Milestones in Linkin Park History

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  • 1995 - Mark Wakefield (vocals), Brad Delson (guitar), Rob Bourdon (drums) and a currently unknown bass player formed the band Relative Degree.
  • 1996.05.17 - Relative Degree played their first and only show at The Roxy.
  • 1996 - Mark Wakefield (vocals) and Mike Shinoda (vocals) formed the band Xero.
  • 1996-1997 - Brad Delson (guitar), Rob Bourdon (drums), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass) and Joe Hahn (turntables) joined Xero.
  • 1997 - Xero released a demo tape.
  • 1997.11.14 - Xero played their first show at the Whiskey A Go Go and got a publishing deal with Zomba Music Group.
  • 1998.12.10 - Xero played their last show (out of six known) at the Whiskey A Go Go.
  • 1998.12.xx - Mark Wakefield left the band and Xero started looking for a new singer.
  • 1998-1999 - At some point Phoenix left Xero to tour with his other band, named "Tasty Snax" (later "The Snax").
  • 1999.03.xx - Chester Bennington, former singer of Arizona based band "Grey Daze", joined Xero and at some point they changed their name to "Hybrid Theory".
  • 1999 - The band released "Hybrid Theory EP", recorded some more material and played some shows.
  • 1999.11.xx - The band got a development deal with Warner Bros. Records.
  • 2000.05.27 - The last known Hybrid Theory show, the band chagend their name to Linkin Park within two weeks after the show.
  • 2000.06.09 - The band played their first show as "Linkin Park".
  • 2000.10.24 - The band released their first studio album, Hybrid Theory.
  • 2001.11.19 - The band re-released "Hybrid Theory EP" via Linkin Park Underground (LPU), their official fanclub, that would be followed by annual releases of a special CD containing unreleased demos, live recordings and remixes.
  • 2002.07.30 - The band released their first remix album, Reanimation.
  • 2003.03.25 - The band released their second studio album, Meteora.
  • 2003.11.18 - The band released their first live DVD and album, Live In Texas.
  • 2004.11.30 - The band released their first remix EP, "Collision Course", in collaboration with Jay-Z.
  • 2007.05.24 - The band released their third studio album Minutes To Midnight.