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MTV VMA 2005 Score
by Mike Shinoda
Released Summer 2005 & March 1, 2010
Recorded 2005
Length 4:35 (The Leak), 12:76 (Score)
Producer Mike Shinoda

MTV VMA 2005 Score is a score that Mike Shinoda and Lil Jon did for the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards. They both wrote and recorded their own music, separately, for the show.


In August 2005, Mike and Lil Jon were asked to score the MTV Video Music Awards for that year. This was right around when The Rising Tied was being finalized, so Mike had plenty of music left over from those recording sessions. Mike commented and said, "The challenge was that they needed variety. I did 10 tracks, a couple of them a lot of Linkin Park fans will recognise the sound, while others are different, all the way down to some really stripped-down hip-hop sounds. And within each piece, there are different parts."

Around when the show aired, MTV posted five of Mike's songs on MTV.com for fans to download, called "The Leak."

During the awards show, fans immediately noticed another clip during a cut to a commercial break that had the all too familiar Mike Shinoda sound to it and speculation arose that it was one of the remaining five songs from the score that were unreleased. It later turned out that the track was "Teletronic". Four years later when the LP Underground 9 promo video was released and yet another unreleased Mike clip appeared in that video, and this time it was the track "Catharsis".


In response to a January 2010 post on LPLive about unreleased VMA tracks, on March 1, 2010, Mike posted on his blog, "Kinda random: in the past few months, a bunch of you were recently talking about the "score" I created for the 2005 MTV VMAs (I did a small selection of beats for the show, and scored it with Lil' Jon, who contributed his own tracks. We did not collaborate on any, FYI. Some of you have already found the tracks on my soundcloud page, but I figured I'd post them here. Enjoy!"

The Soundcloud page said, "These are the beats that made up some of the soundtrack of 2005's MTV VMAs. I scored the show with Lil' Jon. If you rap or sing over one of these beats, make sure to let me know at www.mikeshinoda.com." In this release, fans were treated to new score tracks as well as longer versions of the ones that were released by MTV. The unreleased track from the MTV VMA's ("Teletronic") and the one from the LPU 9 video ("Catharsis") were released for the first time.

However, there was one problem with the tracks. The first track was labeled "Hive" instead of "100 Degrees," meaning track three was actually missing. Astat at the time added, "Probably "Hive" is the missing track and "100 Degrees" is just mislabeled. The first track was labeled as "100 Degrees" on the VMA The Leak site when the short versions of the original five were posted (which was months before We Major came out with the full version of "100 Degrees" with vocals), so I don't see why it would have an alternate title."

"The Leak" Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 100 Degrees Mike Shinoda 0:48
2 Hype 0:46
3 Saturday 0:50
4 Montreal 0:54
5 Madison 1:03

"The Score" Track Listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 100 Degrees (improperly titled as "Hive") Mike Shinoda 1:56
2 Teletronic 1:49
3 Catharsis 2:06
4 Saturday 1:34
5 Montreal 1:28
6 Selector 1:27
7 A.15 0:42
8 Hype 1:32
9 Madison 2:20


  • All songs written and produced by Mike Shinoda



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