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Single by Dead By Sunrise
from the album Out Of Ashes
Working title Fire
Recorded 2007-2009
Released December 4, 2009
Format Digital, CD
Length 3:50
Live debut July 30, 2009
Last played February 28, 2010
Writer(s) Chester Charles Bennington, Amir Davidson, Ryan Christopher Shuck, Anthony Valcic
Producer(s) Howard Benson
Label Warner Bros. Records
Dead By Sunrise singles chronology

Let Down (2009) Fire (2010)

Out Of Ashes track listing
  1. Fire
  2. Crawl Back In
  3. Too Late
  4. Inside Of Me
  5. Let Down
  6. Give Me Your Name
  7. My Suffering
  8. Condemned
  9. Into You
  10. End Of The World
  11. Walking In Circles
  12. In The Darkness
  13. Morning After (bonus track)

"Fire" is the first track on the album Out Of Ashes by Dead By Sunrise. It was first released on September 1, 2009 on the band's MySpace page[1] and on September 9 as part of the soundtrack album for the Japanese film Tajomaru.[2][3]


Chester originally wrote the song to deal with his personal feeling about God, but it was changed lyrically to make it more about a relationship between two people rather than a relationship between him and his God. He said the song is about feeling alone and knowing that even at that moment you can look up or look outward and know you're not alone.[4]

Speaking to The Aquarian Weekly about the song, Chester Bennington said:

"That song took a few different lyrical changes. It started out one way that was really like a sad story using interesting metaphors and that’s where the name ‘Fire’ came from. The lyric that inspired the title was, ‘There’s a fire in our hearts that’s the reason why the tears keep falling, to put out the fires that our hearts are starting.’ That’s where it came from, [but] the melodies didn’t quite seem to fit. So I started over, and kind of just ran with that, and went with a more spiritual path of getting through the tougher times. Some people may look at that song and just say, ‘Oh he must have wrote that about someone who passed on.’ Or, ‘Wow that’s really sad.’ Or some people may see it as a spiritual thing, looking up at the heavens, and you know that there is something greater than yourself that’s with you all the time. This is probably one of those songs that is written with a Linkin Park sort of a touch, because it’s more open in general.

Songs like ‘Condemned’ and songs like ‘Inside of Me’ are pretty straightforward—there is no question as to what those songs are about. This one the fact that it can be seen in so many different ways is what makes it special, and I think that’s what going to give it the ability to connect with people in a much deeper way then perhaps other songs on the record. Oh, and by the way, ‘Give Me Your Name,’ I wrote that song for my wife for our wedding."[5]

Talking about the song to BBC Radio 1, he said, "It's the first thing you hear on the album. It has these really cool, sweeping guitars and the music for it... the beat and everything is really cool. I think it really sets the tone for the album."[6]


Digital Single

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Fire Chester Bennington, Amir Derakh, Ryan Shuck, Anthony "Fu" Valcic 3:50


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Fire Fire


Out Of Ashes

Fire / Crawl Back In

3:50 2007-2009 September 1, 2009
Fire Demos 4:25
  • Home demo.
  • Different lyrics.
  • Different structure.
  • Bridge used as chorus.
  • Released on LPLive for free download on March 20, 2018.
Fire Out Of Ashes Instrumentals 3:54 2007-2009
  • Official instrumental version.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Fire (Live) Let Down (EU Single) 4:07 October 7, 2009 January 18, 2010


"Fire" was debuted during Linkin Park's 2009 summer tour at the show in Stuttgart as the first song in the first encore of Linkin Park's set. After the first show, it was moved to the second song, after "Crawl Back In". Once Dead By Sunrise started touring for the promotion of Out Of Ashes, "Fire" was a part of the short, eleven song set, being featured after "Morning After". During the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas performance, since "Morning After" was dropped, the song was played after "Condemned" for the first time, and once the band embarked on their Asian tour in 2010, "Fire" was used to open the shows. The song maintained this position for the remainder of the Asian and European tours.



Dead By Sunrise

  • Chester Bennington
  • Ryan Shuck
  • Amir Derakh
  • Elias Andra
  • Brandon Belsky
  • Anthony "Fu" Valcic


  • Howard Benson: producer
  • Tom Whalley: executive producer
  • Mike Plotnikoff: recorder
  • Chris Lord-Alge: mixer



In Other Media

  • "Fire" is featured in the 2009 film Tajomaru and was included in its soundtrack album.

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