during verses and bridge.
  • No vocals during chorus.
Faint (Demo 2002) LP Underground 9.0: Demos (EU Promo) 3:27 2002 2009
  • Extended intro.
  • Released on LPLive for free download on October 31, 2011.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Jigga What/Faint Collision Course 3:31 2004 November 30, 2004
  • Mash-up with Jay-Z.
Jigga What/Faint Collision Course (Clean) 3:31 2004 November 30, 2004
Faint (8 Bit Rebellion Version) 8-Bit Rebellion! Ringtones 0:29 2010 April 17, 2010
  • 8-bit version.
  • Chorus and bridge only.
Faint (8-Bit) 8-Bit Rebellion! 2:25 2010 April 26, 2010
  • Full 8-bit version.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Faint (Live) World Premiere Of Meteora: Wiltern 3-24-03 2:43 March 03, 2003
  • The CD dates from March 26, 2003.
Faint Live Faint (CD 2) 3:30 March 17, 2003 June 9, 2003
  • Video.
  • From MTV2's 2$ Bill show.
Faint LP Underground 3.0 3:09 August 11, 2003 November 17, 2003
  • Enhanced live video.
  • Live footage aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Faint Live In Texas (Street Team Promo CD)

Live In Texas

2:47 August 02, 2003

August 03, 2003

November 18, 2003
  • Recorded live August 2nd 2003 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX and August 3rd 2003 at Texas Stadium in Irving, TX on the Summer Sanitarium Tour.
Jigga What/Faint Collision Course July 18, 2004 November 30, 2004
  • Censored.
  • DVD only.
Jigga What/Faint LP Underground 5.0 3:50 July 02, 2005 November 21, 2005
  • Recorded live at Live 8 in Philadelphia, PA. July 2, 2005.
Faint (Live) What I've Done

Minutes To Midnight (JP Edition)

2:46 August 13, 2006 April 2, 2007
  • Recorded live in Japan.
Faint (Live) Minutes To Midnight (Circuit City Edition) 2:44 March, 2007 May 14, 2007
Faint LP Underground 7.0 4:32 August 21, 2007 December 5, 2007
  • Recorded live at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ on August 29, 2007.
Faint (29/01/08 LP Live London 2) Minutes To Midnight (EU Tour Edition) 4:07 January 29, 2008 December 12, 2007
  • Downloadable MP3.
  • Download codes expired on December 17, 2008.
Jigga What/Faint (With Jay-Z) Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes 5:10 June 29, 2008 November 21, 2008
  • Filmed at the National Bowl, Milton Keynes June 29, 2008.
Jigga What/Faint (With Jay-Z) Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes (Clean) 5:10 June 29, 2008 November 21, 2008
  • Censored.
  • Filmed at the National Bowl, Milton Keynes June 29, 2008.
  • Despite the "Parental Advisory: Explicit Content" warning on the Record Store Day vinyl, all copies are censored.
Faint Live In Madrid 4:08 November 07, 2010 April 1, 2011
Faint Live In Red Square 4:14 June 23, 2011 July 21, 2011
  • Released as a prize for the "Iridescent" "Super-Fun Trading Fun-Cards" game. After all six cards were collected, the person could enter the codes of each card at linkinpark.com to get a free download of the full show.
Faint (Live From Hamburg, 2011) Meteora - Live Around The World 3:41 June 21, 2011 June 5, 2012
Faint Live At Admiralspalast Berlin, Germany June 05, 2012 March 29, 2013


"Faint" has been a staple for Linkin Park's setlist going back to the first show of 2003, where it was among the first songs to be played live in support of Meteora. "Faint" has appeared at almost every full show since, being dropped very rarely, Download 2014 being an example. "Faint", to this day, is one of the few live songs to feature guests. Starting with the fourth show of Projekt Revolution 2004, Bert McCracken of the band The Used frequently came out during the bridge of Faint to sing with Chester. This was documented on The Used's 2007 DVD Berth. At the last show of Projekt Revolution 2007, members from all the bands on tour came out during the outro of "Faint", since it was the last song of the whole tour. During Linkin Park's surprise performance at Warped Tour, the band had Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn of Issues to come out during "Faint". More recently, Austin Carlile came out during Faint at the Hollywood Bowl stop of the Carnivores Tour, and started consistently coming out on the fourth show of The Hunting Party European Tour. More interestingly, "Faint", for a long time, would be the song the band chose to have fans come up and play guitar on. While this was most frequently done during the Meteora touring cycle, it has been done once in 2007 and a few times in 2010, once in Broadmeadow, New South Wales, once in Western Australia, and once in Homebush, New South Wales. The 2010 Australian tour was the first time the same fan played guitar on "Faint" multiple times, playing at both shows in New South Wales, and the second performance in New South Wales was the first time a fan played bass on the song.

Throughout 2003, 2004, and 2006, "Faint" was exclusively played mid-set. It wasn't until the first full show of 2007 that the band starting making "Faint" a little more interesting. This show was the first, and only, performance of a "There They Go/Faint" mashup, to accommodate a fan who wanted to play guitar on the song. It was also at this show that "Faint" was moved from it's mid-set position to closing the show with a new extended outro, which featured Mike playing the bridge riff while Brad played a solo on top of that. This outro continues to be played to this day. "Faint" continued closing all shows until Projekt Revolution, when the band started changing setlists up for the first time. In Set A, it was moved up to closing the main set, and it closed the set in Sets B, C, and D. These general sets continued being played until 2008. "Faint" was moved into some more interesting positions starting in the 2008 European Tour, though. In Set R and S, it closed the show, as per usual, but in Set T, it was played second, following "What I've Done", and usually had an outro transition into "No More Sorrow". The position of "Faint" in these sets stayed pretty consistent up until the end of the Minutes To Midnight cycle. During the 2009 tour, "Faint" was played as the second to last song in the encore, after "New Divide" and before "One Step Closer".

Once the band started touring in support of A Thousand Suns, "Faint" started appearing mid-set again, coming after "New Divide" in Sets A-1 and A-3, as well as the alternate setlists for the New York City release show and Madrid. Though, it would still close shows and make appearances in the encore. In Set B-1, "Faint" closed the main set, and in Set B and B-9, "Faint" appeared right before "One Step Closer" in the encore. The band debuted several new sets to kick off the North American Tour in 2011. In Set A-1, "Faint" was played following "New Divide", and in Set B-11, "Faint" was played right before "One Step Closer" as was the case in the previous tour. However, "Faint" was put in some new positions in the other sets. In Set B-13, "Faint" opened the show in conjunction with "The Requiem" and "The Radiance", and in Set C-6, "Faint" was played second to last in the main set, with "One Step Closer" closing the main set. For summer and fall of 2011, "Faint" stuck to it's usual positions for the most part. Set A had the song second to last in the main set, Set B and the one-off Singapore setlist had the song second to last for the show with no encore, Sets C and D had the song opening with "The Requiem" and "The Radiance", and Set E and the Moscow setlist had the song mid-set again, with "Faint" coming after "New Divide" in Set E and "Given Up" in the Moscow set.

The cycle for Living Things never had "Faint" closing a set, which is the first time this has occurred since the Meteora tour cycle. For the initial, festival tour in Europe, "Faint" was played third after "Given Up" in the festival set and opened the show with "Tinfoil" for the headlining set. "Faint" was played in similar positions once the band kicked off the Honda Civic Tour, and for every tour after that for the Living Things cycle, as the band didn't change the sets too substantially following this tour. In Set A, "Faint" opened with "Tinfoil". Set B had "Faint" opening the encore for the first time, still using "Tinfoil" as an intro, and Set C had "Faint" second in the set. The shorter, iHeart Radio Festival setlist and the short rehearsal setlist from 2013 in North Hollywood had "Faint" second to last, alongside "One Step Closer". The only change for the 2013 sets, in terms of "Faint", was the festival form of Set B, which eliminated the "Tinfoil" intro and simply had the song second to last.

2014 kicked off with three shows, each with "Faint" in different positions. The first show had "Faint" opening the show with no intro to accompany it for the first time ever, the second show had "Faint" open the encore with intro for the first time ever, and the third show simply had "Faint" second after "One Step Closer". Fun fact, though, the very beginning sample of "Faint" still had remnants of "Tinfoil", as the onboard samples for the song came from the 2012-2013 touring run. At the first official show of The Hunting Party touring cycle, "Faint" was played as the last song in the main set, and hasn't moved since for full shows. It's been played mid-set for a few, short shows where there was no encore, and it closed this shortened show. Page Hamilton from Helmet joined the band for the song at the Relief Live! event at the end of the touring cycle, and the song yet again closed the shortened show.

"Faint" closed the main set during a majority of the One More Light tour. Mid-way through the tour, the band decided to move it down in the set to close the show, starting at the Southside Festival in Germany, making it the first time since 2011 that the song had closed a show. For the rest of the tour, "Faint" would randomly be swapped with "Bleed It Out" to close the show. At the Hollywood Bowl tribute show, M. Shadows and Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold joined the band to perform the song, Gates performing the guitar solo during the extended outro.

Mike briefly performed "Faint" during his Post Traumatic Tour stop in Shanghai, China. Mike led the crowd in an acapella version of the song through the first chorus, in response to the Chinese fans at the prior show in Beijing adamantly singing Linkin Park songs for almost an hour after Mike had left the stage. This was the first and only time the song has been performed like this.

Mike joined Sum 41 onstage at the Reading 2018 and Leeds 2018 festivals, as they shared the lineup. Sum 41 had been closing all of their shows on their summer tour with a cover of the song, not including Mike's verses, the second chorus, or bridge, but performing the live extended outro. When Mike joined them, they added his verses in but kept the second chorus and bridge out.


Last Updated: August 23, 2018

Type Description First Played Last Played
Bridge w/ Bert McCracken July 27, 2004 September 4, 2004
Outro Bridge Riff w/ Brad Solo April 28, 2007 July 6, 2017
Outro Bridge Riff w/ Synyster Gates Solo October 27, 2017 October 27, 2017
Outro Transition Into "No More Sorrow" January 16, 2008 February 26, 2008
Alternative Mashup w/ "There They Go" April 28, 2007 April 28, 2007

Mike Shinoda

Last Updated: August 23, 2018

Type Description First Played Last Played
Alternative Acapella Version August 14, 2018 August 14, 2018
Alternative Shortened (1st Verse & Chorus Only) August 14, 2018 August 14, 2018

Live Guests

Last Updated: August 23, 2018

  • Austin Carlile (Of Mice & Men)
  • Benjamin Chandler (replacing Brad Delson)
  • Bert McCracken (The Used)
  • M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • Michael Bohn (Issues)
  • Page Hamilton (Helmet)
  • Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • Tyler Carter (Issues)
  • Warren Willis (replacing Joe Hahn)


Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Status
2003 Kerrang! Awards Best Single Nominated


Linkin Park

  • Chester Bennington: vocals
  • Rob Bourdon: drums
  • Brad Delson: guitar
  • Joseph Hahn: records, sampling
  • Phoenix: bass
  • Mike Shinoda: emcee, vocals, sampling

Additional Instruments

  • Dave Cambell: string arrangements

Track 1

  • Produced by Don Gilmore and Linkin Park
  • Mixed by Andy Wallace
  • Appears on the album 'Meteora'

CD 1

Track 2

  • Mixed by Mike Shinoda, Brad Divens & Drew Mazurek
  • Recorded Live During the LP Underground Tour 2003
  • Original Version Appears on the album 'Meteora'

CD 2

Track 2

  • Mixed by Mike Shinoda, Brad Divens & Drew Mazurek
  • Recorded Live During the LP Underground Tour 2003

Track 3

  • From MTV2's 2$ Bill Show



In Other Media

  • "Faint" is featured in the 2010 film Bad Deal.
  • "Faint" (in both studio and 8-bit versions) is featured in Linkin Park's 2010 videogame 8-Bit Rebellion!.

Cover Versions

During various shows from her The Best Damn Tour in 2008, Avril Lavigne's backing dancers danced to an instrumental version of "Faint".

Although it's not available on any of their albums, American metalcore band I, The Breather recorded a studio version of "Faint".

Texan metalcore band Wolves Among Men recorded a cover of "Faint" which was made available on their MySpace page[13] and YouTube channel on March 10, 2012.[14]

American post-hardcore band I Take This Oath (now Asylus) recorded a full band cover of "Faint" which was uploaded to their YouTube channel on May 10, 2013.[15]

Southern California based alternative rock band Alorion recorded and released a version of "Faint" as a digital single.[16] A music video was directed for the track by the band Movements and was premiered by Metal Underground on February 16, 2016.[17] Alorion commented, "We chose to cover Linkin Park because for some of us, it was that first bridge into rock music. We also share a similar dynamic with the two different styles of vocalists in the band. We thought it was a great idea to nod to a band that's so influential into what we are doing and why we are here, all while creating something new with a song we love." Since then, the band have been playing the cover live.

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