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Version 1

Dubbed "Mashup Intro #1", this was the original version of the band's intro on The Hunting Party tour. The song mainly consisted of the bridge instrumental of "The Catalyst" and the vocoder vox from "The Requiem", but also featured electronic elements from "1stp Klosr" from Reanimation. It segued into "Guilty All The Same" with the drums and guitar slowly building up into the track.

Version 2

The second version of the mashup was much more dramatic and sample filled. It served as the band's intro starting on the Carnivores Tour. It began with a big explosion sound before a brief sample of "Session" from Meteora played and bled into an up-pitched sample of the ambient synth in "1stp Klosr". As the song builds, the "ooh" vox from "The Requiem" is used before Mike can be heard singing lines from the bridge "The Catalyst". A sample of "The Summoning" is also used when the lyrics of "The Catalyst", making it the only time any portion of the song has been used in a live scenario. After the lyrics of "The Catalyst", the drums and guitar of "Guilty All The Same" slowly build into the full song.


Mashup Intro #1 debuted on the first show of The Hunting Party World Tour at KFMA Day in May 2014. The song led into "Guilty All The Same" exclusively.

Mashup Intro #2 was featured as the intro in both setlists on the Carnivores Tour starting in August 2014, debuting at the private production rehearsal in West Palm Beach, Florida. The song wasn't performed at the last two shows of 2015 - those holiday festival performances opened with Joe's Solo Medley as the band only performed the second half of Set A (with "Rebellion" where the encore break would be). It returned briefly in 2015 for the North American Tour that ultimately ended up being cancelled due to Chester breaking his ankle at the start of the tour. The song was dropped after that, but the explosion sample that opened the song was used as the beginning of the new intro of "Papercut" which was used as the new show intro.

Live Guests

Last Updated: September 9, 2016

  • Benjamin Chandler (replacing Brad Delson)