European Tour 2001

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"European Tour 2001"
Tour by Linkin Park
Location Europe
Type Headline
Associated album Hybrid Theory
Start date September 11, 2001
End date September 24, 2001
Number of shows 9
Canceled shows 1
Supporting acts Puddle Of Mudd, Adema, Dilated Peoples, Cyclefly, Lostprophets
Linkin Park tours chronology

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Name Job
Rob McDermott Manager
Bob Dallas Tour Manager
John Lisk Production Manager
Brad Divens FOH Engineer
Roger Pigman Monitor Engineer
Stefano DiBenedetto Drum Tech
Greg Howard Guitar Tech
Skip Payatt Bass Tech
Myron Settle Electronics
Joel Hendricks Merch
Gus Kiddstanton Lighting Director
Morgan Evans Lighting Tech
Roger Grybowitz Lighting Tech
M. Novvissimo Sound Tech
Mark Ellis Sound Tech
Phil Guirney Band Bus
Kevin Hindle Crew Bus
Nickk Stead Truck Driver
Ian Hendry Truck Driver

Source: Itinerary