Songs From Reanimation

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Songs From Reanimation
Songs From Reanimation.jpg
Promo by Linkin Park
Released 2002
Recorded 2001
Length 14:11
Label Warner Bros. Records

Songs From Reanimation is one of many CDs compiled by Warner Bros. Records to promote the release of Reanimation, Linkin Park's first remix album. The CD features 3 tracks in their original forms, without the transitions present in the album. This is the only known instance of "By_Myslf" being presented in this fashion. As with many of the band's promotional material, there's a spelling mistake on it: "P5hng Me A*wy" is listed as "P5ng Me A*wy" on both the rear insert and CD.

Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 P5ng Me A*wy (Mike Shinoda featuring Stephen Richards) Bennington, Bourdon, Delson, Hahn, Richards Stephen, Shinoda 4:37
2 1stp Klosr (The Humble Brothers featuring Jonathan Davis) Bennington, Bourdon, Damji Traz, Davis Jonathan, Delson, Hahn, Marshall Ken "Hiwatt", Shinoda 5:46
3 By_Myslf (Josh Abraham & Mike Shinoda) Abraham Josh, Bennington, Bourdon, Carpenter, Delson, Hahn, Shinoda 3:44

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