Sweet Hamster Like Jewels From America!

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Sweet Hamster Like Jewels From America!
Album-LPU 8.jpg
EP by MMM...Cookies
Released December 4, 2008
Length 11:03
Label Machine Shop
Producer Mike Shinoda
Linkin Park Underground chronology

LP Underground 7 (2007) Sweet Hamster Like Jewels From America! (2008) LP Underground 9: Demos (2009)

"Sweet Hamster Like Jewels From America!" is the eighth CD released by Linkin Park exclusively to LP Underground members. The EP was attributed to a fictional group called "MMM...Cookies".


The CD's inlay reads:

"MMM...Cookies is a superstar group shrouded in legend and mystery. Their secret performances have been known to conclude with the vanishing of the entire venue into thin air. It is rumored that, although they are extremely dexterous and talented with their hands, they choose to play their instruments with their minds.

Some say the group's name was passed down from an ancient tree-dwelling civilization who grew from the fountain of knowledge--and whose ancient word for "epiphany" was "Kükkës"...others say it comes from an underground Japanese game show where contestants were forced to run a deadly obstacle course, and the last one standing won nothing but honor and a baked dessert...and still others believe in the well-known legend of a narwal hunter who gave up his spear at the request of a beautiful princess--who turned out to be made of chocolate.

Whatever tale you choose to believe, the music on this CD is the songwriting equivalent of Bigfoot; stories upon stories have been passed on rumoring its existence, but no proof has existed...until now."


During the 2007 edition of the Projekt Revolution Tour, Linkin Park started to sell blank CDs at the merch booth on each of their shows, these CDs contained download codes which allowed the person to download a professional audio recording of the show they went to and burn the show into the CD. Mike Shinoda encouraged the fans to share the recordings freely with each other.[1]

By the end of the year, the band announced the LP Underground 7.0 CD would be a compilation of the best recordings from Projekt Revolution 2007. The news wasn't well received by the fans since Mike gave them permission the share the full shows and all fan sites had them available for free download. Fans also criticized the fact that the recordings on the CD were censored.

After the poor reception of the CD and fans telling the band they didn't want any more live recordings on the LP Underground CDs, the band decided to do something different for LPU 8.0. Mike posted on his blog: "We heard your comments about the last LPU CD needing to have more unique material, so we're trying to do that. I think this year's LPU CD will be one of the best ever. At the very least, it'll be the most unique. Here's what it won't be: live tracks, new unreleased Linkin Park album music. (insert frantic guessing game here)."[2]

Writing and Recording

All songs on the CD were written by Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda during the period from the Minutes To Midnight sessions to 2008.

Mike Shinoda recorded and mixed all songs.


Mike Shinoda explained the content of the CD in the official Linkin Park Underground forums in December 2008:

"In previous years, we've released LPU CDs that contain b-sides, live tracks, and lesser-known songs from the band. This year, we have decided to do something totally unprecedented and unexpected. The LPU8 CD contains six totally new, original studio songs that Chester and I recorded in our free time in the past couple of years. But these aren't normal Linkin Park songs.

Working on a song for an album is sometimes a lot of work, and occasionally we need some time to unwind. When Chester and I unwind, sometimes we make another kind of lighter, fun song. We call these songs "cookies." I think came from the idea that you get your dessert (your cookies) after you eat all the rest of your meal.

The songs on the LPU8 CD are random, silly, and they fall into a variety of styles, from a James-Brown-Meets-Bobby-McFerrin track called "You Ain't Gotsta Gotsta" to a mock electro-club-banger called "26 Lettaz In Da Alphabet.""[3]

In August 2020 when questioned about the CD on Twitch, Mike said, "The reason we called it that was because once in a while, we were recording or writing and it was like stressful or we worked hard and whatever, then afterwards my thing was like, "after you eat your meal you can have your dessert." After you do your work then you can have a fun thing afterwards. Kind of like how "Booty Down" happened. You do a thing that you're like, "ugh, that was not working", then we'd make a fun joke song to like flip up the energy. And so we made stuff like "26 Lettaz In Da Alphabet." I ain't gonna do "No Laundry." That was actually... Chester just came in and sang that. The laundry. That shit was so funny."[4]


Upon its release, Sweet Hamster Like Jewels From America! received a poor reception from fans, who felt disrespected by its content.

In response to fans, Mike Shinoda wrote in the official Linkin Park Underground forums, "Although some people think the CD is great (I think it’s hilarious), I have read some comments on the LPUMB that said they felt like we were “slapping the fans in the face” with this CD. For any of you who think we “did this as a fuck you to the fans,” I can wholeheartedly assure you that there is absolutely no scenario where that would ever be the case. In our minds, you would laugh with us about this CD in the same way that you laugh with the funniest moments of LPTV or the “Frat Party” DVD. Some of you responded this way to the CD, and some did not."[5]

World Tour

On April 1, 2009, LP Underground members received an e-mail titled "MMM...Cookies Announce World Tour". Its content reads:

"If your city begins with one of the 26 lettaz in da alphabet, get ready because MMM...COOKIES is heading your way! The No Laundry World Tour kicks off this summer and will be hitting up over 285 cities in just 3 weeks! That's nearly 14 shows each day! As an LPU member, You Ain't Gotsta Gotsta worry about getting tickets because you'll be able to purchase pre-sale tickets!

MMM...Cookies will conclude the tour in the galaxy-famous Lunar Bowl Complex on the Moon. You heard me right! The lack of gravity and oxygen won't stop the guys from rocking out!

Tour dates and ticket info will be announced shortly!

Don't forget that we have an MMM...Cookies shirt in the LPU store you can wear to the show! You can buy the shirt and LPU8 hoodie together for just $39.99!

Please note, LPU has a new discount code, "COOKIES" good for 15% off most items at linkinparkmerch.com.

*Sorry to give you Da Bloos... but APRIL FOOLS!"

Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 You Ain't Gotsta Gotsta Bennington Chester Charles, Shinoda Mike 0:58
2 Bubbles Bennington, Shinoda 2:22
3 No Laundry Bennington, Shinoda 0:57
4 Da Bloos Bennington, Shinoda 1:17
5 PB N' Jellyfish Bennington, Shinoda 1:55
6 26 Lettaz In Da Alphabet Bennington, Shinoda 3:34



  • All songs by C. Bennington and M. Shinoda


  • Recorded and mixed by M. Shinoda
  • Mastered by Brian "Big Bass" Gardner
  • LP Underground coordination: Jessica Sklar, Jessica Mazur
  • Production coordination: Ryan DeMarti and Jessica Sklar
  • Additional LPU thanks: Natalie So, Adam Ruehmer, Mona Kasim, Vicki Stepanenko


  • Art direction: The Phoenix and Mike Shinoda


  • Linkin Park worldwide representation: The Collective
  • LP Underground founded by Linkin Park and Jessica Sklar 2001
  • Special thanks to Warner Bros. Records, Universal Music Publishing, Linkin Park's touring crew, Machine Shop, and the LP Underground.



  • "The Wizard Song", heard during The Making Of Meteora documentary, is another cookie song that became very popular among fans. According to Chester, no studio recording exists of that song.
  • Other cookie songs can be heard during the LPU 8 video "Unicorn & Lollipops", the LPU X video "Pay Yo Respektz" and the LPTV episode "2012 European Tour - Part 4".

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