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"Remember The Name"
Single by Fort Minor
from the album The Rising Tied
Recorded 2005
Released October 4, 2005
Format Digital, CD, Vinyl
Length 3:50
Stems ccMixter - Fort Minor Remix Contest
References Boogie Down Productions - My Philosophy
The Crystal Method - Name Of The Game
Live debut August 18, 2005 (Fort Minor)
June 23, 2015 (Linkin Park)
Last played September 8, 2015 (Fort Minor)
November 7, 2015 (Linkin Park)
Writer(s) Takbir Bashir, Ryan Patrick Maginn, Mike Shinoda
Producer(s) Mike Shinoda
Label Machine Shop Recordings, Warner Bros. Records
Fort Minor singles chronology

Petrified / Remember The Name (2005) Believe Me (2005)

The Rising Tied track listing
  1. Introduction
  2. Remember The Name (Feat. Styles Of Beyond)
  3. Right Now (Feat. Black Thought and Styles Of Beyond)
  4. Petrified
  5. Feel Like Home (Feat. Styles Of Beyond)
  6. Where'd You Go (Feat. Holly Brook and Jonah Matranga)
  7. In Stereo
  8. Back Home (Feat. Common and Styles Of Beyond)
  9. Cigarettes
  10. Believe Me (Feat. Styles Of Beyond and Eric Bobo)
  11. Get Me Gone
  12. High Road (Feat. John Legend)
  13. Kenji
  14. Red To Black (Feat. Jonah Matranga, Kenna and Styles Of Beyond)
  15. The Battle (Feat. Celph Titled)
  16. Slip Out The Back (Feat. Mr. Hahn)


In late 2006, Clear Channel Music posted the entire The Rising Tied album complete with commentaries from Mike Shinoda before each song.[1] On "Remember The Name", he said, "That was ‘Remember the Name’. That was one of those songs that, when I did it with Ryu and Tak from Styles of Beyond, I think that it was really just a good feeling to get back together with those guys. I’ve been friends with those guys for about 10 years, and, uhm, this was one of… you know, ‘Remember the Name’ was one of those songs, that when we did together, just felt natural, felt like, you know, friends getting together, hanging out, recording some music. And that’s a good feeling, I think that’s why the song came out the way it did."

On Fort Minor's website in September 2005, Mike had several different clips of music playing for fans. At first, it was a clip of "Remember The Name" with the swirling intro and repeating string parts. This instrumental was released as the beginning and background parts on the Sampler Mixtape song "Intro". "Intro" was then used as the live intro to Fort Minor's setlist as "Remember The Name" opened all of the shows. Later, the clip of "Remember The Name" was upgraded to include the synth, Mike yelling "you ready? let's go!", and the beat of the song on repeat, before the song was officially released. This was a 50 second clip. The second clip updated at that time was an instrumental that later turned out to be "Introduction" on The Rising Tied, coming in at 35 seconds. These were the first clips of Fort Minor music that fans heard from Mike.

While working on the album, Mike made a self-imposed rule that he would write and play every note of music, making exceptions only to add strings, choir and some percussion parts. "That snare [sound] is like 12 tracks of sticks and clapping and snapping and tambourine [combined into one]. It probably took me a half hour just to make it. I'm lucky because I'm able to play a lot of different instruments. In the case of somebody like Kanye, he works a lot with samples. I could've gone that route too, but I figure if there's something you can do that is, like, your gift, just focus on [that]. Besides the fact that samples can be expensive!"

The strings were the first to be done on the song, being followed by the hook.[2] The arrangement was handled by Dave Campbell, with whom Mike had previously worked on Meteora, "I had to do the strings — I think it's [because of my] classical start that I really like choir and strings. I met a really great guy named Dave Campbell — he's actually Beck's dad [and a top orchestrator for many years]. We worked with him on [Linkin Park's] Meteora. My favorite part of the process is, I'll play the string parts on keyboard and give him a CD, and after a day or two he brings in sheet music of the songs for string players to play. It's so much fun to see a hip-hop song transcribed for strings."[3] Mike hadn't realized the difficulty in playing his string of notes on a real cello; thus, the group of cellists devised a way to play it by splitting it up and playing individual notes in rapid succession,[4] as explained in the Making Of The Rising Tied.

According to Mike, the song is about "Just breaking down the science of music, from my perspective." He thought it would be a great way to introduce the world to the project.[5]

The end of the song on the album version has a short piano outtake by Mike.

On the 15th anniversary of the album, Mike was asked about his favorite memory making the album. He said, "Wow my favorite memory. I had a bunch of different things. I remember coming up with the beat for Remember The Name and being like, "Ok, everything revolves around this, the record revolves around this. This is what I'm shooting for."[6]

Mike's line "it's not about the salary, it's all about reality, and making some noise" is a reference to both "My Philisophy" by Boogie Down Productions, a group Mike grew up as a fan of, and "Gangsta Gangsta" by N.W.A, both of whom have the line "it's not about the salary, it's all about reality."

In 2018 while promoting Post Traumatic, Mike annotated the song on Genius.[7]

About the chorus, "Math was always one of my strong subjects lol. My son heard this song, and said, "Dad, that math doesn’t add up. You said 'and'’ which means the result is 200%." Maybe he has a point." About Ryu's second verse, "Styles of Beyond, which includes Ryu and Tak, released their 2nd album, Megadef, and Sunday-schooled the competition." About Ryu's line, "what a fucking nihilist, porcupine, he's a prick, he's a cock, "I always thought this was a reference to The Big Lebowski."

About Tak's second verse, "Tak’s real name is Takbir. "Tak" for short."

About his own second verse, "One of my goals on "The Rising Tied" was to write every note, play every instrument, write every word. There were only a few exceptions. I wrote all the music, all my raps, and anything anyone else sang (the choruses on all the songs). I also mixed the album. Exceptions: The guest rappers wrote their own verses, Eric Bobo played percussion on "Believe Me," Joe Hahn scratched on "Slip Out The Back," and I hired some string players and a choral group for various things."


"Remember The Name" was leaked by Mike Shinoda through Rap Basement on August 20, 2005.[8]

A thread was made on LP Association the same day where fans flocked to hear the song.[9] The song spread so quickly through the Linkin Park community that various fansites, including LP Association and LPFuse, received takedown notices from Warner Bros. However, Mike quickly got on this case to help the fansites and get the notices rescinded so the song could be shared, as he was the one that leaked the song.[10]

At the end of the first two Fort Minor shows at Pukkelpop and Highlands 2005, Mike and Styles of Beyond threw CDs into the crowd. Surprisingly, no rips of the CDs found their way online those two days (August 18 and 19), so Mike likely leaked "Remember the Name" to Rap Basement late in the day on August 19 to get it out right away to fans. To date, the CDs have never surfaced so it is unknown if they are a copy of the Sampler Mixtape or not, but it's more likely it was a blank CDR with "Remember the Name" on it.

Peter Rabbit 2018 Film Version

A parody of "Remember The Name" was created for the 2018 film adaptation of Peter Rabbit with the help of Mike Shinoda. Throughout the movie, the sparrows sing various songs from different genres and "Remember The Name" was one of the songs selected by diretor Will Gluck as he explained to Collider, "Nice! So, I love that song. The lead singer, Mike Shinoda, is a dad at my daughter’s school, so I called him and said, “This is a crazy idea. I rewrote these lyrics. Do you mind doing it?” He thought it was a funny idea, and he made [the lyrics] better and did it. It’s one of those crazy things, where that’s how I happened. I always like doing crazy stuff with music, like that. There’s a lot of music in this movie that’s unexpected. It was crazy, and the rewritten lyrics were funny."[11] The new version features additional vocals by Jack Dolman, Katharine Hoye, Jessica Freedman, Chad Reisser and Fletcher Sheridan.[12]

Peter Rabbit was originally scheduled to be released on March 23, 2018,[13] but it was moved up to February 9, 2018 in the United States and Canada. There was no soundtrack release.

During the January 11, 2021 Twitch stream he was asked about the "vegetable version" of the track and he said, "Vegetable version? I did a vegetable version? I don't even know that I did a vegetable version. I don't remember this. Oh I see what you're saying, the Peter Rabbit version! We've gotta get clear on the actual video, on the actual clip in question here. Can you imagine you're watching Peter Rabbit and right in the middle of it, out of nowhere, absolutely out of nowhere in this CGI children's film? Dude come on. Just hold on, let me point out one part of the lyrics. 'It's not the salary, it's all about the celery, and maybe some radishes, maybe some cabbages?!' That happened, that is a thing that happened, Peter Rabbit. They called me and they said, 'We want to use your song in our movie' and I'm like, 'How?' As usual, every time anybody's like, 'We want to use your music in a movie', I'm like, 'Maybe...? How?"'And they originally were like, 'Oh, we're going to have this fight scene where we're going to use it.' And I was like, 'That doesn't sound like something I want to do. It sounds like a very cute movie, but I don't know if that sounds like my thing.' And then I started talking with the director and they were like, 'We want to change the words though. Here's the scene.' And I was like, 'Oh, it's funny, it's a funny scene, got it.' So they rewrote the song for the movie, they rewrote that verse, rather, and sent it to me... and it wasn't awesome. The performance was really weird. Then I was like, 'Tell you what, I'll coach you on this, I'll tell you how to make it better, fix it.' Make it just a little more authentic to the song. Like, the pattern was all off, they had a person who doesn't rap do the thing and he missed the pattern of the thing. And then I was like, 'You know, you really have to have someone who can rap, who is also funny, do it.' And I suggested my friend Jensen who is the best, he's super super funny and he's a hardcore student of hip hop. So that's how that all came together, and then me and Jensen. It was a very easy thing to do, but every time I see it, it's the funniest thing ever. It's dumb but the birds are the ones rapping and the rabbits shoot the birds at the end. The thing is, I didn't initiate that and it wasn't like a hard thing to do. By the way for the record, they asked 'Would you do the voice?' and I was like 'No way! I would love to do a voice for a character but I don't want to just show up and rap a scene.' I couldn't imagine doing the 'cabbages, radishes' myself, it needed someone funnier, a funnier voice. If you actually ask me to do the voice of one of the rabbits, I would do it. But nobody is asking. Nobody asked! I don't know what's up!"


A remix titled "Remember The Name (Funkadelic Remix)" was created by Mike Shinoda for inclusion in the We Major mixtape. The remix is basically the "Remember The Name" acapella being played over a sample of "Music For My Mother" by Funkadelic.

The multitracks from the recording sessions of "Remember The Name" were released to ccMixter under a Creative Commons license for a remix contest in 2006. It included both clean and dirty acapella versions. The winners of the remix contest were Marc Kaschke and Norman Mauer with their "Remember The Name (Kaschke & Mauer Remix)" track. The producers were awarded a new Technics SL-1200MK5 turntable, courtesy of Warner Bros. Records and Machine Shop Recordings.[14] They explained their process, "we have used samples from different sources for this song and layered them to get this sound the fx are all done by playing old arcade games in realtime. we just edited the samples to keep them in time we used logic and some internal plugins... thats it for the vocals: ssl listen mic compressor, drums and beatbox are sampled with battery from native instruments. just playing arround with the compression... nice experience to get a professional rap-playback and program a beat for it."[15]

DJ Cheapshot of Styles Of Beyond remixed "Remember The Name" and uploaded it to his SoundCloud page on July 18, 2011. The remix was eventually released on his mixtape Cheapshot's Poo Poo Platter in 2012. The track was preceded by a voicemail by Mike Shinoda.


Digital EP/Vinyl Single

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Petrified (Non-PA Album Version) Mike Shinoda 3:41
2 Petrified Shinoda 3:40
3 Petrified (Instrumental) Shinoda 3:41
4 Remember The Name (Amended Version) Takbir Bashir, Ryan Patrick Maginn, Shinoda 3:46
5 Remember The Name Bashir, Ryan Patrick Maginn, Shinoda 3:47
6 Remember The Name (Instrumental) Bashir, Maginn, Shinoda 3:46

Music Video

Music Video

On October 19, 2005, Fort Minor announced that the music video for "Remember The Name" would be released the following day on October 20 as a Fort Minor MySpace exclusive. The Fort Minor newsletter said, "What's up! Thanks for adding us ... I'm really excited for you to hear the Fort Minor album (soon--Nov. 22). In the meantime, we're going to hit you with a special look at a video for "Remember The Name"!! It will be on the Fort Minor MySpace page this Thursday. Exclusive!! ---> <--- If you add FM as a friend, you'll be kept in the loop with all the new news on Fort Minor and "The Rising Tied."[16]

Chester, Brad, and Rob have a cameo in the video. Ryu on the Fort Minor forums commented and said, "everyone was there except joe and and phoenix i believe. wait maybe they were there, i was really drunk sorry."[17]

A Linkin Park poster from their San Francisco 2001 show can be seen on the wall behind Tak in Suite B.

Highlight Reel Video

In an LPU chat on August 22, 2006, Mike said, "warner bros. is heading the charge on the REMEMBER THE NAME single...we think that it's a nice way to go out on this album--the song has been such a cult hit in the sports world, and people all over have requested it for other things. we're hoping to do a new video for it--the concept for it is really cool, i think. i hope that works out."[19]

In October 2006, Mike said, "All those kids who put up crazy stuff that they've done in sports -- extreme sports, basketball, kung fu -- we're going to make a Fort Minor 'Remember the Name' video out of your clips. I love going on YouTube and seeing all the crazy shit that people do. That's what really inspired me to want to do this."[20]

Fans could submit their clips at

The Fort Minor website said, "Calling all athletes, sports fans, and talented people! What will make the world REMEMBER YOUR NAME? Enter the Fort Minor / Fuse "Highlight Reel" Video contest. If you've got a huge dunk, grand slam, skate trick, martial arts knockout or other spectacular sports / action moment caught on tape, submit it. The winners will all be included in a Fort Minor video for the song "Remember The Name." Simply host your video online, and submit the direct URL of where your video is located. The deadline to submit your video is Sunday, November 5th at 11:59pm PST. Mike Shinoda will select his favorites from all finalist video clips! The winning video clips will be edited into the final Fort Minor / Fuse Remember The Name "Highlight Reel" Video, and the NAMES OF THE ATHLETES WILL APPEAR ON THE SCREEN! will stream the final "Highlight Reel" of winning video clips on Monday, November 20th. The "Highlight Reel" Video will also be available at including a list of the contest winners' names following the premiere."[21]

The winners received a DVD copy of the video signed by Mike and had their names posted on Fort Minor's website.

Live Video

A live music video of "Remember The Name" was released on the official Fort Minor YouTube channel on October 23, 2006. According to its description, it "Provides a glimpse of Fort Minor on the road, including performance and behind the scenes footage."[22] The video was shot on Fort Minor's trip to Japan in August 2006 when Mike took Fort Minor to the Summer Sonic festivals in Tokyo and Osaka alongside Linkin Park. Chester is in the video, backstage with Mike, Tak and Ryu, at 2:12 in the video.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Remember The Name The Rising Tied

Petrified / Remember The Name

3:50 2005 November 22, 2005
  • Features vocals by Styles Of Beyond.
  • Contains references to Boogie Down Productions' "My Philosophy" and The Crystal Method's "Name Of The Game".
Remember The Name Sampler Mixtape 3:46 2005 October 2005
Remember The Name (Album Version) We Major 3:12 2005 October 30, 2005
  • Shortened.
Remember The Name (Radio Edit) The Rising Tied (Non-PA Version)

Petrified / Remember The Name

3:48 2005 November 22, 2005
  • Censored.
  • Different vocal take.
  • Different lyrics.
Remember The Name (Instrumental) Petrified / Remember The Name

Instrumental Album: The Rising Tied

3:48 2005 October 4, 2005
  • Official instrumental version.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Remember The Name (Funkadelic Remix) DJ Green Lantern Presents Fort Minor: We Major 3:37 2005 October 30, 2005
  • Remix by Mike Shinoda.
  • Samples Funkadelic's "Music For My Mother".
Remember The Name (Cheapshot Remix) 3:24 July 18, 2011
Remember The Name (Cheapshot Remix) Cheapshot's Poo Poo Platter 2:13 February 21, 2012


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Remember The Name (Live) Sessions@AOL 3:30 November 02, 2005 July 18, 2006
  • Features vocals by Styles Of Beyond.


"Remember The Name" was debuted at the first Fort Minor show ever, and opened the show with an extended intro. "Remember The Name" continued to open every Fort Minor show until Mike revived the project in 2015, where it was moved to the closing position. Once Mike brought back Fort Minor after its hiatus, "Remember The Name" was performed in a shorter fashion, with Mike rapping the chorus, his parts of verse one, two choruses, his parts of verse two, and then two more choruses to end the song.

"Remember The Name" saw some playtime in the Linkin Park sets starting with The Hunting Party touring cycle. Starting with KFMA Day 2014, the band debuted the "Mike Solo Medley", in which "Remember The Name" played a core part. For the second half of the medley, Mike would rap the chorus from "Remember The Name" over a sped up instrumental of the song, and would then rap another verse from a different song after that. Starting with the Charlotte 2014 show, Mike rapped a "hybrid verse" from "Remember The Name", which featured his two verses from the song, instead a verse from a different song, and he starting repeating the chorus to end the medley. He continued to use the "hybrid verse" as his default verse for the medley until it was ultimately dropped after the Montebello 2015 show. However, "Remember The Name" lived on in the sets, as Mike started performing a shortened version of the song in place of the medley, alongside "Welcome" starting with the Mexico City 2015 show, where Mike would rap the chorus of the song, the "hybrid verse", and finally two chorus to end the song.

The full version of "Remember The Name" was dropped from sets during the One More Light tour, but was still featured in the set as a new extended intro for "Waiting For The End," where Mike rapped it over the string beat mashed up with samples from "Waiting For The End." When "Waiting For The End" was not played, Mike would sometimes rap the acapella of the chorus of the song.

The studio version of "Remember The Name" returned during the Post Traumatic Tour, Mike performing the same shortened version that he was doing in 2015 with Fort Minor. The song was the closing track for Mike's first shows before the live debut of "Running From My Shadow," which ultimately became the closer. Usually, "Remember The Name" was performed before "Running From My Shadow" during the sets. However, Mike began moving it around in the set as the cycle progressed, with it even opening certain shows.


Last Updated: December 24, 2015

Type Description First Played Last Played
Intro Long Intro August 18, 2005 August 13, 2006
Alternative Shortened (Intro/Chorus/Mike Verse 1/Chorus/Chorus/Mike Verse 2/Chorus/Chorus) June 29, 2015 September 8, 2015

Linkin Park

Last Updated: May 3, 2020

Type Description First Played Last Played
Alternative Shortened (Intro/Chorus/Hybrid Verse/Chorus/Chorus) June 23, 2015 November 7, 2015
Alternative Shortened (Chorus Only) June 23, 2015 November 7, 2015
Alternative Acapella Version June 18, 2017 June 29, 2017

Mike Shinoda

Last Updated: August 25, 2018

Type Description First Played Last Played
Alternative Shortened (Intro/Chorus/Verse 1/Chorus/Chorus) May 12, 2018 May 12, 2018
Alternative Shortened (Verse 1/Chorus/Verse 2/Chorus/Chorus) May 12, 2018 May 12, 2018
Alternative Shortened (Intro/Chorus/Mike Verse1/Chorus/Mike Verse 2/Chorus/Chorus) May 12, 2018 September 8, 2019





In Other Media

  • "Remember The Name" is featured in the 2005 videogame NBA Live 06.
  • "Remember The Name" is featured in the 12nd episode of Season 2 of the TV series Numb3rs, titled "The OG".
  • "Remember The Name" was featured in the 2006 NBA Playoffs.
  • "Remember The Name" was featured in the 2007 NBA Playoffs.
  • "Remember The Name" is featured in the trailer for the 2010 film The Karate Kid.
  • "Remember The Name" is featured in the 2013 film The Smurfs 2.

External Links

  • Remember The Name (Music Video) [Cameo: Chester, Brad, Rob]: YouTube
  • Remember The Name (Highlight Reel Version): YouTube
  • Remember The Name (Live Version): YouTube


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