Respect 4 Grandma

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"Respect 4 Grandma"
Mixtape-We Major.jpg
Song by Fort Minor from the album We Major
Recorded 2005
Released October 30, 2005
Length 3:05
Samples The Miracles - Baby, Baby Don't Cry
Writer Vic Mercer, Ryan Maginn, Takbir Bashir, Mike Shinoda
Producer Scoop DeVille
Label Machine Shop Recordings

We Major track listing
  1. Green Lantern Intro
  2. 100 Degrees
  3. Dolla
  4. Bloc Party
  5. S.C.O.M.
  6. Remember The Name (Funkadelic Remix)
  7. Bleach (Jimi Remix)
  8. Spraypaint & Inkpens
  9. Petrified (Doors Remix)
  10. Get It
  11. Be Somebody
  12. Respect 4 Grandma
  13. There They Go (Green Lantern Remix)
  14. All Night
  15. Nobody's Listening (Green Lantern Remix)
  16. Cover And Duck
  17. Remember The Name (Album Version)
  18. Petrified (Album Version)
  19. Outro

"Respect 4 Grandma" is the twelfth track on Fort Minor's We Major mixtape.


"Respect 4 Grandma" features Mike Shinoda, Styles of Beyond, and Celph Titled and production by Scoop DeVille.

For some reason, Celph Titled's parts on the song were recorded via phone.

The title of the song is taken from the intro, where Scoop DeVille asks, "are we recording right now?" and Celph Titled responds over the phone, "I can't do it right now, 'cause my grandma is asleep in the other room, so I gotta like... go into like, another room and yell it. It's respect for grandma, know what I mean?"

The breakdown between Tak's verse and Mike's verse has Celph Titled's actual part recorded over the phone, where he says, "Alright hold on a second.. yeah.. yeah yeah you know who the fuck it is, S.O.B. motherfuckas, Demigodz motherfuckas, Mike Shinoda motherfuckas, and this is Celph Titled mothafucka. We put a pipe bomb in your tail pipe and let it go off motherfuckas. My gun don't fit through the doorway motherfuckas. Let's go!" After Mike's verse, he has another recorded part, saying, "Yeah yeah yeah... you know the fuckin' drilly, keeping it godzilla up in the motherfuckin' Home Depot. This is Celph Titled the lame mile killer, this is S.O.B., this is Demigodz, this is M. Shinoda the Cobra Holder, and this is your brain on crack mothafucka!"

Mike's verse where he says, "'cause when we hop in the Jeep to try out the CD, you'll want to low ride a bucking bronco to Scoop's beat now" is a reference to Scoop DeVille creating the beat of the song, despite not being credited on the release. His lines, "More rock than "Raising Hell", rougher than "Rock The Bells" references Run-D.M.C.'s 1986 album "Raising Hell" and LL Cool J's single "Rock The Bells" from his 1985 album "Radio."

"Respect 4 Grandma" samples "Baby Baby Don't Cry" by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles from 1968. Specifically, the beat is a sped up portion of the guitar line in the song, retaining a few vocals, and part of the chorus is featured at the end of the track.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Respect 4 Grandma We Major 3:05 2005 October 30, 2005
  • Features vocals by Styles Of Beyond and Celph Titled and production by Scoop DeVille (uncredited).
  • Samples The Miracles' "Baby, Baby Don't Cry".


"Respect 4 Grandma" has never been performed in full, but Tak rapped his verse of it in the Fort Minor Medley and Mike rapped his verse of it over the extended intro of "Points Of Authority" at some shows on Projekt Revolution 2007 during the Minutes To Midnight touring cycle.



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