Lost In The Echo

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"Lost In The Echo"
Single by Linkin Park
from the album Living Things
Working title Holding Company
Recorded 2011-2012
Released October 5, 2012
Format Digital
Length 03:25
Stems Indaba Remix Contest
Stagelight: Linkin Park Edition[1] (Holding Company)
Akai MPC500 Samples[2]
Neko Keyboard Sounds and Samples[2]
Time signature 4/4
Tempo 120
Key A Minor
Live debut August 6, 2012
Last played July 6, 2017
Writer(s) Linkin Park
Producer(s) Mike Shinoda, Rick Rubin
Label Warner Bros.
Linkin Park singles chronology

Burn It Down (2012) Lost In The Echo (2012) Powerless (2012)

Living Things track listing
  1. Lost In The Echo
  2. In My Remains
  3. Burn It Down
  4. Lies Greed Misery
  5. I'll Be Gone
  6. Castle Of Glass
  7. Victimized
  8. Roads Untraveled
  9. Skin To Bone
  10. Until It Breaks
  11. Tinfoil
  12. Powerless

"Lost In The Echo" is the first song on Linkin Park's album Living Things.


According to Mike Shinoda, "Lost In The Echo", called "Holding Company" while being worked on, was a defining moment for the album, and helped them decide the direction of the album.[3] Mike also discussed how it was the first time in years the band was opening to writing songs that sounded like traditional Linkin Park, stating "The past two years, whenever I brought anything in that sounded very much like Linkin Park -- the thing that people think Linkin Park is supposed to be -- the guys in the band kind of really turned away from it. For an album, I bring in anywhere between twenty-five to seventy-five demos to arrive at what we end up choosing for the record. Especially on the last two albums, a lot of those rough ideas can be really similar to what end up on the album or they can be just the egg that it hatches from. The thing about "Lost in the Echo" was it sounded a lot like what the "song" sounds like, I think. When the guys heard it, I kind of said to them, "What do you think about that?" and their responses, for the first time in a few years, were pretty good. They were like, "Yeah, we hear the merit. Let's develop that idea. Let's see what we want to do." I said to them, "You know, this is like a real moment for us, now, on this album." On the last two albums, if I brought in something like this, not everyone would've given it the green light; they would've said, "Oh, this sounds too predictable." But clearly, we're at a moment where we're bridging a gap between what we've been doing and the future of the band, so that was one of those songs that kind of set the bar."

In a Reddit AMA on August 12, 2015, Mike talked about the beginnings of "Lost In The Echo": "I'm constantly writing--on my phone, laptop, in my studio. From hundreds of demos, a handful of songs stand out, and we flesh those out. They can start from anything--Lost In The Echo began with an iphone recording of a children's cat keyboard toy, which I put in iMaschine (an iPhone sampler app), then took to the studio."'[4]

In April 2017 in an interview in London, Chester said, "Mike is extremely prolific. This dude writes music all the time. We're on the flight over here from the United States for example. I'm playing Field Runners and watching movies and sleeping. This dude is on his computer with his Maschine out making music the whole time. And it's been this way forever. We'll sit down and listen through like fifty demos - forty nine of them that Mike wrote and one of them that I hummed into my phone. And then we'll pick the ones we like the most. Mike does this all day." Mike then played a demo clip of "Lost In The Echo" and said, "This was like the most basic first thing that I did that ended up being "Lost In The Echo." So the sounds were recorded from my phone, I played a little kids keyboard and did this and recorded it into my phone."[5]

About the meaning behind the song and its video, Mike said, "The idea of the song and the video at its core really has to do with finding issues in the baggage that is weighing you down and letting go of it."[6]


"Lost In The Echo" got an official remix done by KillSonik, which was released on the digital single for "Lost In The Echo", and later used as the third track on the band's second remix album, Recharged. Shorter versions of the remix were released on KillSonik's official YouTube channel, and a slightly longer edit was released on the "Lost In The Echo" UK single.

Remix Contest

On September 23, 2012, Linkin Park announced, "We're running a "LOST IN THE ECHO" remix contest with @indabamusic."[7] Indaba said, "Last time we met Linkin Park, they had charged Indaba members with remixing their #1 single "The Catalyst" from their chart topping 2012 album A Thousand Suns. The band is back with LIVING THINGS, yet another #1 album in their formidable repertoire. Now, Linkin Park and Indaba Music want you to remix the band's newest single "LOST IN THE ECHO". Take the incredible stems and get lost in this remix. Enter the contest to download the stems and get started.​"[8]

The winners were announced on November 15, 2012.[9] Two remixes of the song, one by The Dual Personality and one by Soundcrafters, were supposed to be released to people who had pre-ordered Living Things, since they had won the contest, but never were. Joe Hahn even commented on The Dual Personality's remix of "Lost In The Echo", saying "Great remix by The Dual Personality. A progressive, club friendly track, that I will definitely spin. Very moody and smooth, kinda like a good whisky."[10] To promote their remix during the contest, The Dual Personality created a music video for a shortened version of their track using the official "Lost In The Echo" music video and live footage from Linkin Park's performance in Carson, California on September 08, 2012.[11]


Promo Single

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Lost In The Echo Linkin Park 3:27
2 Lost In The Echo (Instrumental) Linkin Park 3:31

Digital Single

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Lost In The Echo Linkin Park 3:25
2 Lost In The Echo (KillSonik Remix) Linkin Park 5:09
3 Lost In The Echo (KillSonik Remix Edit) Linkin Park 3:30

Music Video

The music video for "Lost In The Echo" was co-directed by Jason Zada and Jason Nickel and was filmed in Detroit, Michigan[12] from July 1[13] to July 2, 2012[14]. Zada said, "It’s sort of sad that we went to Detroit to shoot the apocalypse, but at the same time I think that there’s a lot of really, really beautiful old architecture that’s been just left alone there."

The video stars the rapper and actor Gino The Ghost[15], with actress and models Melanie Boria[16] and Carly Francavilla[17] also being part of the cast.

Gino grew up listening to Linkin Park's music and fell in love with hip hop after listening to Hybrid Theory. He said Mike's inspired him to get into the music business. So when the opportunity came, he auditioned for the music video through his talent agency and got the job. He and Carly had actually known each other for a long time. They grew up in the same area and are close friends. Throughout the filming, the cast was directed by Jason Zada and producer Luke McCullough, with no involvement from the band.[18]

Aaron Ray, head of digital at The Collective and responsible for the management of Linkin Park’s digital assets said "the fact that virtually nothing has changed in making videos in 25 years" drove the band do something risky to push the boundaries of music, video and fan engagement by doing something never done before.

The "Lost In The Echo" video follows a man with a briefcase in a post-apocalyptic future where photographs don't exist anymore. He then proceeds to opens his case revealing snapshots to on-screen characters, who then freak out in a craze of extreme emotions at the sight of these photos, which come directly from the Facebook accounts of the viewer and the viewer's most popular friends.[19]

Besides for the pictures in the suitcase, the band do not appear in the video, but Mike Shinoda worked closely with Zada and Nickel to make the interactive video happen. "This album ended up being very much about ‘you’ and ‘me,' so when it came time to think about this video … the idea of doing something that was also very personal and connected to somebody’s memories — you know, the things in people that they’re not letting go, that maybe they’re hung up on or have issues with — to do a video that touched on some of that felt like it fit with the song really well."

Zada and Nickel wanted to allow the user to view the experience with minimal interaction, so they explored a similar territory they did with their award-winning interactive horror short Take This Lollipop. It utilizes Facebook Connect to pull in the images and insert them into the storyline. The images are essentially composited in real-time using flash and each play of the video will be slightly different, even if the same viewer is watching.

Some of the people at the label fought the band over the video because the label simply wanted to put a static version up on their website, YouTube and Vimeo a month before the interactive version was ready. Mike however, insisted that "even if they look 99 percent similar, the Facebook-connected version is so much more interesting".

While testing the video with their secret Facebook accounts, the band members got some results Mike called "hilarious." "If we’re watching this video and a picture of your dinner comes up and people are, you know, crying hysterically over that, I think that’s one of the things that can make this video great."[20]

The Flash-based and Facebook connected interactive version of the video premiered on August 29, 2012 through the website lostintheecho.com.[21] A non-interactive version was uploaded to Linkin Park's official YouTube channel on September 4, 2012.[22]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Lost In The Echo Living Things

Lost In The Echo

Kokowääh 2

Soundwave 2013

3:25 2012 June 20, 2012
Holding Company (2011 Demo) LP Underground XIII 5:02 2011 November 18, 2013
Lost In The Echo (Instrumental) Living Things (Acapellas and Instrumentals)

Lost In The Echo (Promo)

3:25 2012 September 11, 2012
  • Official instrumental version.
Lost In The Echo (Acapella) Living Things (Acapellas and Instrumentals) 2:56 2012 September 11, 2012
  • Official acapella version.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Lost In The Echo (KillSonik Remix) Lost In The Echo (Digital Single)

Lost In The Echo (DK Promo CD)


Castle Of Glass

Living Things (AU Tour Edition)

5:09 2012 October 5, 2012
Lost In the Echo (Killsonik Remix) (Edit) Lost In The Echo (UK Digital Single)

Lost In The Echo (DK Promo CD)

3:30 2012 October 5, 2012
Lost In The Echo (KillSonik Remix) 2:41 2012 July 30, 2012
Lost In The Echo (The Dual Personality Remix) 6:17 2012
  • Remix by Victor Slate and Andrey Djahaya.
  • Released for free download on The Dual Personality's official SoundCloud account on March 31, 2013.
  • The Dual Personality was named the grand prize winner of Indaba Music’s “Lost In The Echo” remix contest. They received $1,000, a guitar signed by the band, a commemorative record plaque, and a merch package signed by the band.
  • They were also supposed to have their remix released to Linkin Park fans who had pre-ordered Living Things, but it never happened.
Lost In The Echo (Soundcrafters Remix) 4:17 2012
  • Remix by Elle Odissèo Vozza.
  • Uploaded to V-Kid's official SoundCloud account on October 10, 2012.
  • Elle Vozza was named the popular vote winner of Indaba Music’s “Lost In The Echo” remix contest. He received a guitar signed by the band, a commemorative record plaque, and a merch package signed by the band.
  • He was also supposed to have his remix released to Linkin Park fans who had pre-ordered Living Things, but it never happened.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Lost In The Echo Live In Monterrey September 12, 2012 June 13, 2014
  • With "Holding Company".
  • DVD only.
  • The Hunting Party bonus DVD.
  • Live show filmed at Arena Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico on September 12, 2012.
Lost In The Echo (Live In LA 9.8.12) The Hunting Party (Xbox Music) 3:57 September 08, 2012 June 21, 2014
  • With "Holding Company".


"Lost In The Echo" got its debut live at a small performance at SiriusXM's Town Hall. This was one of only two performances of the song where it didn't have it's extended intro, the other being the iHeart Radio performance. This extended intro featured the synth of the demo version of "Lost In The Echo", titled "Holding Company". During the Honda Civic Tour, and all other tours during 2012, "Lost In The Echo" was played after "The Catalyst" in Sets A and B, and opened the encore in Set C. During the last show of 2012, at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, "Lost In The Echo" opened the set for the first, and only so far, time. The 2013 setlists were largely similar to the 2012 sets, with the exception of the introduction of festival versions of Sets A and B, where the band dropped "The Catalyst", and "Lost In The Echo" was played after "Castle Of Glass" instead.

In early 2014, where the band played three one-off shows, "Lost In The Echo" was performed at only two of them, both immediately following "LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent". However, once the touring cycle for The Hunting Party officially kicked off at KFMA Day 2014, things got a bit more interesting for "Lost In The Echo". Like many other songs in the set, it was shortened to not include the first chorus and second verse, and it featured a new drum transition outro, leading directly into "Crawling". This is also the first full show to not feature the song's extended intro. Once the band kicked off the Carnivores Tour in summer 2014, "Lost In The Echo" was shortened further, featuring only its intro, first verse, first chorus, and outro. It was also given a brief extended intro in Set A, since it opened the encore. Starting in 2015, "Lost In The Echo" was performed in only Set B, after "Burn It Down". After the ill-fated Winter North American tour, "Lost In The Echo" was dropped from the sets.

The shortened version of "Lost In The Echo" from the beginning of the The Hunting Party cycle returned to the setlist when the One More Light world tour kicked off in Buenos Aires, being performed after "Good Goodbye".


Last Updated: July 18, 2018

Type Description First Played Last Played
Intro 2012 Intro w/ "Holding Company" Synth August 10, 2012 January 10, 2014
Intro Swirl Intro August 6, 2014 December 13, 2014
Outro Drum Transition Outro May 24, 2014 June 14, 2014
Alternative Shortened (No First Chorus or Second Verse) May 24, 2014 July 6, 2017
Alternative Shortened (Intro/First Verse/First Chorus/Outro Only) August 6, 2014 January 17, 2015

Live Guests

Last Updated: December 25, 2015

  • Benjamin Chandler (replacing Brad Delson)


Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Status
2013 O Music Awards Best Interactive Video Won




In Other Media

  • "Lost In The Echo" is featured in the 2013 film Kokowääh 2 and was included in its soundtrack album.

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