Not Giving Up

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"Not Giving Up"
Single by Sun Never Sets
Working title Truth Inside A Lie
Recorded 2013-2017
Released March 17, 2017
Format Digital
Length 4:07
Writer(s) Ryan Giles, Rick DeJesus
Label RKG Music

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"Not Giving Up" is the debut single by Sun Never Sets with drums recorded by Rob Bourdon. Its demo version, "Truth Inside A Lie", was originally released in 2013 on the LP Underground XIII compilation. The final product was released as a digital single on March 17, 2017.


On July 22, 2013, Linkin Park announced a contest called LPU Sessions which allowed members of LP Underground over 18 years old in the United States to submit original material with a chance to work with the band in the studio and have their songs featured on the LP Underground XIII album. Submissions were accepted until August 4, 2013 and were judged by the LPU Headquarters. 10 finalists were announced on August 12, 2013 and were judged by LPU members, who were allowed to vote once a day for their favorite finalist until August 25, 2013. The winners were announced on September 3, 2013.[1]

The Los Angeles songwriter/musician Ryan Giles, with the song "Confession", was one of the winners of the Grand Prize Package, which included round trip tickets to Los Angeles, 2 nights hotel accommodations, roundtrip airport transfers in Los Angeles, 2 days in the Red Bull Studio with Linkin Park, a wrap party at the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood and a Hard Rock Cafe gift pack.[2]

The reason why he submitted an instrumental track was because he misunderstood the contest. He thought contestants were suppose to submit an instrumental and whoever won would have Mike and Chester sing over their track. "Confession" was mostly finished a few months prior and every person he played it for said it could be perfect for Linkin Park before he even knew about the contest.

Ryan Giles is an experienced producer and composer who had worked with Fuel, Shinedown, Jordan Lee (ex-Soil/ex-Silvergun), Damien Starkey (Burn Season), Hugo (Tantric), Wil Martin (Earshot) and Toryn Green (ex-Fuel/ex-Emphatic). He also played guitar for Sol, Patience Worth and One Less Reason.[3]

After a few days of hard work with Linkin Park in early October, they emerged with "Truth Inside A Lie". Not only the song was produced by Linkin Park but it also features live drums by Rob Bourdon. Speaking about the experience, Ryan said, "It was amazing working with Linkin Park. Those guys are insanely talented and of course I would want to repeat this experience again and again! Words can’t describe my emotion. The song that is on LPU XIII is just a powerful melodic song full of emotions. It’s hard to describe. We’ll just have to see what others say about it."[4]

"Truth Inside A Lie" was released on the LP Underground XIII CD in November 2013. On the booklet, Ryan wrote: "Usually the music I write reflects how I'm feeling at the time. With this song I wanted to write something epic that was melodic and just full of emotion, but I also wanted to explore different sounds that I normally don't use. The guys from LINKIN PARK had so many interesting ideas that just made this song that much better. They are insanely talented and I couldn't be more proud of the song we came up with during LPU Sessions."

When Ryan Giles joined Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way in the project Sun Never Sets, "Truth Inside A Lie" was reworked into the group's debut single, "Not Giving Up". The percussion on the new track is still by Rob Bourdon himself. Additionally, Linkin Park's engineer Ethan Mates mixed the single as well.[5]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Not Giving Up Not Giving Up 4:07 2013-2017 March 17, 2017
  • Features live drums by Rob Bourdon.
Truth Inside A Lie (LPU Sessions 2013) LP Underground XIII 4:23 October 2013 November 18, 2013
  • Instrumental demo.
  • LPU Sessions winner.


Truth Inside A Lie

  • Rob Bourdon – live drums
  • Ryan Giles - all other instruments, songwriter
  • Linkin Park - producer
  • Ethan Mates - mixing
  • Brian "Big Bass" Gardner - mastering


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