Living Things

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Living Things
Studio-Living Things Cover.jpg
Studio album by Linkin Park
Released June 26, 2012
Recorded March 2011 - April 2012
Length 37:05
Label Warner Bros., Machine Shop
Producer Mike Shinoda, Rick Rubin
Linkin Park studio album chronology

A Thousand Suns (2010) Living Things (2012) The Hunting Party (2014)


Living Things is Linkin Park's fifth studio album. While the album focused heavily on electronics, the band combined elements of all of their previous albums to craft the sound of this album. As Mike explained, "We finally felt comfortable with the sound we had." On his blog, he wrote, "For me, it’s all about getting back to the real 'hybrid theory' — not the album with that name, but the idea that the six guys in our band have drastically different tastes in music, and the blending of all those sounds into one is exactly what we built our band upon." Remixes for tracks from Living Things were released on Linkin Park's second remix album, Recharged.

The name of the album is taken from the ideas expressed within the songs. Mike spoke to NME about it: "We chose the album title 'Living Things' because it's more of a record about people. It's more about personal interactions. On the last few records we've had an interest in global issues and social issues and those things are still around, there are certainly traces of them, but this record is far more personal." He continued to say that the album goes through a variety of moods, all connected through a very human and relatable perspective.

Writing and Recording

Writing for Living Things dates back to March 2011. In June 2011, Chester claimed in an interview with Kerrang!, "We've been working on a new record for the past two months. The music is great and we're well ahead of where we're expecting to be. It will probably get a very polarized reaction." He told Rolling Stone in an interview that, "'Touring for two years is excruciating. When we would tour for two years even the most resilient person in the band, at the end of that, was fucking miserable."

The band entered the studio entered the studio in early 2012, and recorded at NRG Studios in Los Angeles, California. The band returned to producer Rick Rubin to help them direct Living Things - Rubin had worked with them on their previous two efforts, Minutes To Midnight and A Thousand Suns. Compared to previous album sessions, the recording of the album happened extremely quickly - the band entered the studio in the beginning of 2012 and released the album in June.

With this album, the band drew from all of their past work to create one cohesive experience. Mike said that the band kept the live setting as a motivation for creating the new music, despite only half of the album being performed at Linkin Park shows as the band toured for it. Some songs, such as "I'll Be Gone" and "Powerless", were songs that were originally worked on during previous album sessions (in this case, the two songs were worked on during the A Thousand Suns era). Songs experienced major progression throughout the recording process, "Skin To Bone" and the outro of "Until It Breaks" were originally folk songs. The outro of "Until It Breaks" is the first (and only) time Brad has sung in a studio recording (excluding the demo). The song was originally three different demos that were eventually combined into the one track: "Apaches", "Foot Patrol", and "Three Band Terror". Chester fell sick during the process, but, unlike what happened in the case of Meteora's recording process, he was still able to sing and did not wait to get better. Ironically, Chester recorded heavier songs like "Victimized" and "Lies Greed Misery" whilst sick.



Track Listing

Standard Edition

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Lost In The Echo Linkin Park 3:25
2 In My Remains 3:20
3 Burn It Down 3:50
4 Lies Greed Misery 2:26
5 I'll Be Gone 3:31
6 Castle Of Glass 3:25
7 Victimized 1:46
8 Roads Untraveled 3:49
9 Skin To Bone 2:48
10 Until It Breaks 3:43
11 Tinfoil 1:11
12 Powerless 3:44

Japanese Bonus Track

No. Title Writer(s) Length
13 What I've Done (Live) Linkin Park 4:04

Australian Tour Edition

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 In The End (Live) Linkin Park 3:41
2 New Divide (Live) 4:30
3 What I've Done (Live) 4:06
4 Lost In The Echo (KillSonik Remix) 5:11
5 Burn It Down (Live Rock im Park 2012) 4:02
6 Lies Greed Misery (Live Rock im Park 2012) 2:31

Living Things (Acapellas and Instrumentals)

No. Title Writer(s) Acapella or Instrumental Length
1 Lost In The Echo Linkin Park Instrumental 3:25
2 In My Remains 3:20
3 Burn It Down 3:50
4 Lies Greed Misery 2:26
5 I'll Be Gone 3:31
6 Castle Of Glass 3:25
7 Victimized 1:46
8 Roads Untraveled 3:49
9 Skin To Bone 2:48
10 Until It Breaks 3:43
11 Tinfoil / Powerless 5:03
12 Lost In The Echo Acapella 2:56
13 In My Remains 2:43
14 Burn It Down 2:56
15 Lies Greed Misery 2:14
16 I'll Be Gone 2:59
17 Castle Of Glass 2:49
18 Victimized 1:15
19 Roads Untraveled 3:11
20 Skin To Bone 2:37
22 Until It Breaks 3:43
22 Powerless 3:26


Live Performances

Songs Played Live

  • Lost In The Echo
  • In My Remains
  • Burn It Down
  • Lies Greed Misery
  • Castle Of Glass
  • Victimized
  • Tinfoil


  • European Tour 2012
  • Honda Civic Tour
  • Living Things South American Tour
  • Living Things South African Tour
  • Living Things Australian and New Zealand Tour
  • Living Things Asian Tour


Critical Reception



  • Throughout the cycle for Living Things, the band adopted a policy of "all caps everything", putting the album title, song names, and even their band name in all caps. This ended in 2014, once the Living Things cycle had ended.
  • Living Things was the second album from Linkin Park to get a remix album, which was titled Recharged. The first was Hybrid Theory with Reanimation.

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