Walking Dead

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"Walking Dead"
Album-Shifting Gears.jpg
Song by DJ Z-Trip from the album Shifting Gears
Recorded 2004-2005
Released April 19, 2005
Format Digital, CD, Vinyl
Length 4:33
Live debut May 01, 2005
Last played May 01, 2005
Writer Chester Bennington, Zach Sciacca
Producer Zach Sciacca, Lorrie Boula (exec.)
Label Hollywood Records

Shifting Gears track listing
  1. Intro
  2. Listen To The DJ (feat. Soup)
  3. All About The Music (feat. Whipper Whip)
  4. The Get Down (feat. Lyrics Born)
  5. About Face
  6. Furious
  7. Take Two Copies (feat. Busdriver)
  8. For My People (feat. Supernatural)
  9. Bury Me Standing (feat. Luke Sick)
  10. Breakfast Club (feat. Murs & Supernatural)
  11. Third Gear
  12. Everything Changes (feat. Aceyalone & Mystic)
  13. Walking Dead (feat. Chester Bennington)
  14. Shock And Awe (feat. Chuck D.)
  15. Revolution (STR Parts 1+2)


An April 18, 2005 interview with Artisan News Services confirmed the collaboration. "The DJ said that the song is more a less a tribute to the pair's friendship, which dates back to their days in Phoenix, and a testament to the power of the underdog."

DJ Z-Trip: "The biggest point obviously with he and I — and this is something a lot of people don't know — but with that track in particular and the collaboration, he's from Phoenix, and I'm from Phoenix. So it was sort of like the whole vibe of two Phoenix guys, like getting down on a track...not just two Phoenix guys, but two Phoenix underdogs. There was a time when he was in a band, GRADE A's, and I was in my thing with BOMBSHELTER, and it's like people were sort of... It was brewing. It could have went either way. People could have been like, 'Yeah, both of those guys suck, and they're going to fall off.' or 'They could have totally done well.' And we ended up doing well and it's sort of a testament to Phoenix guys doing good."

In an April 26, 2005 interview with PopMatters, Z-Trip talked about how he met Chester Bennington and how the song came together:

"He and I actually met each other on the road—I’d opened for them three times on three separate tours. We’ve spent quite a bit of time together. I’m friends with the band, we’re all homies. They’ve always looked out for me and I try my damnedest to look out for them. I think they’re real genuine people, and I dig where they’re coming from. It was just one of those things [where] I’d always wanted to do something with Chester, not even so much because he’s Chester from Linkin Park—that’s obvious. I wasn’t really that excited about that aspect, as much as I was about this [other] aspect, which is the bigger thing which I think is a shame because I don’t think a lot of people are going to know—but he’s from Phoenix and I’m from Phoenix. There’s a karmic element there for me with that song. You’ve got two guys who came from nothing and have made something for themselves, and that was the thing I was trying my hardest to make happen, and see happen. Just two guys making music. Z-Trip and Linkin Park aside, it was Zack and Chester. “Hey, what do you want to do? Let’s make a song.”

Basically. If I could call the song “Representing Arizona”, that’s what I would call it, but it just wouldn’t have the same ring to it. But really, that was it. It helps that he’s a recognizable name, and he’s obviously a big draw, but as much as he’s a draw into my world I hope that I’m a draw into his world. There’s a lot of people in my world that are very super-critical about music, that have written Linkin Park off as being a pop band, or whatever. Just like I got written off for being the DJ who mixed rock records. It’s the concept that I think he and I both strive to smash, which is that you may think you have us pidgeonholed or figured out, but we’ve got a lot more to offer. It’s a very dark track, it’s getting a lot of play on the radio right now.

Modern rock radio. Which is kinda cool. Think about it: I’m a hip-hop DJ and I’m getting played on modern rock radio. Obviously it’s through the help of Chester, but again, it’s more about bridging gaps, versus trying to cross-over. If he and I had sat down and tried to cross-over, it wouldn’t have come off as genuine. We sat down, literally looked at each and said, “What kind of song do you want to make? Let’s make something dark, let’s go more of a Depeche Mode or Nine Inch Nails dark song.” He and I said, “Yeah, let’s do it, cool.” It wasn’t like we had an agenda to do anything, it was real organic, and that’s why I think it works so well. It’s real."

On July 2nd, 2020, Z-Trip did a live Twitch stream to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his debut studio album Shifting Gears where he performed the album in it's entirety while playing unreleased demos and telling stories about each song. On "Walking Dead" he played a vocal demo of Chester Bennington recorded in the tour bus as a draft when he was touring with Linkin Park. He explained Chester rode with him from one show to the next and recorded the demo on the bus and revealed Mike Shinoda helped a little with the arrangement for the song. Once the album was recorded, Z-Trip's label started sending out advanced copies without his knowledge and radio stations picked up "Walking Dead" for airplay. This resulted in Warner asking more money to allow Chester to be on the album because they weren't informed the song would be a single.[1]


In March 2014, the fan site ChesterBNetwork posted the following:

"We've got some exciting news to report, Chester Bennington will contribute to the soundtrack of 'La Bare', a documentary on wait for it… male strippers. La Bare is directed by True Blood's Joe Manganiello and is scheduled for release this summer. Aside from Chester, other artists that will appear on the soundtrack are, Flaming Lips, Poliça, Active Child and Marilyn Manson. We hope for more info on what song Chester's going to contribute, whether it will be an existing song or a song exclusively for the documentary."

This was later confirmed by Joe Manganiello on May 1, 2014, when he posted a picture of him and Chester with the text "Backstage @iHeartRadio awards with #LABARE soundtrack contributor and all around badass @ChesterBe @LaBare359".

Another tweet from Manganiello, on May 7, 2014, confirmed the song on the movie to be "Walking Dead": "Song Of The Day #LaBare soundtrack edition #2 @ztrip & @ChesterBe "Walking Dead" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWSUbYfGnbY … @LaBare359 @359INC @NickManganiello"

During an interview with Z-Trip, who worked as music supervisor of "La Bare", for Main Street Films, a clip of the song was played, revealing it to be a remix instead of the studio version.

Various online stores around the world lists an out of stock 2014 soundtrack CD for the documentary under the Varèse Sarabande label. When asked about the soundtrack, Z-Trip said they ended up deciding to not release it. His management said about the remix: "Sorry, that one is just in the movie at the moment. I know there was talk about releasing it, but the label that was going to do the soundtrack ended up backing out or something like that."


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Walking Dead (featuring Chester Bennington) Shifting Gears 4:33 2004-2005 April 19, 2005
  • Features vocals by Chester Bennington.
Walking Dead Promo Only Modern Rock Radio April 05 4:22 2004-2005 April 2005
  • Radio edit.
  • Lacks "there is no such thing as death, there is only change" at the end.
Walking Dead w/Chester Bennington Z Trip 4:18 2004
  • Known as "demo version".
  • Different mix.
  • The mechanical whirring noises in the background during the verses are much louder.
  • The strings/synths in the chorus are a lot louder.
  • The guitar is quieter.
  • Lacks "suppose you were to die tonight" at the start.
  • Lacks "there is no such thing as death, there is only change" at the end.
  • This is not the same CD as the Shifting Gears Album Advance.
  • Released for free download by LPFuse in the first half of 2006 in MP3 format.
  • Released on LPLive for free download on February 23, 2017 in FLAC format.
Walking Dead (Feat. Chester Bennington) [Alt. Mix] 4:23 2004-2005
  • Pre-final mix.
  • The intro isn't scratched and comes straight in.
  • The overall mix is slightly different, especially the processing on the drums.
  • Background noises are more clear.
  • Doesn't repeat "change" over and over at the end.
  • DJ Z-Trip made the MP3 just to get feedback on the mix as it wasn't final. No lossless version exists.
  • Posted in the LPLive Forums on May 6, 2010.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Walking Dead LaBare 2014
  • Remix created for Joe Manganiello's La Bare documentary.
  • Unreleased.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Walking Dead (KROQ 106.7) KROQ 106.7 Set - June 2005 6:07 June 2005 November 1, 2006


"Walking Dead" has only been performed once with Chester: during DJ Z-Trip's performance at the Coachella Festival in 2005. It was scheduled to be performed at the Club Tattoo 11th Anniversary show in 2006, but had to be dropped due to the fire department shutting the show down due to the show running after curfew during DJ Z-Trip's set. Chester had jumped on a table while performing with Bucket Of Weenies and damaged some equipment, resulting in a big delay for Fort Minor, which ultimately delayed DJ Z-Trip and having his set cut mid-way through.

Without Chester, DJ Z-Trip performed the song using Massive Attack's 'Teardrop' as part of the a cappella to sub in for Chester.

DJ Z-Trip performed the song to close out his opening set at the Hollywood Bowl tribute show for Chester. His live mix consisted of Chester's favorite songs. The version of "Walking Dead" was different from the album version, leaving only the synths and vocals towards the end of the song.


  • Vocals, Written-By – Chester Bennington
  • Guitar – Mac Funk, Xander Smith
  • Keyboards [Keys] – Isaah Ikey Owens


  • Executive-Producer, Management – Lorrie Boula
  • Producer – DJ Z-Trip
  • Written-By – Zach Sciacca (Z-Trip)
  • Mixed By – Jay Baumgartner
  • Mastered By – "Big Bass" Brian
  • Mastered By [Assisted By] – "Midrange" Mike



In Other Media

  • A remix of "Walking Dead" is featured in the 2014 film La Bare.

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