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"Ground Xero" was a song found by community member Astat on a random Kazaa Lite search in early 2005 with the filename "Wakefield - Ground Xero.mp3." At first, he thought it was a song by the band Wakefield, but he downloaded it anyway. To his surprise, it sounded nothing like the band Wakefield. Based purely on the voice and the fact that no one have ever been able to attribute it to any other artist, it is believed to be a Mark Wakefield solo song.[1] It eventually became publicly available on April 14, 2005 when it was posted by the now defunct fan site ChesterSings.[2]

Mike Shinoda commented on the song on the Linkin Park Message Boards saying "Nope, not real. Doesn't even sound like us LOL",[3] but that could just mean he thought people were calling it a Xero song, thus the authenticity of the song is yet to be confirmed or denied. If it is authentic, it would've been recorded sometime in the late 90s after Mark left Xero.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Ground Xero 5:23
  • Credited to "Wakefield".




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