Wash It All Away (Joe Hahn Remix)

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"Wash It All Away (Joe Hahn Remix)"
Album-A Decade Of Destruction Volume 2.jpg
Song by Five Finger Death Punch from the album A Decade Of Destruction - Volume 2
Recorded 2020
Released October 09, 2020
November 20, 2020 (vinyl)
Format Digital, CD, Vinyl
Length 4:51
Writer Zoltan Bathory, Kevin Churko, Ivan Moody, Jason Hook, Jeremy Spencer
Producer Joe Hahn
Label Prospect Park, Better Noise Music

A Decade Of Destruction - Volume 2 track listing
  1. Blue on Black
  2. The Tragic Truth
  3. Broken World
  4. I Refuse
  5. The Pride
  6. Hard to See
  7. When the Seasons Change
  8. Cradle to the Grave
  9. Sham Pain
  10. M.I.N.E. (End this Way)
  11. Hell to Pay
  12. Never Enough
  13. Walk Away
  14. Wrong Side of Heave (Acoustic)
  15. Trouble (Felmax Remix)
  16. Wash It All Away (Joe Hahn Remix)
  17. Bad Company (The Five Finger Dim Mak Steve Aoki Remix)

"Wash It All Away (Joe Hahn Remix)" is the sixteenth on the A Decade Of Destruction - Volume 2, the second greatest hits compilation by Five Finger Death Punch.


"Wash It All Away" is a song by American heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch, from their sixth studio album Got Your Six. It was released in October 2015 as the second single from the album.

Guitarist Jason Hook explained how the song came together, "'Wash It All Away,' that was a song that I remember writing on the European tour on the bus. We had a long journey. That was like 2 or 3 days straight. Well, there was nothing to do on the bus. There was no cellphones, there was no internet, no satellite, no television, no DVD player. I just figured, you know, this might be a good time to get a little work done."

Drummer Jeremy Spencer added, "I remember when you played it for me initially it definitelly poked; I was being like 'okay this is something.' And we actually started recording it in the studio it was the first time that we've ever experimented with different tempos. We actually used tempo maps. Like the intro's one tempo, then the verse a little faster, then when the chorus kicks in it's, you know, full on. So that's the first time we've ever really experimented with that. Nobody really cares except for drum nerds, but I am a drum nerd."[1]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Wash It All Away (Joe Hahn Remix) A Decade Of Destruction - Volume 2 4:51 2020 October 09, 2020




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