Countdown To Revolution 2001

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"Countdown To Revolution 2001"
Tour by Linkin Park
Location North America
Type Headline
Associated album Hybrid Theory
Start date November 27, 2001
End date December 5, 2001
Number of shows 7
Supporting acts (hed)p.e., The Apex Theory, DJ Z-Trip, X-Ecutioners
Linkin Park tours chronology

Family Values Tour 2001 Countdown To Revolution 2001 Projekt Revolution 2002




Name Job
Rob McDermott Manager
Bob Dallas Tour Manager
Chris Gratton Production Manager
Erica Efinger Assistant Production Manager
Gary McLean Stage Manager
Brad Divens FOH Engineer
Roger Pigman Monitor Engineer
Mark Jacobson Lighting Director
Sam Herrington Carpenter
Jake Mann Audio
Alan Behr Audio
Meegan Holmes Audio
John Charland Lighting Crew Chief
Trevit Cromwell Lighting
Mark Weil Lighting
Jo Huq Lighting
Stefano DiBenedetto Drum Tech
Greg Howard Guitar Tech
Skip Payatt Bass Tech
Myron Settle Electronics
Jake Stras Security Director
Sweeney Venue Security
Joel Hendricks Merchandise
Rob Richardson Band Bus #1
Tom McPhail Band Bus #2
Tommy DeBernardo Crew Bus #1
Mike Brown Crew Bus #2
Donnie Rupert Truck #1 Lead Driver
Tim Brannum Truck Driver #1
Marco Mendicoa Truck Driver #2
Scott DeShotel Truck Driver #3

Source: Itinerary



Production rehearsal

November 26th in Kansas City, MO