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Single by Linkin Park
from the album Reanimation
B-side H! Vltg3, Buy Myself
Working title Points Of Authority (Remixed by Jay Gordon)
Recorded 2001
Released July 8, 2002 (Radio)
July 19, 2002 (CD Single)
Format CD, Vinyl
Length 03:45
Time signature 4/4
Tempo 95
Key Eb Minor
Live debut June 3, 2004
Last played September 11, 2004
Writer(s) Brad Delson, Chester Bennington, Joseph Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon
Producer(s) Mike Shinoda
Label Warner Bros.
Linkin Park singles chronology

In The End (2001) Pts.Of.Athrty (2002) H! Vltg3 (2002)

Reanimation track listing
  1. Opening
  2. Pts.Of.Athrty
  3. Enth E Nd
  4. Chali
  5. Frgt/10
  6. P5hng Me A*wy
  7. Plc.4 Mie Hæd
  8. X-Ecutioner Style
  9. H! Vltg3
  10. Riff Raff
  11. Wth>You
  12. Ntr\Mssion
  13. Ppr:Kut
  14. Rnw@y
  15. My<Dsmbr
  16. Stef
  17. By_Myslf
  18. Kyur4 Th Ich
  19. 1stp Klosr
  20. Krwlng


Jay Gordon Remix

The remix was created by Jay Gordon, Orgy vocalist, and Nova For The Astro Americans, who also handled the programming. Doug Trantow worked on the remix as an additional programmer, additional producer, and engineer.[1] Brad Delson also did some additional production on the remix.

The band met Orgy when they were working on their second record, Vapor Transmission, at NRG Recording Studios at the same time Linkin Park was recording Hybrid Theory.[2] Phoenix said the idea to do remixes came from Jay Jordan. Phoenix said about Reanimation, "It came together haphazardly. Originally, Mike and Joe, back when we were still in the studio writing Hybrid Theory, were talking to the singer for Orgy. He was saying he would like to hear this and later said he would like to do "Points of Authority" as a remix. So that kind of planted a seed for Joe and Mike. "Maybe we should have people do remixes. Maybe we'll put them online, we’ll give them out to our fan club."[3]

When describing the remix to MTV, Mike Shinoda said, "It’s kind of an industrial type of song. It’s beat heavy, but it’s pretty much all samples, or it’s samples of live instruments, and it’s heavy. It’s like robotic-sounding."[4]

An early version of the remix was released by PanoraManiacal Soundscapes (a representation company that worked with Jay Gordon) in 2007.

Crystal Method Remix

On January 24, 2002, MTV announced that The Crystal Method would be working on a remix of "Pushing Me Away" with Ryu of Styles Of Beyond:

"The Crystal Method are working with Ryu from the underground rap group Styles of Beyond on a remix of “Pushing Me Away,” while Orgy’s Jay Gordon put a technological twist on “Points of Authority.”"[5]

It was confirmed by Ryu that he did work on a remix with The Crystal Method.[6][7] However, the song remixed by The Crystal Method was actually "Points Of Authority". Ryu explained how it came together, "I was touring with Crystal Method at the time for a song that I did with them called "Name Of The Game." I think Mike or somebody in LP's camp had asked me to talk to Crystal Method about doing the remix."[8]

Although the remix didn't make it to the album, it was later released as part of the LP Underground 2.0 CD, but without Ryu's vocals. He never heard the final version of the remix with his verse.[9]

Z-Trip Remix

On September 26, 2001, MTV announced the names of a few producers who had contributed to Reanimation:

Hip-hop producer the Alchemist and Dilated Peoples’ Evidence, along with newcomers DJ Z-Trip, the Girl Scouts and the Humble Brothers have also signed on to remix tracks from the Southern California rap-rockers’ 2000 debut.[10]

The song remixed by Z-Trip was "Points Of Authority" but his remix remains unreleased.


CD Single

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Pts.Of.Athrty (Jay Gordon) Bennington Chester Charles, Bourdon Robert G, Delson Brad, Gordon Jay, Hahn Joseph, Shinoda Mike 3:36
2 Buy Myself Remix Bennington, Bourdon, Delson, Hahn, Manson Marilyn, Shinoda 4:26
3 H! Vltg3 (Evidence Featuring Pharoahe Monch And DJ Babu) Babu Melvin, Bennington, Bourdon, Delson, Hahn, Jamerson Troy Donald, Peretta Michael Taylor, Shinoda 3:32

Music Video

Nathan "Karma" Cox Video

The first music video for "Pts.Of.Athrty" was directed by Nathan "Karma" Cox, who had previously worked with the band on music videos for "Papercut", "In The End" and "Points Of Authority", and was created exclusively for MTV2's "MTV:Playback".

MTV: Playback was originally aired on July 27, 2002 at 2:00pm, with a rerun on July 28, 2002 at 8:00pm.[11]

Joe Hahn Video

A second music video was commissioned by Devin Sarno, directed by Joe Hahn,[12] edited by Mario Mares, and produced by Matt Caltabiano,[13] who would later work with Linkin Park again on Live In Texas.[14] Patrick Tatopoulos, who had previously worked in the "In The End" video, worked on the video as production designer. Visual effects were handled by Kristen Branan, Andrew Orloff, Emile Edwin Smith, and Kyle Toucher.[15]

Speaking to fans during a chat on July 3, 2002, Brad Delson said, "joe hahn is actually directing the next music video for Pts of Athority It's extremely groundbreaking using all digital animation and I can't wait Only a sick and twisted ingenious mind could create such an unusual video Think Anime meets Star Wars ...meets Final Fantasy"

Mike Shinoda also commented during a chat on July 17, 2002: "the POA video is another scary concoction from joe's demented head. i think if someone psycho-analyzed the videos, they would probably find out some crazy stuff about that guy. we don't really get to into the meaning behind his videos. because we dont want to hold his thing back."

About the video, Joe said, "The main thing you'll grasp out of the video is that the robots are just beating the shit out of each other."[16][17]

The music video had its premiere on on July 11, 2002[18] and was later added to the Reanimation Player on[19] The video was aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami block as a commercial break around 2002. It was also included in the Reanimation DVD along with a making of and music videos of "Frgt/10" and "Kyur4 Th Ich".


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Jay Gordon Remix

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Pts.Of.Athrty Reanimation 3:45 2001 July 30, 2002
  • Remix by Jay Gordon.
Pts.Of.Athrty Pts.Of.Athrty

Pts.Of.Athrty / H! Vltg3

Kerrang! Recharged

3:39 2001 July 19, 2002
  • Lacks the transition to "Enth E Nd" at the end.
Points Of Authority (Remixed by Jay Gordon) Jay Gordon Remiks Demo Reel

"Reanimation" Internal Demo

3:36 2001 2007
  • The Reanimation demo CD dates from late January or February 2002.
  • Released by PanoraManiacal Soundscapes for free download in 2007.
  • Some samples are non-existent.
  • Extra vocals on the "bridge" of the song backing up Chester.
Pts.OF.Athrty (Beat Juggle) (Remix by FSG) DJ Hero 2: Linkin Park Mix Pack (DLC) 3:34 2010 December 21, 2010
  • Remix by Patrick Walker and Al Matthews.
  • There was no official soundtrack release for the game.
Pts.Of.Athrty Reanimation - Instrumentals 3:45 2001
  • Some instrumental parts are missing.
  • Official instrumental version.

Crystal Method Remix

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Pts.Of.Athrty (Crystal Method Remix) LP Underground 2.0

Hybrid Theory (Mastered For iTunes Deluxe Version)

Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition)

4:57 2001 November 18, 2002
  • Remix by Scott Kirkland and Ken D. Jordan.
  • Labeled "Points Of Authority (Crystal Method Remix)" on Hybrid Theory.


While the song has never been performed in full, a small portion of the song was used as the intro to "Points Of Authority" during the band's 2004 international tour and Projekt Revolution 2004.


Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Status
2003 MTV Asia Awards Favorite Video Won


  • Jay Gordon - interpretation
  • Nova - programming, interpretation
  • Doug Trantow - additional programming, additional producer, engineer
  • Brad Delson - additional production

Production (Album)

  • Mike Shinoda - producer
  • Mark "Spike" Stent - mixing
  • David Treahearn - mixing assistant
  • Paul "P-Dub" Walton - ProTools enginer
  • Brian "Big Bass" Gardner - mastering, digital editing
  • Nancie Stern - sample clearance



In Other Media

  • A beat juggled version of "Pts.Of.Athrty" is featured in the 2010 videogame DJ Hero 2.

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