European Tour 2007

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"European Tour 2007"
Europe 2007.jpg
Tour by Linkin Park
Location Europe
Type Headline
Associated album Minutes To Midnight
Start date May 24, 2007
End date June 16, 2007
Number of shows 16
Canceled shows 1
Linkin Park tours chronology

Promo Tour 2007 European Tour 2007 Projekt Revolution 2007


After the Minutes To Midnight Promotional Tour ended on May 19th, Linkin Park flew to Europe to begin their first headlining tour for the album. The European Tour was a mix of arena and festival dates and was the first Linkin Park tour in Europe since 2004. 16 shows were on the tour, with one being canceled in Italy. Linkin Park opened for Pearl Jam at two festivals (2007.06.08 Lisboa, PT and 2007.06.16 Nickelsdorf, AT) and one stadium show (2007.06.13 Chorzów, SL).

This tour is notable for being the band's first concerts in several European countries, most notably Russia.


Linkin Park took the opportunity to unleash their full headlining setlist and debut several songs on this tour - Leave Out All The Rest and The Little Things Give You Away. Both were highlights for Phoenix, as he played an additional guitar part on Leave Out All The Rest to better represent the low end of the song, and sang backing vocals on The Little Things Give You Away, his first time on a microphone with Linkin Park.

The setlist closed with What I've Done and the encore was The Little Things Give You Away, Bleed It Out, and Faint. On the 12th show at 2007.06.11 Zürich, ZH, Linkin Park swapped What I've Done and Bleed It Out. What I've Done stayed in this setlist's encore (this set later became Set C on Projekt Revolution 2007 and beyond) for the rest of 2007 and Bleed It Out stayed as the set closer as well.

To start the tour, Linkin Park played their first show in Denmark since 2001 on 2007.05.24. The very next show was in Sweden on 2007.05.25 and was their first show in the country finally after cancellations in 2001 and 2003 there.

After the large European Tour 2003 cancellation, Linkin Park played their first show at Pinkpop in the Netherlands on 2007.05.28. After the big show in 2004 at Rock am Ring, the band's return was highly anticipated. They drew an incredibly large crowd on 2007.06.01 and played a very memorable set.

Mike confirmed in 2006 while touring with Fort Minor that Linkin Park had planned to visit Russia, and he held true to his word when they finally played the country back-to-back days on 2007.06.05 in St. Petersburg and 2007.06.06 in Moscow. The band has visited Russia on every touring cycle since their breakthrough in the country on this tour.

On 2007.06.08 in Portugal, Brad watched Pearl Jam side stage and was quite inspired by their performance. He later said, "I was really blown away by what they do on stage -- how organic their show is ... We played [with them in] Lisbon, and we were kind of high on ourselves a little bit. Then I stood on the side of the stage, watched Pearl Jam perform, and was immediately very humbled. They seriously destroyed us. I say that in the best way possible. It was like, 'Holy crap, there's so much room for us still to grow."

After their first show in Switzerland on 2007.06.11, Linkin Park played as direct-support for Pearl Jam at their first show in Poland on 2007.06.13. After the cancelled show in Italy on 2007.06.15, the show was almost cancelled the next day in Austria, but Linkin Park borrowed some gear to finish the tour on a high note at NovaRock.

This tour is also notable because it is the first time the band started working on extending No More Sorrow and Bleed It Out. Brad at the time would perform a short "ebow" tease before No More Sorrow, which eventually lead to the song getting two new intros on Projekt Revolution 2007. The longer intro stayed in the setlists until 2011. LP also started extending the bridge of Bleed It Out (find the first show this happened at), which has continued off-and-on to present day. A memorable bridge of Bleed It Out on this tour came at 2007.06.11 Zürich, where Chester and Mike split the crowd to yell "fuck yo side!"/"fuck that side!" at each other.

The label and band management unfortunately prevented several webcasts from happening on this tour. Webcasts were possible for Pinkpop, Download, Rock am Ring, and Oeiras Alive!, but the only one granted permission was Oeiras Alive! in Portugal. Since this tour, each festival show in Portugal has always been webcasted and shown on television to modern day.

Live Debuts

Memorable Moments


Starting at 2007.08.17 Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Mike joined Styles of Beyond to perform Second To None and the Fort Minor track Remember The Name during their set on the Revolution Stage.

Starting at 2007.08.19 Bristow, VA, Chester joined Julien-K to perform Technical Difficulties during their set on the Main Stage. At 2007.09.01 Tinley Park, IL, Chester filled in for the entire Julien-K set due to Ryan Shuck having to attend his brother's wedding. Due to this change, the band dropped Systeme De Sexe from the setlist in favor of Maestro, which Chester had sung previously with the band.

At 2007.09.03 Greenwood Village, CO, Mike invited members of every other Projekt Revolution band out on Faint, to close the tour. He had Rob pause on the outro of the song so he could name off the other bands on the bill.

Touring Bands

blah blah 30STM, Blindside, etc.

Cancelled Shows

  • 2007.06.15 Venezia, Italy was the only canceled show of the tour, and also the only cancelled show of 2007. This was a festival appearance and Linkin Park was set to play after My Chemical Romance and before Pearl Jam and Claudio Coccoluto. Before My Chemical Romance played, a strong tornado hit the festival area and destroyed a lot of gear. It brought down staging equipment, lighting, PA stacks, etc. 20+ people were injured and the rest of the festival was canceled. Due to this, Linkin Park had to borrow some gear for their final European show in Austria the next day. Linkin Park's announcement said, "We are saddened by the events that happened in Venice today and our hearts are with the injured fans and their families. The Linkin Park family wishes them a speedy recovery and hope to see them the next time we visit Italy." The show was made up the next year, when Linkin Park returned to Heineken Jammin' on 2008.06.20.




Name Job
Mike Amato Tour Manager
Bruce Thompson Band Security
George Hundleby Band Security
Tom Robb Band Security
Mark Fiore Videography
Jim Digby Production Manager
Robert Long Stage Manager
Molly Brickson Production Coordinator
Dylan Ely ProTools Engineer
Beth Gibson Tour Accountant
Jason LeMiere DJ Technician
Ethan Merfy Rigger/Carpenter
Kevin "Tater" McCarthy Monitor Engineer
Sean Paden Guitar Technician
Ted Regier Bass Technician
Sooner Routhier Lighting Director
Kurt Schneck Guitar Technician
Susie Steadman Wardrobe/Dressing Room Technician
Brad Stonner Drum Technician
Ken "Pooch" Van Druten FOH Engineer
Paul White Audio Technician
Mark Wise Venue Security
Jill McCrutchan Merchandise
Kenny Garden Merchandise


Headline Shows

Festival Shows