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Album-Rapology 14.jpg
Song by Xero featuring 007 from the album Rapology 14
Released 1998
Format CD
Length 3:15
Samples Styles Of Beyond - Spies Like Us (feat. Emcee 007)
Producer Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn
Label The Urban Network

Rapology 14 track listing
  1. Psycho Realm - Drop
  2. RZA - B.O.B.B.Y.
  3. Fat Joe F/ Big Pun, Cuban Link & Triple Seis - Bet Ya Man Can't (Triz)
  4. Kid Capri F/ Cocoa Brovaz - Follow Me
  5. Charli Baltimore F/ Ghostface - Stand Up
  6. The Roots - Adrenaline
  7. Styles Of Beyond - Drop
  8. Choclair - Flagrant
  9. Richie Rich - If
  10. DJ Wicked - Drop
  11. Kool G Rap F/ Miss Jones - Can't Stop The Shine
  12. Wayne-O - 1999
  13. Master P - Kenny's Dead
  14. Xero F/ 007 - Fiends

Disc 2:

  1. Funkdoobiest - Drop
  2. Pras F/ Mack 10 & Reptile - Yeah Eh Yeah Eh
  3. Tragedy Khadafi - Blood Type
  4. OutKast - Da Art Of Storytellin'
  5. Phelon - Drop
  6. Afu-Ra - Whirlwind Thru Cities
  7. Kardinal Offishall F/ Saukrates - !And What!?
  8. Black Star F/ Common - Respiration
  9. Baka Boyz - Drop
  10. Lao Fai - Total Recall
  11. Styles Of Beyond - Back It Up
  12. Sauce Money - Middle Finger U.
  13. Choclair & Kardinal - Drop

"Fiends" is the fourteenth track on Urban Network Magazine's 1998 hip-hop compilation Rapology 14. It was produced by Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn[1] and performed by Xero featuring additional vocals by 007.


On August 25, 1998, Xero entered the Paramount Recording Studios (Studio C) to record a demo produced by Darryl Swan. Soon after, "Fiends" was released on Rapology 14.[2] By that point, the band had been playing under the name Xero 818,[3] but the song is still credited to Xero on the CD.

Rapology was a series of promotional / industry-only hip-hop compilation CDs issued by Urban Network Magazine[4] from 1992 to 2001. Lee Cadena, Rap Editor at Urban Network and creator of the Rapology series, started an artist management and development company in 1998 called LCM which worked with Xero.[5] At the time, Joe Hahn was working for the magazine as Cadena's assistant[6][7] and used to write reviews for them.[8] Xero contributed to Rapology 14 with an original track named "Fiends" and Mike Shinoda also created artwork for the album.

The tracklist reads "Xero F/007 Fiends CD Rap Up". Chris Barnett, Styles Of Beyond's manager, was best friends with Mike Shinoda[9] and used to go by the names Emcee 007 and Chris 007. In the lyrics, he is referred to as "Cash Double-Oh". His verse from Styles Of Beyond's "Spies Like Us" is sampled during the intro and outro of the song. The sampled vocals "always prevail, the human third rail" and "exhale the smoke from Molotov cocktails" are both by Chris. He never joined the band on stage to perform the song, but was in the audience for every Xero show.[10]

Back in the day, Mike Shinoda rapped with Styles Of Beyond members using the name Junkyard Scientific,[11] hence the "Junkyard Scientific, Styles, haha" lyric. This is one of three known songs in which the project is mentioned, the other ones being "Fuse" and "Closing".

In the lyrics, Mike mentions "frequently me and Mark transform like DMC", giving a shoutout to the Xero lead singer Mark Wakefield (and making a reference to Run DMC). While Mike does the backing vocals and dubs in the verses, Mark is featured on the chorus doing backing vocals ("believe this / for the fiends / this is the sound / in the mist"). The line "like BDP on PCP" refers to legendary hip-hop group Boogie Down Productions.

A version of the song was also present on a Xero demo CD dating from November 17, 1998. Tracks included on the CD were: "Rhinestone", "Esaul", "Pictureboard", "Fiends", "Stick N Move", "Carousel", "Slip", and "Step Up."[2]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Fiends CD Rap Up Rapology 14 3:15 1998 1998
  • Features vocals by 007.
  • Samples Styles Of Beyond's "Spies Like Us" (feat. Emcee 007).


Xero is:

  • Mike Shinoda
  • Mark Wakefield
  • Brad Delson
  • Rob Bourdon
  • Dave Farrell
  • Joe Hahn


  • Executive producer: Lee "The Crusher" Cadena
  • Mastering: Stu Jacobs, Mr. Master
  • Manufacturing: Disctronics


  • Art direction: Mike Shinoda and Meilani MacDonald
  • Illustrations: Mike Shinoda
  • Graphic design: Mike Shinoda and Lance Whitfield
  • Concept: Lee Cadena and Mike Shinoda
  • Imaging Center Manager: Alden Keith Stubblefield



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