The Impact Of Crashing

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The Impact Of Crashing
EP by Simplistic.
Released 2004
Recorded 2002-2003
Label The Shinoda Imprint
Producer Mike Shinoda, Danny Lohner


Nick Kellogg went to a Linkin Park show in Sacramento in 2001 and talked to Mike afterwards, when he was signing autographs. Simplistic. had just come out with their first demo, Fade Into...,[1] and he gave it to Mike, who really liked it. Mike called them back about a week later and gave the band a record contract on his record label, The Shinoda Imprint (later known as Machine Shop Records). The contract provided them with the money to get their start in the mainstream music industry.

In the contract, they had set aside a 'demo fund' to pay for the band to work with Mike Shinoda on getting their songs perfected and changing anything that they feel could be improved. It also paid for them to go into a professional studio with Mike and record their four best songs.[2]

The Impact Of Crashing was recorded after Simplistic had completed the instrumental part of a 10 song demo which they had been working for 7 months with Danny Lohner, who produced and engineered the CD. They had been recording, restructuring songs, and writing new songs. The 10 song demo consisted of 6 old songs, which have been re-done, and 4 brand new songs.

They took the demo to Los Angeles in early 2003 to record vocals with Mike Shinoda.[3]

Writing and Recording

The pre-production process started in May 2002 and the recording took nine months. It took this long because Mike had a lot of ideas for the label and for their music and wanted to get everything out on the table before they actually put together what they were going to present.

It's unknown when exactly the demo was released,[4] but it was most likely sometime in early 2004.


The Impact Of Crashing had 3 songs produced by Mike Shinoda[5][6] and included one song produced by Danny Lohner called "Where We Meet".[7]

The song "High" off of the demo got some airplay on two of Sacramento's local radio stations, KWOD 106.5 FM and 98Rock 98.5 FM.[8]

Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Knocking Me Down 3:26
2 Where We Meet 3:35
3 High 3:07
4 At The Gates 3:56


Simplistic. is:[9]

  • Ivan England - Vocals
  • Nick Kellogg - Bass
  • Justin Barnes - Drums
  • Danny Cocke - Guitar

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