Right Now

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"Right Now"
Album-The Rising Tied.jpg
Song by Fort Minor from the album The Rising Tied
Recorded 2005
Released November 22, 2005
Format Digital, CD, Vinyl
Length 4:14
Writer Takbir Bashir, Tarik Luqmaan Collins, Ryan Patrick Maginn, Mike Shinoda
Producer Mike Shinoda
Label Machine Shop Recordings, Warner Bros. Records

The Rising Tied track listing
  1. Introduction
  2. Remember The Name (Feat. Styles Of Beyond)
  3. Right Now (Feat. Black Thought and Styles Of Beyond)
  4. Petrified
  5. Feel Like Home (Feat. Styles Of Beyond)
  6. Where'd You Go (Feat. Holly Brook and Jonah Matranga)
  7. In Stereo
  8. Back Home (Feat. Common and Styles Of Beyond)
  9. Cigarettes
  10. Believe Me (Feat. Styles Of Beyond and Eric Bobo)
  11. Get Me Gone
  12. High Road (Feat. John Legend)
  13. Kenji
  14. Red To Black (Feat. Jonah Matranga, Kenna and Styles Of Beyond)
  15. The Battle (Feat. Celph Titled)
  16. Slip Out The Back (Feat. Mr. Hahn)


On July 30, 2005, a coded message appeared on Fort Minor's website saying, "the rising tied contains a song called "right now" features Styles Of Beyond and Black Thought of the roots. The song was insprired by the film "Shortcuts" in which many different characters lives are intertwined with a flow of emotion and momentum."[1]

In late 2006, Clear Channel Music posted the entire The Rising Tied album complete with commentaries from Mike Shinoda before each song.[2] On "Right Now", he said, "This next song is called ‘Right Now’! It’s got Black Thought from The Roots, and Styles of Beyond is on this one as well. This song is basically inspired by a movie called ‘Short Cuts’. It’s a film by Robert Altman. Uhm, it’s actually one of my favorite movies. And I just love the way... in the movie, what they had is basically, you know, say about 20 different characters, who’s lives just basically interact with each other, but they don’t even know each other. And that’s kind of been… that was the theme for the song."

He told Sohh.com, "I actually have a song on the Fort Minor record called "Right Now" and it's inspired by a movie called Shortcuts. Have you seen that movie? he director's name was [Robert] Altman. It was basically a jump back and forth between all these different people's lives. It's a really dope film. That song, "Right Now," is kinda based on that idea. [It's] me and Styles of Beyond and Black Thought. That song went from person to person. We just went through different cross sections of people in the world."[3]

When questioned about his favorite experience while making the album, Mike said Black Thought came in, smoked weed for three or four hours, and did his verse in less than 30 minutes,[4] in only a couple of takes. He added, "No problem. I think it’s one of my favorite verses from him ever, and I’m really happy to have it on my record."[5] He also said, "Right Now is a cross section of everyday life as each person sees it. And Black Thought's verse is one of the best I've ever heard him do. It's beautiful. And it made the song just perfect to me."[6]

On the 15th anniversary of the album, Mike was asked about his favorite memories making the album. He said, "I also remember getting the verse back from Black Thought. I got a verse from Black Thought, it's one of my favorite verses he's ever done. Like I'm a fan of his and it's one of my favorite verses he's done, and it's on my record. That was bananas to me. It also made me so, like, almost embarrassed to be on the song (in a good way). Like there was a creative competition that I wouldn't go back and rewrite my verse, I think doing that at a time like that is inappropriate. I had already written my verse, he sent his, and I was like, "Ok, he killed it on the song." It made me want to step my game up in making the record. And I think some of the lyrics on other songs got better because of those collaborations. I just felt like, "I've just gotta be better.""[7]

Mike later reunited with Black Thought twice. First, Mike joined The Roots in 2010 to rap part of "I Have Not Begun" at their 6th Annual Jam Session in Los Angeles. Next, The Roots performed as the backing band on "Crossing A Line" when Mike performed on Jimmy Fallon in May 2018 to promote Post Traumatic.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Right Now The Rising Tied 4:14 2005 November 22, 2005
  • Features vocals by Black Thought and Styles Of Beyond.
Right Now The Rising Tied (Non-PA Version) 4:14 2005 November 22, 2005
  • Censored.
Right Now Instrumental Album: The Rising Tied 4:17 2005
  • Official instrumental version.


"Right Now" has never been played live in any form.

On August 29, 2015, Mike conducted a fan poll online about what song he should add to the setlist of Fort Minor's September 2, 2015 show in Berlin. The choices were "High Voltage", "Step Up", "Second To None", "Red To Black", and "Right Now". "High Voltage" won by a significant majority.[8]



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