P5hng Me A*wy

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"P5hng Me A*wy"
Remix-Reanimation Cover.jpg
Song by Linkin Park from the album Reanimation
Recorded 2001
Released July 30, 2002
Length 04:38
Time signature 4/4
Tempo 103
Key Eb Minor
Live debut April 9, 2003
Last played March 15, 2004
Writer Brad Delson, Chester Bennington, Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon, Stephen Richards
Producer Mike Shinoda
Label Warner Bros.

Reanimation track listing
  1. Opening
  2. Pts.Of.Athrty
  3. Enth E Nd
  4. Chali
  5. Frgt/10
  6. P5hng Me A*wy
  7. Plc.4 Mie Hæd
  8. X-Ecutioner Style
  9. H! Vltg3
  10. Riff Raff
  11. Wth>You
  12. Ntr\Mssion
  13. Ppr:Kut
  14. Rnw@y
  15. My<Dsmbr
  16. Stef
  17. By_Myslf
  18. Kyur4 Th Ich
  19. 1stp Klosr
  20. Krwlng


The remix was created by Mike Shinoda, with guitars by Brad Delson and Mike, and features guest vocals by Stephen Richards of Taproot.

During a LPU chat on July 17, 2002, he explained Linkin Park met Taproot through their former vocalist Mark Wakefield who was Taproot's manager at the time: "Well our manager used to be in Linkin Park years and years ago So we befriended the LP guys while we were working on our debut record GIFT and the best part of working with LP was having the chance to add something creative to an already creative idea They were already in the process of recreating and being a part of that was a really unique experience"

He further explained why he chose to work with the band, "secondly, i wanted to work with Linkin Park because they have been friends of ours for years they actually supported us before they got signed and why not have a couple million people know who i am haha the remix made it a better song overall than the album version i think. chester rewrote the chorus it features a great 3 part harmony by the one and only Stephen Richards"

As for the lyrics he added to the song, he said, "Obviously I don't really know 100% for sure why LP wrote the song about in the first place, but it's easy enough to translate how I took what the lyrics meant to me and came up with something creative on my end. And I didn't really have a choice of songs, they just offered it to me and I was honored to be on the album"[1]

Speaking to LP Underground members again in 2002, Stephen said:

"[...] As people know, we know Mike Shinoda really well and he's always been really supportive of Taproot and of my vocal style. Being asked was more of an honor than a surprise.

"Pushing Me Away" was very good and I like the way it turned out. The only other potential song that I thought I would've been doing is "PLC.4 MIE HÆD", because that's the song I sing live with those guys when we are in the same town.

[...] I did write my own lyrics for my portion of the song. And the inspiration just came from looking at the lyrics that were already there, presented by Chester and Mike, and I just tried to kinda spawn my own ideas off of that but obviously it all boils down to relationships.

It only took about an hour and a half of recording time at Mike Shinoda's apartment, but 25-30 minutes to come up with the vocal concept for me. So I had a little bit of practice at my house before I got there.

[...] I know Mike told me that the track wasn't even going to make the record unless someone came up with something different and innovative, so luckily he called on me. And I guess that they liked what I do enough. So I don't think he had any expectations of what it was going to sound like. I just did what I did and fortunately he liked what it sounded like."

Brad Delson also spoke about the remix during a linkinpark.com chat on July 3, 2002: "I really liked working on Pushing Me Away because it was one of the last songs to take shape, but it really came out dope...I'd say almost better than the original"

Music Video

The music video for "P5hng Me A*wy" was directed for MTV2's "MTV:Playback" by Scott Patton,[2] who Joe Hahn called "an extremely talented special effects wizard that I used to work with when I worked on movies (before "Hybrid Theory")."

MTV: Playback was originally aired on July 27, 2002 at 2:00pm, with a rerun on July 28, 2002 at 8:00pm.[3]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
P5hng Me A*wy Reanimation 4:38 2001 July 30, 2002
  • Remix by Mike Shinoda.
  • Features vocals by Stephen Richards.
P5hng Me A*wy Songs From Reanimation

P5hng Me A*wy

4:37 2001 2002
  • Lacks the transition to "Plc.4 Mie Hæd".
  • Mislabeled as "P5ng Me A*wy" on Songs From Reanimation.
  • This version replaced the album version in the initial iTunes release of Reanimation. This was fixed in subsequent releases.
P5hng Me A*wy Reanimation - Instrumentals 4:38 2001
  • Official instrumental version.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
P5hng Me A*wy Live In Texas 5:05 August 02, 2003

August 03, 2003

November 18, 2003
  • Recorded live August 2nd 2003 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX and August 3rd 2003 at Texas Stadium in Irving, TX on the Summer Sanitarium Tour.
P5hng Me A*wy (Live In Texas) Meteora (20th Anniversary Edition) 5:04 August 02, 2003

August 03, 2003

April 7, 2023
  • Edited differently from the 2003 release.
  • Live In Texas.
P5hng Me A*wy Meteora (20th Anniversary Edition) 5:25 July 12, 2003 April 7, 2023
P5hng Me A*wy Meteora (20th Anniversary Edition) 5:13 October 29, 2003 April 7, 2023


"P5hng Me A*wy" was performed during the Meteora touring cycle. It debuted mid-set on Projekt Revolution 2003, after "With You". Christian Lindskog from Blindside would occasionally join the band for the song near the end of the tour. The song was performed for most of 2003, being dropped in November and following shows. The song returned in 2004, moving up to the second position in the encore, after "My December", only being dropped once for an unknown reason in Nashville, Tennessee. The song was dropped after the Meteora North American Tour concluded. It was reportedly performed at the band's show in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, but this is unconfirmed.

The song has not being performed since 2004, but Rob said at a meet and greet on the A Thousand Suns touring cycle that he'd like to bring back "P5hng Me A*wy" or "Figure.09" into the setlists at some point.


Last Updated: December 26, 2015

Type Description First Played Last Played
Intro "Pushing Me Away" Guitar Intro October 21, 2003 October 24, 2003

Live Guests

Last Updated: December 26, 2015

  • Christian Lindskog (Blindside)


  • Mike Shinoda - vocals, guitar, interpretation
  • Stephen Richards - vocals
  • Brad Delson - guitar

Production (Album)

  • Mike Shinoda - producer
  • Mark "Spike" Stent - mixing
  • David Treahearn - mixing assistant
  • Paul "P-Dub" Walton - ProTools enginer
  • Brian "Big Bass" Gardner - mastering, digital editing
  • Nancie Stern - sample clearance



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