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Welcome to Linkinpedia, the comprehesive wiki for Linkin Park and all of their side projects! Curated by the LPLive team.

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Current Projects & Releases:

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Studio Albums


Live Releases

This is a list of all standalone CD / DVD / digital live releases by Linkin Park. Shows webcasted or streamed by the band or third party companies, shown in theaters, etc are not included. Bonus live tracks included on singles or albums are also not included in this list, as they are included on the appropriate release pages.

Singles / Promos

Linkin Park Underground

LPU Member Free Downloads: "Lockjaw" | "Crawling" (Live from Projekt Revolution 2008) | "Morning After" (Live)



Fort Minor | Albums, Mixtapes, Live Releases, Fort Minor Militia

Fort Minor | Singles

Mike Shinoda | Albums, EPs, Live Releases

Mike Shinoda | Singles

Mike Shinoda | Miscellaneous Releases

Dead By Sunrise Albums, Singles

DBS CBI.jpg Album-Out Of Ashes.jpg DBS LetDown.jpg DBS Fire.png

Stone Temple Pilots With Chester Bennington EPs, Singles

OutOfTime-Sm.jpg STP HR.jpg

Joe Hahn & Alec Puro Soundtracks

Songs Featuring Linkin Park Members

Wonderful (feat. Chester) Freestyle (feat. Mike) System (feat. Chester) It's Goin' Down (Feat. Mike and Joe) Karma Killer (feat. Chester) Rock And Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2 (feat. Mike and Chester) Walking Dead (feat. Chester) Home Sweet Home (feat. Chester) Slip Out The Back (feat. Joe) Move On (feat. Joe) Slow Ya Roll (feat. Chester) Second To None (feat. Mike) Hey You (feat. Mike) I'm Eighteen (Live) (feat. Chester) Carry Me Away (feat. Mike) Riders On The Storm (feat. Chester) Things In My Jeep (feat. Mike and Chester) Like Riding A Bike (feat. Mike) Not Giving Up (feat. Rob) Palm Springs Reset (Live) (feat. Chester) I'll Try Not To Destroy You (Live) (feat. Chester) Waiting For Tomorrow (feat. Mike) Cross Off (feat. Chester) Last One To Know (feat. Mike)

Unreleased Songs: "Cry To Yourself" (feat. Chester) | "Unreleased" (feat. Mike and Joe) | "Vegas Baby" (feat. Joe)

Songs Written Or Produced By Linkin Park Members

#ShinodaProduceMe Releases

All songs produced by Mike Shinoda live on Twitch.

Other Releases

Xero (4 Track Cassette) Barack Your World Issho Ni

Little Boxes | Lockjaw | Complimentary | Bruiser | Space Station | Asteroids Free Downloads: "Bleed It Out" (Live - Transformers 2 Premier) | "Final Masquerade" (Acoustic)" | "A Line In The Sand" (Live)

Previous Bands

Relative Degree | Grey Daze | The Snax | The Pricks | Karma | Sean Dowdell and His Friends

Wake Me (Grey Daze) ...No Sun Today (Grey Daze) Run Joseph Run (Tasty Snax) Snax (Snax) Amends (Grey Daze) Amends... Stripped (Grey Daze) The Phoenix (Grey Daze)



Songs | Available Demos | Official Music Videos | Official Remixes | Live Covers, Collaborations & Solos | Official Live Releases | Side Projects

Touring Summaries

2000 And Earlier Touring Summary 2001 Touring Summary 2002 Touring Summary 2003 Touring Summary 2004 Touring Summary 2005 Touring Summary 2006 Touring Summary 2007 Touring Summary 2008 Touring Summary 2009 Touring Summary 2010 Touring Summary 2011 Touring Summary 2012 Touring Summary 2013 Touring Summary 2014 Touring Summary 2015 Touring Summary Fort Minor Touring Summary Dead By Sunrise Touring Summary Stone Temple Pilots Touring Summary


Diamonds Spades Hearts Clubs | Glorious Excess (Born) | Glorious Excess (Dies)

A Thousand Suns Laser Show | A Thousand Horizons | Lies Greed Misery Scavenger Hunt | LP VR | Carry On

LPU Summit #1 - London | LPU Summit #2 - Sydney | LPU Summit #3 - Chicago | LPU Summit #4 - Hamburg

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LPU Summit #12 - Amsterdam | LPU Summit #13 - Calgary


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