Intro (Rock Phenomenon)

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Mixtape-Rock Phenomenon.jpg
Song from the album Rock Phenomenon
Recorded 2005
Released 2005
Format Digital, CD
Length 1:11
Producer DJ Vlad, Roc Raida, Henley (Pro) Halem (exec.)

Rock Phenomenon track listing
  1. Intro
  2. Lil Jon Vs. Ozzy Osbourne
  3. Eminem Vs. Rage Against The Machine
  4. Ice Cube Vs. Tool
  5. Mike Shinoda Interlude
  6. Ludacris Vs. AC/DC
  7. M.O.P. Vs. Jimi Hendrix
  8. Notorious B.I.G. Vs. Led Zeppelin
  9. Eminem Vs. Disturbed
  10. Mike Shinoda Interlude
  11. DMX Vs. Nirvana
  12. 2Pac Vs. Survivor
  13. Jay-Z Vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  14. Mike Shinoda Interlude
  15. Eminem Vs. M.O.P. Vs Queen
  16. 2Pac Vs. Talib Kweli Vs. Rush
  17. 8Ball and MJG Vs. Slayer
  18. Jay-Z Vs. Marilyn Manson
  19. Linkin Park Vs. David Banner
  20. Eminem Vs. The Eagles
  21. 2Pac Vs. John Lennon
  22. 50 Cent Vs. The Verve
  23. 2Pac Vs. Lynard Skynyrd
  24. Korn Vs. Dr. Dre
  25. Jimi Hendrix Vs. Eminem


After two installments on his Rap Phenomenon mixtape series, DJ Vlad teamed up with Roc Raida (X-Ecutioners) in an attempt to show people just how well rap and rock actually blend together. To further drive the point home, they chose Mike Shinoda to host the mixtape. DJ Vlad told "I did [Rock Phenomenon] for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to come out with another official 'Phenomenon' mixtape, but I wanted to switch it up this time. I wanted to keep the same quality and work from the first couple of mixtapes, but totally change the genre of music. Actually, that's the main reason. Early hip-hop was very Rock influenced. Take a look at Rick Rubin. He produced all the early LL Cool J, Beastie Boys and some others like Run-DMC and it still works. All the Lil' Jon stuff, the M.O.P. stuff - all that really works with Rock. I heard Lil' Jon is actually working on a rock album with Rick Rubin right now. 2Pac Rap Phenomenon II is the biggest moving mixtape of all time, so there was a lot of pressure to live up to the 'Phenomenon' name. Every song on this mixtape is produced to death."[1]

The "Intro" track features an introduction by Mike Shinoda followed by various samples of songs heard throughout the mixtape.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Intro Rock Phenomenon 1:11 March 27, 2006
  • Features speech by Mike Shinoda.


  • DJ Mix – DJ Vlad, Roc Raida
  • Hosted by Mike Shinoda
  • Executive Produced by DJ Vlad and Henley (Pro) Halem
  • All songs mixed down by Cochise
  • Artwork & layout: Skam2? (O.W.D.)
  • Colors: Joel Benjamin


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