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Cry To Yourself

From Linkinpedia
"Cry To Yourself"
Song by DJ Lethal
from the album State Of The Art
Working title:State Of The Art
Producer:Leor Dimant

"Cry To Yourself" is a track which was supposed to be released on DJ Lethal's unreleased solo album, titled State Of The Art. For many years, the song went by the name "State Of The Art".


DJ Lethal met Linkin Park when they were still called Hybrid Theory. About his relationship with the band back then, he said: "[...]I helped linkin park when the were hybrid theory,mike shinoda came to my house and I gave him music plugins and adive and sounds."

On August 11, 2000, MTV revealed DJ Lethal was working on a solo album. According to the head of A&R at Geffen Records, Eric Hunter: "Some of the tracks will gear themselves more toward a hip-hop flavor and some will be more rock-oriented. Obviously what ties it all together will be Lethal and his unique beats and music."

None of the tracks had vocals at that point. DJ Lethal had been working on the music sporadically during the year, but the project had to be put on hold while Limp Bizkit toured to promote the album Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water: "It’s hard to finish, especially when I have to find so many artists to rap, since I don’t rap. I get a month at a time, and I use that month to make music, so by the time I’m ready to have vocals, I end up going back out on tour."

In early 2001, Lethal started a joint venture between him and Geffen Records called Lethal Dose Records, through which his solo album would be released. According to a February 5, 2001 article published by MTV, he was hoping to complete the disc in time for a late summer release. Lethal also spoke about the curent state of the album, saying: "I might sprinkle a little bit of rock in there, but it’s pretty much straight hip-hop, my first love."

Right before Linkin Park's European tour in September 2001, the band gave an interview to OnStage where Mr. Hahn revealed Chester had recorded a track with DJ Lethal: "Chester just did a song with Cyclefly and also with DJ Lethal, and Mike and I just finished a track with the Visionaries too."

Lethal confirmed this information to MTV on October 4, 2001. The article read: "Bennington’s song, also untitled, stays in the vein of Linkin Park’s rap/rock fusion". By this time, he said he had 15 tracks finished and was hoping to record a few more before the release of Limp Bizkit's next album. His solo album was tentatively slated for a February or March 2002 release on Lethal Dose Records in conjunction with Geffen and Fred Durst's Flawless Records. Other collaborators on the album included Method Man, Fred Durst, Aaron Lewis, Danny Lohner, Dilated Peoples, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Mr. Eon, Tha Liks, Kurupt and Planet Asia.

A clip of the song Chester recorded vocals for was played by San Diego's XTRA-FM radio show Skratch 'N Sniff in late July 2004 and on Saturday, August 7th, at 10PM Pacific Standard Time, DJ Lethal went to the show to premiere the full song, introducing it as "State Of The Art", which was also set to be the title of his solo album. However, the song was played with a lot of ads and overdubs. A Linkin Park fan, Astat, recorded the song and sent it to another fan, known as Ravok, who tried to remove the ads from the recording. As he was unable to recover the final part of the song, he ended up with a version with length of 2:48, which was shared all over the web as the official song.

For the Skratch 'N Sniff airing, DJ Lethal introduced the song saying, "Yo what up, this is DJ Lethal from the House of Pain to the Bizkit to the Lethal Dose. This is one of my new joints. I did a track with Chester from Linkin Park for my solo album. You know this is one of the tracks that I was kind of keeping on the low but I'm going to give it to y'all up here on Skratch 'N Sniff. It's called "State of the Art", DJ Lethal with Linkin Park, right here on Skratch 'N Sniff baby."

A press release for the videogame "Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball MAX'D" published on May 17, 2005 announced "State Of The Art" would be part of its soundtrack: "Innovative features wouldn't be complete without a groundbreaking soundtrack. The "Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball MAX'D" soundtrack is setting a new standard for music in video games by featuring two new songs recorded by multi-platinum selling recording artists working together for the first time ever. DJ Lethal (Limp Bizkit) and B-Real (Cypress Hill) collaborated on a new hip-hop song entitled "Play for Real" specifically for the soundtrack, and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) performed guest vocals on another track created by DJ Lethal which will also appear in the game."

Unfortunately, "State Of The Art" was removed from the final version of the game.

On an interview with in January 2007, DJ Lethal spoke about the status of his solo album: "Well what's going on now is that I just did a label deal for my label Lethal Dose Records with Navarre distribution so be looking for that record probably first quarter of this year. I got Method Man, Pharaoh Monch, Dilated Peoples, Linkin Park, Will I Am, Diamond D, I got Street Life from Wu-Tang. I got ODB, Alkaholiks and I'm gonna be doing new stuff. I'm just waiting to get my deal signed and done and then I can get incentive to go back in and pull up acapellas and re-freak stuff."

The album was never released, but the full version of the track with Chester Bennington was finally obtained in 2009 by LPLive under the name "Cry To Yourself", which was confirmed by DJ Lethal to be the final title of the track. The title "State Of The Art" was instead used for another song from his unreleased solo album which featured the Dilated Peoples.

Right after the fan site released the song, both Chester and Lethal were questioned by fans on Twitter about the song. Chester said: "we never finished the song I spent an hour writing and recording the track it's basically a demo." Lethal said: "this was supposed to be on my first solo album..I paid chester 25,000 $ he took the money then his record label wouldn't let me release it and he took the $$$ and never said anything."

When questioned about who recorded the drums, bass, and guitar for the song, Chester said, "I don't know. It's a dead subject to me."


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Cry To Yourself (feat. Chester Bennington) 3:43 2001
  • Features vocals by Chester Bennington.
  • Also known as "State Of The Art".
  • Released by LPLive for free download on May 25, 2009 in MP3 96kbps format.
  • A MP3 128kbps upgrade was obtained on July 2, 2009 and posted on September 6, 2009.



Album Version

There's no way to find out what's inside you
Until you fall into the hole
You dug for yourself while you slept here
Too young / too selfish / too cold

And, when you find out what's been waiting
The moment you open your eyes
You'll see your true reflection
The very first time in your life

(You cannot fight what's in you / this will not be denied)
(You cannot fight what's in you / this will not be denied)

Cry to yourself / nothing will help
It's too late to change what's been done
You'll do what you've always done best
You'll run

Into the hole, you fall deeper
The deeper, the faster you run
It won't stop until you accept it
Accept everything that you've done

(You cannot fight what's in you / this will not be denied)
(You cannot fight what's in you / this will not be denied)

Cry to yourself / nothing will help
It's too late to change what's been done
You'll do what you've always done best
You'll run

Cry to yourself / nothing will help
It's too late to change what's been done
You'll do what you've always done best
You'll run

Cry to yourself / nothing will help
It's too late to change what's been done
It's too late to change what's been done
It's too late to change what's been done

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