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Sound Collector

From Linkinpedia
"Sound Collector"
Song by Mike Shinoda
from the album Dropped Frames, Vol. 3
Working title:6.18 LPFM Sounds Track
Recorded:June 18, 2020
Released:September 18, 2020
Writer:Mike Shinoda
Producer:Mike Shinoda
Label:Kenji Kobayashi Productions
Dropped Frames, Vol. 3 tracklist
  1. Dream Fragment
  2. Sound Collector
  3. Dust Code
  4. No Delete
  5. Robot Yodel
  6. Vibe Train
  7. Mike's Gonna Mike
  8. Shoreline
  9. Goodbye Cow
  10. Genesis Supernova
  11. Sidechain Gang
  12. Overcast
  13. A Thousand Jams
  14. License To Waltz

"Sound Collector" is the second track on the album Dropped Frames, Vol. 3 by Mike Shinoda.


"Sound Collector" is a song by Mike Shinoda made during the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic.

In March 2020, the global pandemic created by the COVID-19 coronavirus caused communities to quarantine at home. During this time, Mike Shinoda decided to start live streaming online and inviting fans to watch him create new instrumental music.

"Sound Collector" was a track made by Mike on June 18, 2020 under the working title "6.18 LPFM Sounds Track."[1] "Linkin Park/Fort Minor Sounds + Nobody Can Save Me/Battle Symphony" was the theme, requested by a fan (PeppePark). This was one of Mike's most-viewed streams of 2020 due to the title of the track. To make it, he pulled samples from Fort Minor and Linkin Park sound banks in his computer.

Mike said, "Today we've got Maschine open, got Ableton open. In my libraries here in Maschine over on the left side, you can see all of them. I have libraries and libraries of things, you go into some of these and there are libraries inside of the libraries. Inside my Tokyo Samples we've got Tokyo Drums, but we've got also got vintage Drum Machines, and inside that you've got 909, 808, etc... so all of this stuff. In my MS Samples folder, I have one that there was one day that I went into my old MPC2000 zip discs (at the time) and I resampled all of those into WAV forms basically that the computer could read. Back in the day, MPCs had a file format that you couldn't use on anything else. Now I converted them to a file format my other software can actually use and I made multiple folders out of those. In those folders, there is one called Xero Current, for example. There is one called Mike's Beats 1. I remember Mike's Beats 1 there was this Alesis sampler that I went in and I sampled every single sound. I sampled all of those. For example, I have a folder called Fort Minor, so let's start pulling sounds from that. I made a folder with my favorite sounds from that."

He played samples from an unreleased track called "Most Kings"; he said, "Most Kings was actually a beat that didn't make it into a song. That song didn't go anywhere." He browsed through folders of other unreleased track titles that included "Diamonds", "Episodes", "Player", "Organized", "Traffic", "Zion", and "YO." It is likely that most of these demos were very rough and not full-fledged tracks. "YO" ended up going on to become a track in the Minutes To Midnight album sessions and was released on the LP Underground Eleven CD. "Episodes" was also reworked for the album and the title "Episodes (LP)" can be seen during its making of.

When pulling sounds from A Thousand Suns, Mike wanted to use his Virus TI but said the gear wasn't cooperating with him that day. Most of the ATS samples came from "Wretches And Kings" and "Blackout." One of the samples came from "Burn It Down" from Living Things. Mike said, "So these were made with guitars and keyboards, going through a pedal board, and going through a fractal, so an amp emulator." Later on the track, Mike added new guitar that he recorded specifically for it.

The demo of the song, under the name "LPFM Sounds", originally had piano in the intro but Mike removed it from the final version of the track.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Sound Collector Dropped Frames, Vol. 3 2:58 June 18, 2020 September 18, 2020



  • Mike Shinoda

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  • Sound Collector (Official Audio): YouTube