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Album-LPU 12.jpg
Song by Linkin Park from the album LP Underground 12
Working title Debris
Released November 16, 2012
Time signature 4/4
Tempo 95
Writer Linkin Park
Label Machine Shop Records

LP Underground 12 track listing
  1. Homecoming (Minutes To Midnight Demo)
  2. Points Of Authority (Demo)
  3. Clarity (Minutes To Midnight Demo)
  4. Asbestos (Minutes To Midnight Demo)
  5. Bunker (Minutes To Midnight Demo)
  6. So Far Away (Unreleased 1998)
  7. Pepper (Meteora Demo)
  8. Debris (Minutes To Midnight Demo)
  9. Ominous (Meteora Demo)
  10. Forgotten (Demo)


"Debris" was a demo started during the Minutes To Midnight sessions. It was eventually revisited during the A Thousand Suns sessions and a part of it can be heard during the Meeting Of A Thousand Suns documentary.

"Debris" was released on November 16, 2012 on the LP Underground 12 CD. This version, however, was labeled as a "Minutes To Midnight Demo". On the booklet of the CD, Brad Delson wrote: "This demo thrived on the strength of the beat. Comes in demanding attention. The chorus here probably would've been better as a bridge. The demo bridge has a nice chord progression - might've worked as a chorus."

On a Twitch stream in July 2020, Mike was asked why "Debris" wasn't ever finished and released. He said, "I always liked "Debris." It is a good demo. I tried to play with it, I got as far as the demo that you've heard that's on the LPU release. I got that far with it, and I submitted it to the band. We had our Monday Meetings, like here are demos, here are demos. I submitted it to the band a few times and I was like, "I like this track" and nobody else liked it. And I just didn't finish it, because nobody was into it. It is what it is. And that's sometimes how it works guys"[1]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Debris (Minutes To Midnight Demo) LP Underground 12 3:23 November 16, 2012
  • This song can be heard during the Meeting Of A Thousand Suns DVD.



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