Dead By Sunrise

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Dead By Sunrise
  • Rock
  • Alternative rock
Years active
  • 2005–2006
  • 2008-2010
Associated acts
Members Chester Bennington, Ryan Shuck, Amir Derakh, Anthony "Fu" Valcic
Past members Elias Andra, Brandon Belsky

Dead By Sunrise is the name of Chester Bennington's side project, created in 2005. Dead By Sunrise has released an album, Out Of Ashes, in October 2009.



Chester’s project was created in 2005. He was facing a bitter divorce from his wife Samantha Bennington earlier in the year and he turned to alcohol and drugs to cope with it. His good friend Ryan Shuck, whom Chester knew from the days when Orgy and Linkin Park would record at NRG Studios at the same times and also play together, eventually saved Chester’s life by being a strong support for him. Around the same time, Chester played some solo music for Ryan that he had worked on and Ryan was instantly a big fan. The first song that sparked the project was “Let Down”.

Chester became even closer to Ryan and Amir Derakh and executive produced their album Death To Analog after becoming involved in Julien-K’s music as well. Chester taught Ryan how to sing in new ways and laid down demo vocals for quite a few Julien-K songs so Ryan could go back and record them at a later time for the Julien-K debut album.

At this point, the three of them began to work on Chester’s solo material. At this point, they were referring to the project under the name “Snow White Tan”. Chester said that he’d give Ryan and Amir a song, come back later in the day and be blown away at how great the work was that they did to the track… turning it into a full song from just an acoustic demo.

This was all taking place during Linkin Park’s big break in 2005.





  • Chester Bennington


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