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"Pictureboard" was a song written when Linkin Park was still called Xero[1] and had Mark Wakefield on vocals. It was re-recorded with Chester Bennington after he joined the band. The song has never been released in any form and was played live just once when Linkin Park changed their name from Hybrid Theory, likely at either the two shows in West Hollywood, CA in June and July 2000.


The song was first mentioned by Mike Shinoda during a private LP Underground chat in 2005 for an LPU winner and ten of their friends: "a place for my head used to be called esaul and there was a song called pictureboard which we actually played on stage one time probably 5 years ago with linkin park. we played it after we changed our name. i think that was the only time we played a xero song that wasn't on hybrid theory after we changed our name."

Since then, many fans have been asking the band through the years to release the song. Information was leaked that the song was intended to be released on the LP Underground 9.0: Demos CD but was removed at the last minute and replaced with "Across The Line". The song even has an entry in the BMI database.[2] The fact that Chester is on the BMI entry means that the version that was registered was recorded with Chester.

During an LPU chat on November 19, 2011, Mike revealed the reason: "Pictureboard has samples in it. Can’t give to LPU."[3] In the 2015 LPAssociation podcast, Mike reiterated that it can't be released due to samples in the song, and stated "It's not worth it, man. You guys think it's like this imaginary holy grail of a song. It's really not that great."[4]

The song remains unreleased.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

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It is unknown when the song was performed, but it is confirmed that the song was at least performed once live: likely at one of the two shows in West Hollywood, California in June 2000.