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X-Ecutioner Style

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Template:Infobox song "X-Ecutioner Style" is the eighth track on Reanimation.


"X-Ecutioner Style" is the work of the X-Ecutioners, who worked with Linkin Park a good bit in this time period with the band. In mid-2001, Linkin Park recorded "It's Goin' Down" with The X-Ecutioners, which was released in January 2002 on the X-Ecutioners' album Built From Scratch. They also went on to join Linkin Park on stage at the MTV VMA's on September 6, 2001 for "One Step Closer".

After Linkin Park's Countdown To Revolution tour in 2001, MTV interviewed the X-Ecutioners about their latest album and "It's Goin' Down". Roc Raida said, “Right now, we’re working on a song for their next album that’s possibly gonna be an intro or something. We just started, but we’re working on it. Hopefully we’ll tour more with them and do other stuff, because they’re like our boys now.”[1] This song turned out to be "X-Ecutioner Style" on Reanimation.

The song was created by Roc Raida, with production by Sean C. Jeff Chestek and Ray Wilson worked on the track as engineer and assistant engineer, respectively.

Black Thought, from The Roots, guests with a rap verse on the track. He later went on to appear on Fort Minor's debut album The Rising Tied by rapping on "Right Now" in 2005.

Speaking to MTV about the collaboration with Black Thought, Mike Shinoda said: "I don’t think he knows how nervous I was when I called him up. A friend of mine told me that he wanted to link us up ’cause he knows one of my favorite groups is the Roots. We’re all big fans, and that was something that was kind of a goal of ours as far as the album, to get groups that we really admire to participate."[2] Rob Swift said, "They’re true fans of the art. They’re not like, 'Let’s have Mr. Hahn here as a DJ for the looks of it.' It's a real thing with them. I study Hybrid Theory whenever I want to get some inspiration for things I want to do."[3]

"X-Ecutioner Style" samples three Linkin Park songs: "Forgotten", "One Step Closer", and "Cure For The Itch". While Mark Wakefield (Xero) is not listed as a songwriter, we list him on our website since he has a songwriting credit for "Forgotten".

The song can be heard during the Frat Party At The Pankake Festival documentary.[4]

Music Video

The music video for "X-Ecutioner Style" was directed by David Zager[5] for MTV2's "MTV:Playback".

MTV: Playback was originally aired on July 27, 2002 at 2:00pm, with a rerun on July 28, 2002 at 8:00pm.[6]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
X-Ecutioner Style Reanimation 1:49 2001 July 30, 2002
  • Censored.
  • Remix by Roc Raida and Sean C.
  • Features vocals by Black Thought.
  • Samples Linkin Park's "Cure For The Itch", "One Step Closer", and "Forgotten".


  • Sean C - producer
  • Roc Raida - interpretation
  • Black Thought - vocals
  • Jeff Chestek - engineer
  • Ray Wilson - assistant engineer

Production (Album)

  • Mike Shinoda - producer
  • Mark "Spike" Stent - mixing
  • David Treahearn - mixing assistant
  • Paul "P-Dub" Walton - ProTools enginer
  • Brian "Big Bass" Gardner - mastering, digital editing
  • Nancie Stern - sample clearance


Template:Collapse top

From the top
From the top
From the top
From the top
From the top
From the top
From the top
From the top
Shut up
Shut up
Shut up
Shut up when I'm talking to you
Shut up
Shut up
Shut up
Shut up
I'm about to br-
Wasn't that fun?
Let's try something else

Forty-five calibre killer from out of the filler
Definitely going to show y'all brothers how you not a gorilla
Smooth talking, fully automatic weapon concealer
Taste thriller, break thriller
Let's hit ‘em with the bounce filler
Filthy stinking, standing on solid ground
And still be sinking, submerging in the parks
Still be linking, plucked beef when it starts
To fuck your thinking, it's not a mirage
I'm in the motherfucking track, yo, from out the garage
With an if, you to duck, but it's hard to dodge
In the back of the spine where my dawgs, they lie
Going to flip it straight up, ripping apart your squad
X-ecutioner style, cuts and blends like a syringe
Hanging you from each of your limbs
See me coming through the party hard without no bodyguard
Smoking something, stomping on each of you Tims
I'm the B-to-the-L, the A, the C, King
And when it comes to planning
The thought to keep thinking, man

Shut up
Shut up
Shut up
Shut up
Shut up
Shut up
Shut up
Shut up

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