My December

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"My December"
The Real Slim Santa My December.jpg
Song by Linkin Park from the album The Real Slim Santa
Recorded October 9, 2000
Released November 28, 2000
Length 04:20
Time signature 4/4
Tempo 100
Key D Minor
Live debut December 17, 2000
Last played March 10, 2008
Writer Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Joseph Hahn
Producer Mike Shinoda
Label Warner Bros.

The Real Slim Santa track listing
  1. Ralph Garman - The Real Slim Santa
  2. Stone Cold Steve Austin - The Bottom Line
  3. Linkin Park - My December
  4. Victoria Silvstedt & Ralph Garman - Santa Baby
  5. Weezer - Christmas Song
  6. Bobcat Goldthwait - Rudolf the Nine Inch Reindeer
  7. U2 - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
  8. William Shatner - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
  9. Fenix TX - Feliz Navidad
  10. Ralph Garman - Santa Claus: Behind the Magic
  11. Save Ferris - Father Christmas
  12. Ben Livingston - A Christmas Poem
  13. Travis - River
  14. Adam West - Batman: The Lost Christmas Episode
  15. MxPx - Coming Home for Christmas
  16. Ben Livingston - Shaq the Halls
  17. Eve 6 - First Noel (I Like Christmas)
  18. Andy Dick & the Bitches of the Century - Gassy Jesus
  19. 3 Doors Down - Jingle Bells
  20. The Vandals - Christmas Time For My Penis
  21. Bobby Slayton - The Pitbull Yule
  22. Orgy - Santa's Creepy Secret
  23. Don King - Christmas Wish
  24. Fuel - We Three Kings
  25. Peek The Rodeo Clown With 2 Paralyzed Legs - Christmas Harmonica
  26. Vast - The Grinch
  27. Blink-182 - Silent Night Sing Along
  28. Jiminem - Stanley
  29. Kevin & Bean - Untitled [extra mindless drivel]

"My December" is the third track on the compilation album The Real Slim Santa.


"My December" was a song written and recorded specifically for Kevin & Bean's album The Real Slim Santa, a compilation of Christmas songs released by KROQ on November 28, 2000 made and available only in Southern California at Warehouse Records Stores.[1]

In Jeff Blue's book "One Step Closer: From Xero to #1: Becoming Linkin Park", he explained how the song came together. On October 4, 2000, Linkin Park was offered a slot at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show because of how well "One Step Closer" was doing at KROQ. The station wanted a song, either a new one or a cover, for their Kevin & Bean Christmas sampler. Warner Bros thought it would go a long way to solidifying the band's relationship with KROQ, but the band was touring at the time. On October 10, the song was completed after Mike wrote it on the road and the band recorded it in Nashville. It was debuted on October 11 on KROQ.[2] It was recorded at The Loft in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 9, 2000 (a day before Linkin Park's show in the city).

As mentioned above, the majority of the song was written by Mike Shinoda inside Linkin Park's tour bus. It was written and recorded in only two days. The band's photographer at the time, Joel Hendricks, explained that Mike wrote the song on his MPC. Chester was joking about having to record a Christmas song so quickly for KROQ that he originally sang, "Christmas time is a good time, to die" as a joke when he was working on his vocals.[3]

Speaking to, Mike said: "We actually recorded it more recently, at a studio in Nashville. It was an idea sparked by the KROQ album. We figured, why not just write a new song, put it on that CD, and give it away for the holidays? So it'll be on our website soon."[4] The inspiration behind the song was "being on the road away from loved ones."[5] During a MSN Live chat in 2001, Brad said: "I like the song "My December." It's about going home."[6]

At the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Night 1 show in December 2001, Chester said, "KROQ started playing the album before anybody else. They invited us to write a song and open up the show last year and this year we came back and we're headlining, it's just crazy." And then added, "This next song that we're going to play is a song that we actually wrote for KROQ Acoustic Christmas last year to put on their album, The Real Slim Santa."[7]

Introducing the song in Fairfax, VA during Projekt Revolution 2002, Chester said, "Right now we'd like to do a song that's not on the album. We did it a charity album for a radio station in LA a couple of Christmases ago for these guys named Kevin and Bean out in LA. It does a lot of good for some charities and they've done great work and we felt we could something special for them. What was amazing was, that Mike wrote this song in about two hours man. It was fucking unbelievable. Unbelievable. We recorded in Nashville in a place where fucking Elvis used to record man. That was kind of creepy, you know what I mean? It worked out pretty well, I think."[8]

"My December" was also released in 2001 as part of the UK editon of the "One Step Closer" single and Japanese edition of Hybrid Theory. During the same interview with, Mike also talked about the single: "The "One Step Closer" Import single will feature a remix (by me) of an older hip hop track of ours called "High Voltage", along with a slower song called "My December". What's nice for me about these things is that I did the majority of the writing on those songs, and I produced and mixed both."[4]


Linkin Park released a remix of "My December" on Reanimation in July 2002 titled "My<Dsmbr." The track was remixed by Mickey Petralia and Michael Fitzpatrick. Both also handled the programming. Keyboards were recorded by Mickey Petralia and Greg Kurstin. The track also features additional vocals by Kelli Ali of Sneaker Pimps.

DJ Crook of Team Sleep and DJ Shadow submitted a remix of "My December" for Reanimation as well, but their remix didn't end up being selected for release.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
My December Kevin & Bean: The Real Slim Santa

One Step Closer (UK Single)

Hybrid Theory

In The End (JP EP)

LP Underground 2.0

Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition)

4:20 October 9, 2000 November 28, 2000
  • Recorded at RCA Studio B in Nashville on October 9, 2000.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
My<Dsmbr Reanimation 4:17 2001 July 30, 2002
  • Remix by Mickey Petralia and Michael Fitzpatrick.
  • Features vocals by Kelli Ali and keyboards by Greg Kurstin and Mickey Petralia.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
My December (Live) Somewhere I Belong

Reanimation (iTunes)

The Year They Recalled Santa Claus (As Told By Kevin & Bean)


4:27 February 23, 2002 March 17, 2003
  • Acoustic version with Mike playing the piano part on an MPC, Brad on acoustic guitar, Joe scratching, Chester on vocals, Rob playing drums and Phoenix playing cello.
  • Recorded during the Projekt Revolution 2002 Tour.
  • Labeled "My December (Live From Proj. Revolutions)" on Compilation.
My December (Live) Live From SoHo (iTunes Exclusive EP) 3:51 February 21, 2008 March 4, 2008
  • Piano version with Mike on piano and Chester on vocals, with a completely reworked piano arrangement.
My December (Live 2008) Songs From The Underground

A Decade Underground


4:15 February 26, 2008 November 28, 2008
  • Piano version with Mike on piano and Chester on vocals, with a completely reworked piano arrangement.
My December Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition) 4:13 February 23, 2002

February 24, 2002

October 9, 2020
  • DVD only.
  • Projekt: Revolution 2002.


"My December" appeared infrequently throughout Linkin Park's live career. It debuted as an acoustic version with an extended piano intro at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show at the end of 2000, where it opened the show. This performance included Mike on piano, Chester on vocals, and Brad on guitar - the only time is has been performed in that lineup. It didn't appear in a setlist again until fall of 2001, where a second acoustic version was the encore opening after it was added on the third show of the 2001 European Tour. It was likely added in so that the band could rehearse it for show in London, England, which was planned to be filmed for a DVD release. The song replaced Chester's acoustic rendition of Dead By Sunrise's "Morning After". This version featured the same lineup as the previous performance with the addition of Joe scratching and triggering drum samples. The song was dropped on the following Family Values Tour, but returned just before the Countdown To Revolution Tour in its encore opener position. This version was another acoustic version, this time with the full band lineup: Rob was added in on drums and Phoenix played the cello. Mike performed on an MPC for these renditions, except for the second night at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas event, where he played on an actual piano. It remained in that general position until the final run of holiday shows, where it was moved mid-set between "Step Up" and "Pushing Me Away". It returned to its encore spot on Projekt Revolution 2002, but was dropped on one of the last shows of the year when the band opened for Korn in Mexico City, Mexico.

The song returned on the Meteora touring cycle when it was added into the set on the second night in Tokyo, Japan at the end of the 2003 Australian and Asian Tour so that the band could mix the setlist up a little bit from the night before. These performances mark the first time the studio version of the song was performed live with electric guitar and bass. It retained its position on the UK November Tour with an added guitar transition outro that went into "P5hng Me A*wy" before being dropped, ironically, before the run of U.S. holiday shows. Its encore position returned on the 2004 North American Tour with its guitar transition outro before finally being dropped on the Projekt Revolution 2004 sets. It briefly returned in 2006, where the new piano version of the song debuted and was performed on the first and last shows of the Japan Tour. The piano version of "Pushing Me Away" was played at the other shows instead.

The song returned at the end of 2007 on the Minutes To Midnight touring cycle, a new piano version with a completely new arrangement being performed after "Numb" at the band's last performance of the year at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas event. Being that the song is the closest thing Linkin Park has to a holiday song, it was added in as a holiday treat. It returned in the 2008 European Winter Tour in the piano slots in the middle of Set S and the encore opener of Set T. This carried over to the 2008 North American Tour, too. The song replaced "In Between" in Set R-2 at the show in Baltimore, Maryland (even though the piano version of "Pushing Me Away" was written on the setlist) and the piano version of "Pushing Me Away" in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was dropped at the stop in Detroit, Michigan for an unknown reason. The song was performed at the private Apple Store performance in New York City, New York and was featured on the live EP. It was dropped after the tour ended and has not appeared again since.

A shortened version of "My December" was reportedly soundchecked by the band before the One More Light album release party, but the song was not played in the set.


Last Updated: July 17, 2018

Type Description First Played Last Played
Intro Piano Intro December 17, 2000 December 17, 2000
Outro Guitar Transition Outro November 20, 2003 January 30, 2004
Alternative Acoustic Version #1 (Mike/Chester/Brad) December 17, 2000 December 17, 2000
Alternative Acoustic Version #2 (Mike/Chester/Brad/Joe) September 15, 2001 September 24, 2001
Alternative Acoustic Version #3 (Full Band; Phoenix on cello) November 20, 2001 February 24, 2002
Alternative Piano Version #1 August 10, 2006 August 15, 2006
Alternative Piano Version #2 (New piano arrangement) December 8, 2007 March 10, 2008
Alternative Shortened (First Verse and Chorus) May 22, 2017 May 22, 2017


  • Written by: Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson and Joseph Hahn
  • Produced & Mixed by: Mike Shinoda
  • Additional Pro Tools by: Joe Hand
  • Recorded at: The Loft in Nashville



Cover Versions

Josh Groban released a cover of "My December" as a bonus track on the website exclusive version of his 2003 album Closer. The cover has also been performed live.

Belgian women's choir Scala & Kolacny Brothers recorded "My December" for their 2012 album December.[9] The cover received a music video[10] and radio airplay as well as a promotional single.[11]

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