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by Mike Shinoda
Recorded March - October 2020

CoronaJams (working/unofficial title) is the name given to the series of jams recorded by Mike Shinoda via streaming, beginning in March 2020 and continuing through October 2020.



In March 2020, the global pandemic created by the COVID-19 coronavirus caused communities to quarantine at home. During this time, Mike Shinoda decided to start live streaming online and inviting fans to watch him create new instrumental music.

It all started on March 17th, when Mike did an Instagram live sharing updates and recording guitar for his solo song "Open Door". The next day he went online again and a fan in the chat asked him to create a song from scratch. He accepted and created what would become the first CoronaJam. So he decided to quickly mix the "Open Door" demo and text it to fans via the Community app, along with instrumental and stems but also the track he did earlier.

The streams were originally called "Beat Making Demos" but then Mike shifted to the tag "CoronaJams".

March 25th was the last stream via Instagram Live as on March 27th Mike shifted to Twitch, using Restream to also broadcast on YouTube, Facebook and Periscope. When he shifted to Twitch, he started using a Streamlab extension which allowed fans to collect points during the stream, called "Shinodabucks", that can be redeemed to ask questions or request a style for the jam. When he got too many requests he started writing all of them on sheets he put in the "Bowl of Destiny", picking randomly the themes and sometimes choosing to mashup some of them in the same track. Other prizes were gradually added like the chance to request an art theme, get a Twitch follow or an Animal Crossing visite by Mike himself, choose a Twitch channel to raid or a sound/loop to use in the tracks.

At times, Mike has streamed calls with other musicians, such as Jason Butler from Fever333, Phoenix, Dan Mayo and grandson.

The stream on April 21st was a drawing stream done from Mike's iPad. He encouraged fans to color in his drawing and then tweet it back at him using the hashtag #CoronaDrawing. He later started doing more art streams, also drawing the album cover for the release.

On May 5th he added another stream category, doing for the first time an Animal Crossing livestream.

On June 19th, Mike said, "As I get ready to release this stuff, as I get ready to put stuff out, if you or anybody that you're friends with or whatever are dancers, even like, I have always for a few years now I have been wanting people to dance like legit dance to my shit. Because I don't dance, I can't dance. There were a couple of points where I was trying to make a video or two with hiring a dancer who is legit, like interpret the thing and dance. If you're good enough to do a short choreographed TikTok dance to any of this, that's a gold mine for my brain. Something like that that I can't do that you can do, I love it so much. Please, give me good dance videos. My TikTok is for you. You give me the videos, I will post them on my TikTok, my TikTok will be nothing but you dancing to this music. That's the magic. I don't care if it's ballet, in fact I want it to be like, hip hop and ballet."[1]

On June 23rd, Mike tweeted, "Hey guys. Just heard about the #TWITCHBLACKOUT / I’ll be abstaining from streaming tomorrow out of respect for those protesting racism, abuse, and sexual harassment. Please support those who deserve to be heard and decide to stream / post tomorrow."[2] This followed Mike also taking off June 2nd for the Black Lives Matter "Blackout Tuesday" movement.


CoronaJams are based on unique themes or ideas that Mike is inspired by, or fan requests. The first theme-based jam was a "Hybrid Theory" style track, followed by the first fan request, a "Reanimation" style song. Another Linkin Park album was a theme, "A Thousand Suns". A lot of different genres were experimented, 90s hip-hop, electronic and pop from the 80's, symphonic metal, grunge, doo wop, pop punk, reggae, industrial, k-pop, traditional styles as well, like Indian or Mexican music, dabke or Italian neomelodic.

Sometimes Mike started with loops from other artists, like a jam from a Money Mark's Instagram post, some drums recorded with Dan Mayo or a beat created by Elise Trouw.

On April 29th, Mike revisited earlier CoronaJams from the original Instagram Live streams. As he began working through them, the recent files on his computer showed that he started giving names to some of the tracks. One of them, "King Paprika" was mentioned by a fan in the comments on June 5, Mike noticed it saying that he changed the title.


Open Door

  • Date: March 17, 2020
  • Working titles: Out Of Milan, Post Milan, Cactus Forest, Open Door 1.4 Demo-M Shinoda, Open Door 2.3
  • Theme: Open Door
  • Notes: Mike asked the fans suggestions about the bridge and decided to record guitars. Demo version released the same day in M4A format, and in MP3 format on March 19th, along with the instrumental version and the stems.
  • Released: June 30, 2020 (pre-order track, as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 1)

CoronaVirus Jam 3.18.20

  • Date: March 18, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: First CoronaJam. Originally streamed on Instagram only. A fan asked to start a song from scratch in the comments and Mike accepted the challenge.
  • Released: March 19, 2020 (via Community)


  • Date: March 19, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: Originally streamed on Instagram only.
  • Unreleased


  • Date: March 21, 2020
  • Working title: 3.21 KarmaKon
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: Originally streamed on Instagram only. Mike uploaded a clip Instagram. Mike worked again on this track during the April 29 stream, when he decided to revisit some of the old jams.
  • Unreleased

Babble Bobble

  • Date: March 22, 2020
  • Working title: 3.22 Babble Bobble
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: Originally streamed on Instagram only. Mike worked again on this track during the April 29 stream, when he decided to revisit some of the old jams.
  • Released: July 10, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 1)


  • Date: March 24, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: Originally streamed on Instagram only.
  • Unreleased

New Project

  • Date: March 26, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: First Twitch stream. Mike did a short jam just for test.
  • Unreleased

King Paprika

  • Date: March 27, 2020
  • Working title: 3.27.20, 3.27 King Paprika
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: Mike mentioned it on June 5, reading the title in the chat. Mike worked again on this track during the April 29 stream, when he decided to revisit some of the old jams.
  • Released: July 31, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2)

Neon Crickets

  • Date: March 29, 2020
  • Working title: CoronaJam 3.29.20
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: Mike worked again on this track during the April 29 stream, when he decided to revisit some of the old jams.
  • Released: July 10, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 1)

Hollow Kingdom

  • Date: March 31, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Working title: 3.31.20 CoronaJam, 3.31.20 CoronaJam structure Hollow Kingdom
  • Unreleased

HT Corona Jam 4.1.20

  • Date: April 1, 2020
  • Working titles: HT Corona Jam, 4.1 HT Project
  • Theme: Hybrid Theory
  • Notes: This was the first time Mike chose a specific theme for a jam.
  • Released: April 2, 2020 (via LPU e-mail)

A Thousand Jams

  • Date: April 2, 2020
  • Working title: ATS Style CoronaJam, 4.2 A Thousand Jams mix1, 4.2 A Thousand Jams Add mix2, 4.2 A Thousand Jams Add mix3, 4.2 A Thousand Jams Add mix4, 4.2 A Thousand Jams Add mix5, 4.2 A Thousand Jams Add mix6
  • Theme: A Thousand Suns
  • Released: September 18, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

The Brooklyn Way

  • Date: April 3, 2020
  • Working titles: 90s hip hop coronajam, 90s hip hop The Brooklyn Way
  • Theme: 90's hip hop
  • Notes: Fans chose it over 80's sound on a Twitch poll. This was the first time Mike actually sang during a live stream, rapping some parts over the jam: an unreleased verse from a new song he was working on, Lift Off (album version), Second To None, I'll Be Gone (Vice Remix) and Nobody's Listening.
  • Unreleased

80s Depeche Style

  • Date: April 4, 2020
  • Theme: 80's in the style of Depeche Mode
  • Notes: Mike hoped to do an 80's song the day before but fans voted for 90's hip hop in the Twitch poll, so he decided to do it the next day. He did another poll asking what 80's influence he needed to use as reference and Depeche Mode beated Prince.
  • Unreleased

3 Drone Strike

  • Date: April 5, 2020
  • Working title: Quick ConoaJam, 4.5 Quick CoronaJam 3 Drone Strike
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased


  • Date: April 6, 2020
  • Working title: Corona Jam 4.6, Corona Jam 4.6 Oystershells, 4.6 Oystershells CoronaJam 4.6 Project
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased

Reanimation Jam

  • Date: April 7, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Request): Reanimation
  • Notes: This was the first time a fan requested a theme.
  • Unreleased

Tin Man

  • Date: April 8, 2020
  • Working titles: Freestyle Jam 4.8.20, Freestyle Jam 4.8.20 Tin Man, 4.8 Tin Man Project
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased

Seventeen Candles

  • Date: April 9, 2020
  • Working titles: CoronaJam 80s 4.9.20, CoronaJam 80s 4.9.20 Seventeen Candles
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased

Corn Meal

  • Date: April 10, 2020
  • Working titles: CoronaJam 4.10.20, Corona Jam 4.10.20 v2 Corn Meal
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: After a fan asked a questions about the glitch effect in the drums, used on In Stereo and old songs, Mike did a live demonstration, including the glitched part in the track.
  • Unreleased

Submarine CoronaJam 4.14.20

  • Date: April 13, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: Mike wrote "4.14" in the project title but the stream was on April 13th.
  • Unreleased

Sunset Drive

  • Date: April 14, 2020
  • Working title: 4.14.20 CoronaJam
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: First jam of the day. For the first time Mike did two different jams on the same day. He decided to do a short jam in less then 30 minutes after the first one. The first part isn't available anymore since it was streamed on Twitch only and got deleted after two weeks. Mike posted an Instagram Story before going live.
  • Released: July 31, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2)

Streaming Template

  • Date: April 14, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle in less then 30 minutes
  • Notes: Second jam of the day. For the first time Mike did two different jams on the same day. He decided to do a short jam in less then 30 minutes after the first one. The first part isn't available anymore since it was streamed on Twitch only and got deleted after two weeks.
  • Unreleased


  • Date: April 15, 2020
  • Working titles: Corona Jam 4.15.20, Corona Jam 4.15.20 OSIRIS
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Released: June 30, 2020 (pre-order track, as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 1)

Isolation Bird (feat. Money Mark)

  • Date: April 16, 2020
  • Working title: MoneyMark Corona Isolation Jam
  • Theme: Money Mark's Isolation Jam N. 26
  • Notes: Mike posted three Instagram clips by Money Mark on his stories, asking the fans to vote their favorite to use it as starting point for the jam of the day.
  • Released: July 31, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2)

Super Galaxtica

  • Date: April 17, 2020
  • Working title: 4.17.20 Super Galaxtica
  • Theme: Game Boy sounds
  • Released: June 30, 2020 (pre-order track, as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 1)

Session McSessionface

  • Date: April 20, 2020
  • Working title: 4.20 Session Mc Sessionface
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Released: July 10, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2)

4.22 Melodic Metal

  • Date: April 22, 2020
  • Working titles: 4.22 Melodic Metal, 4.22 Melodic Metal Project
  • Theme (Fan Request): Symphonic metal in the style of Nightwish
  • Notes: Mike did a second stream later to finish the song.
  • "It's not on Dropped Frames 3, like I said, I've gotta figure out a way to get these all of these other tracks to you guys. I don't know... some of them I actually like and would want to develop them for something and like eventually do vocals. I don't like the idea of doing vocals on the stream. That one in particular is not on my list of ones I would do vocals on. I feel like some of them I could see developing somehow."[3]
  • Unreleased

Cupcake Cake

  • Date: April 23, 2020
  • Working title: 4.23 Bollywood
  • Theme (Fan Request): Bollywood hip hop
  • Released: July 10, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 1)


  • Date: April 24, 2020
  • Working title: 4.24.20 Crystaline Jam
  • Theme: 90s trip hop
  • Released: July 31, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2)

Booty Down

  • Date: April 27, 2020
  • Working title: 4.27 Booty Down
  • Theme (Fan Request): Panic! At The Disco (originally) / Freestyle with funny vocal samples
  • Notes: Mike wasn't satisfied and decided to give up. He made a quick jam to end the stream using funny vocal samples that turned into Booty Down. Elements of the failed track were revisited the next day for the track that became Doodle Buzz.
  • Released: July 10, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 1)

Doodle Buzz

  • Date: April 27/28, 2020
  • Working titles: 4.27 Pop Alt, 4.28 Revisited
  • Theme (Fan Request): Panic! At The Disco (originally)
  • Notes: Mike revisited the Panic! At The Disco jam from the day before to create a new track.
  • Released: July 10, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 1)

Dust Code

  • Date: April 30, 2020
  • Working title: 4.30 dust code
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Released: September 18, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

Dungeon Crawler

  • Date: May 1, 2020
  • Working title: Ganon's Surprise
  • Theme (Fan Request): The Legend Of Zelda
  • Released: July 10, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2)

Side Scrolling

  • Date: May 4, 2020
  • Working title: 5.4.20 Return of the GB
  • Theme: Game Boy sounds
  • Notes: Before ending the stream on May 1, Mike joked in the chat about doing a Star Wars themed jam on May 4, but he decided to use Game Boy sounds.
  • Released: July 10, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2)


  • Date: May 5, 2020
  • Working title: 5.5 Children's Day
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Released: July 10, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 1)

6.5 MJ Beatbox

  • Date: May 6, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Michael Jackson + Beatbox (wildcard)
  • Notes: A fan suggested to add "Wildcards", additional sounds to add to the songs. Beatbox was the first one to be picked.
  • Unreleased

2000 pop

  • Date: May 8, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Request): Late 90s/early 2000s song in the style of NSYNC
  • "It is not on Dropped Frames 3 unfortunately. We'll put the NSYNC one with the Melodic Metal one."[4]
  • Unreleased

I'm Still Fucking Here

  • Date: May 11, 2020
  • Working title: ISFH-Bear 1.2
  • Notes: Mike produced a song for blackbear, who sent him some guitar and vocal tracks. He meant to use that as an intro or outro.
  • Unreleased

5.12 Battlecry Game Style

  • Date: May 12, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Request): Unforgiven by Two Steps From Hell
  • Unreleased

Poppy Fields

  • Date: May 13, 2020
  • Working titles: 5.13 Poppy Fields, 5.13 Poppy Fields Project
  • Theme: Freestyle with GetGood Drums plugin
  • Notes: Mike did a giveaway for a GetGood Drums sample pack and decided to use the sounds for the jam.
  • Unreleased

El Rey Demonio

Channeling, Pt. 1 (feat. Dan Mayo)

  • Date: May 18, 2020
  • Working title: Mayo Channeling Jam
  • Theme: Freestyle drums by Dan Mayo
  • Released: July 10, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 1)

Party Meow

  • Date: May 19, 2020
  • Working title: Dabke Doo Wop
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Syrian Dabke + Doo-Wop
  • Released: July 31, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2)

Julio's Revenge

  • Date: May 20, 2020
  • Working title: 5.20 FF7 Horror
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Final Fantasy 7 + Horror Movie
  • Released: July 31, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2)

Channeling, Pt. 2 (feat. Dan Mayo)

  • Date: May 21, 2020
  • Working title: 5.21 Mayo Channeling A
  • Theme: Freestyle drums by Dan Mayo
  • Released: July 31, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2)

5.22 Dub Alt Punk

  • Date: May 22, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Pop Punk + Psychedelic Reggae Alternative
  • Unreleased

Mike's Gonna Mike

  • Date: May 25, 2020
  • Working title: 5.25 four way mashup, 5.25 four way mashup2, 5.25 Mikes Gonna Mike
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Nirvana + Tools Of The Trade + Giorgio Moroder (requested by thanat0s88) + Italian neomelodic (requested by PeppePark)
  • Released: September 18, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

Astral (feat. Elise Trouw)

  • Date: May 26, 2020
  • Working title: 5.26 Elise Collab
  • Theme: Elise Trouw's beat
  • Released: July 31, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2)

5.27 Five way mashup

  • Date: May 27, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Woodkid + Nine Inch Nails (requested by 00renee00) + Classical Music (requested by dsmooth6) + Sound Effects (wildcard added by Mike himself) + Wilhelm Scream
  • Unreleased

Dog Whistles

  • Date: May 29, 2020
  • Working title: 5.29 dog whistles [dark electro sketch]
  • Theme: Freeystle with three loop requested by fans.
  • Released: July 31, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2)

Genesis Supernova

  • Date: June 1/3, 2020
  • Working titles: 6.1.20 80's Mew Beat, 6.1.20 80's Mew Beat pt2, 6.1.20 Bonzai Knight Mix 5, 8.1.20 Bonzai Knight Mix 6
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Dead Or Alive + Tron Legacy/Daft Punk/M83 + Pokémon Mew
  • Notes: Even if in a previous stream Mike decided to not mash up the Pokèmon request with other styles, he still included some elements inspired by the sounds of the game, since the other two requests were both about the sound from the '80s. He worked again on this track at the start of the June 3 stream.
  • Released: September 18, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

Not Kyle

  • Date: June 3, 2020
  • Working titles: 6.3.20, 6.3.20 Not Kyle. 6.3.20 Not Kyle Project
  • Theme: Freestyle with three loops requested by fans.
  • Notes: Before starting a new jam, Mike decided to work again on the previous jam.
  • Unreleased

Seulpeun Sonyeo

  • Date: June 5, 2020
  • Working titles: 6.5 K Pop Punk Emo, 6.5 Seulpeun Sonyeo Mix 1, 6.5 Seulpeun Sonyeo Project
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Pop Punk + K-Pop
  • Unreleased


  • Date: June 8, 2020
  • Working titles: 6.8.20 Fan Sounds-Shoreline (Ableton), Edit: 6.8.20 Shoreline PT Session (Pro Tools), 6.8.20 Shoreline Mix 2
  • Theme: Freestyle with five loop requested by fans.
  • Released: September 18, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

License To Waltz

  • Date: June 11, 2020
  • Working titles: 6.11 Licenze to Waltz, 6.11 License to Waltz Mix 1
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Tchaikovsky's Flower Waltz + Beastie Boys + Reggaeton + ASMR (Wildcard)
  • Released: September 9, 2020 (pre-order track, as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

6.9 Billie Bossa Nova Dog

  • Date: June 9, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Brazilian Bossa Nova + Billie Eilish/Finneas (requested by Katiedont) + Sounds of Mike's dog (Wildcard)
  • Unreleased


  • Date: June 12, 2020
  • Working title: 6.12.20Transitions
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Released: July 31, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2)

Sidechain Gang

  • Date: June 16, 2020
  • Working title: 6.15
  • Theme: Freestyle with loops requested by fans.
  • Released: September 18, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

Sound Collector

  • Date: June 18, 2020
  • Working title: 6.18 LPFM Sounds Track
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Linkin Park and Fort Minor sounds (requested by markyd15) + Nobody Can Save Me/Battle Symphony (requested by PeppePark)
  • Released: September 18, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

Drive Thru Lunch Time

  • Date: June 19, 2020
  • Working title: 6.19 freestyle friday, 6.19 Drive Thru Lunch Time Project
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased

Goodbye Cow

  • Date: June 22, 2020
  • Working titles: 6.22 Drama in the Toy Shop
  • Notes: Mike changed the title during the stream, when the track evolved and sounded like a cow kidnapped by aliens, since the alien jokes are recurring in the chat due to the weird electronic sounds often used by Mike. A fan suggested the title Cattle Symphony during an Animal Crossing stream on June 19, Mike liked it but he kept Goodbye Cow.
  • Released: September 18, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

6.23 90s eurodance

  • Date: June 23, 2020
  • Working titles: 6.23 90s eurodance, 6.23 90s eurodance Project
  • Theme (Fan Requests): 90's Eurodance + Steve Aoki/Martin Garrix + Muse
  • Unreleased


  • Date: June 25, 2020
  • Working title: 6.25 Overcast
  • Notes: Before starting the jam Mike did a short breakdown of his "I Drive Me Mad" remix, originally by renforshort.
  • Released: September 18, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

6.29 on the go

  • Date: June 29, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased

7.1 RHCP Prince Wombat

  • Date: July 1, 2020
  • Working titles: 7.1 RHCP Prince Wombat, 7.1 RHCP Prince Wombat Project
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Red Hot Chili Peppers (requested by g_gonncalves) + Prince + Wombat's sound

Dream Fragment

  • Date: July 3, 2020
  • Working title: 7.3 Dream Fragment
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Released: September 18, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

Robot Yodel

  • Date: July 6, 2020
  • Working title: 7.6 Robot Yodel
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Country + Folk Alternative Rock + Bavarian Yodeling (requested by HangoutDelightShow) + two loops
  • Released: September 18, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

No Delete

  • Date: July 7, 2020
  • Working title: 7.7 PT Jammy
  • Theme: Freestyle improvisation without any beat
  • Notes: Mike decided to do a quick song in a more improvised way, without going back to edit the already recorded parts. For the first time there was no beat in the track. One of the pending requests was actually a track without beat or drums and Mike mentioned it on the July 14 stream, saying that he indirectly fulfilled that request but that he could do another one in the future.
  • Released: September 18, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

7.9 dance rock church 808

  • Date: July 8, 2020
  • Working titles: 7.9 dance rock church 808, 7.9 dance rock church 808 booty down remix Project
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Dance Pop/Rock in the style of New Divide and Burn It Down (requested by iLambros) + Church Music (requested by cumikkkk) + Pacific 98 by 808 State (requested by IdkRiah)
  • Notes: At the end Mike added some vocal samples from Booty Down just for fun, later joking about the fact that he created a remix of it. It was the first time he incorporated sounds from previous jams.
  • Unreleased

7.10 release day

  • Date: July 10, 2020
  • Working titles: 7.10 release day, 7.10 release day Project
  • Theme: Freeystle with two loops requested by fans
  • Notes: Listening party for the release of Dropped Frames, Vol. 1. Mike premiered the video of Open Door, talked about some tracks from the album and started a new jam. He rapped parts of Bleed It Out, Wretches And Kings and Skin To Bone (Nick Catchdubs Remix) over it.
  • Unreleased

Vibe Train

  • Date: July 13, 2020
  • Working Title: 7.13 Vibe Train
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Released: September 18, 2020 (as part of Dropped Frames, Vol. 3)

Pinata Razzle Dazzle

  • Date: July 14, 2020
  • Working title: Pinata Razzle Dazzle, Pinata Razzle Dazzle Project
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Frank Sinatra (requested by Anna Shinoda) + Happy Birthday + Hozier (requested by m_davidc4)
  • Notes: A fan asked that Mike's wife Anna had to choose a theme and she picked, as she calls it, "old lady music", basically something in the style of Nat King Cole, The Quincy Jones Big Band and Frank Sinatra. Mike later invited her in the studio to let her listen to the final result.
  • Unreleased

7.16 Pokemon Korn Classical

  • Date: July 16, 2020
  • Working title: 7.16 Pokemon Korn Classical, 7.16 Pokemon Korn Classical Project
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Pokémon Sword And Shield (requested by heycupcake) + Classical Piano (requested by Flowerpowerclaudi) + Korn (requested by Katekakao)
  • Unreleased

7.17 Dilla Blade Runner Japanese

  • Date: July 17, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): J Dilla/Nujabes (requested by ninjah1944) + Nujabes (requested by itchiiboi) + Blade Runner by Vangelis (requested by AbyssBezdna) + Japanese instruments (requested by Horrorshow1x) only using Garage Band
  • Notes: After he picked all the music requests he decided to add the suggestion from another fan, who previously requested a low budget track created with not professional apps or softwares. He choose Garage Band and let fans decide, with two Twitch polls, if he could use at least the microphone and his own samples. Polls results allowed him to use the microphone but not his samples, so he just used samples and loops from Garage Band and recorded some percussion sounds with the microphone.
  • Unreleased

7.21 skrrt skrrt

  • Date: July 21, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): I Want To Break Free by Queen (requested by nadiaou) + Salsa/Latin (requested by dsmooth6) + Disney vibes, Frozen/Moana (requested by Janea_Nicole) + Migos ad-libs (requested by boxingout1)
  • Notes: Made on Garage Band. Mike rapped parts of "Welcome" and "Bleed It Out" over the jam. Mike tried to incorporate some Queen sounds in the beat but he eventually decided to try it again for another jam. It was later picked from the Bowl Of Destiny along with Hamilton Musical and Contemporary Broadway Music for the September 23, 2020 jam.
  • Unreleased

7.23 Snape Industrial Hu Cinematic

  • Date: July 23, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): A theme for Severus Snape (requested by alinelpfan) + Goth Rock (requested by trinityl04) + Game Of Thrones (requested by satman88) + Mongolian Metal (requested by jadelp) + Any time signature except 4/4 (requested by danielpsoad09)
  • Notes: Made on Garage Band. Mike started the song in 5/4 but he didn't like how the chorus sounded. He tried in 3/4, but ultimately decided to change it to 4/4, despite one of the request was using any time signature except that.
  • Unreleased

7.24 Bowl Of Destiny

  • Date: July 24, 2020
  • Working title: 7.24 Single Sound Songs
  • Theme: Freestyle using only a sound
  • Notes: On the July 22 Animal Crossing stream a fan suggested to create a track using only a sound. Mike accepted and created four different short jams, using a different sound for each one of them. The sound of the first jam was an 808 sample used in Good Goodbye. Later Mike decided to use the sounds he created to create a full track and also created a sound sampling his voice, using it in the song, that he decided to call "Bowl Of Destiny".
  • Unreleased

7.27 Tool Prodigy Anime

  • Date: July 27, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Tool (requested by Nikitalang) + The Prodigy (requested by SelaineVanGrothesque) + Anime Battle
  • Notes: Mike started the stream with the intention of doing a freestyle track, but he decided to do a poll and let fan choose between the already mashed requests Tool/Prodigy/Anime and Owl City/Madonna/J-Pop. Tool/Prodigy/Anime won the poll and the other mashup was picked for the next day. Did live scratches for the first time, using Joe's "Tasty Gas Station Breaks From The Orient" vinyl. He teased the new Dropped Frames release putting in his desktop three folders saying "DROPPED FRAMES / VOLUME 2 / COMING THIS WEEK".
  • Unreleased

7.28.20 J Pop Owl City Madonna

  • Date: July 28, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Owl City + Madonna + J-Pop
  • Notes: The day before Mike did a poll letting fans choosing between this mashup and the Tool/Prodigy/Anime one that won and became the theme or the July 27 stream, so he did the Owl City/Madonna/J-Pop on July 28. He started the stream slowly showing the cover artwork for Dropped Frames, Vol. 2, waiting to have at least 1500 viewers before sharing the image. He created a funny vocal track using Vocaloid and asking to fans for suggestions. Ultimately he confirmed the release of Dropped Frames, Vol. 2 on July 31 with other three folders in his desktop, saying "GET / EXCITED / FRIDAY".
  • Unreleased

7.30.20 Bhangra Boom Bap Zeppelin

  • Date: July 30, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Bhangra Music (requested by Kren_v) + Classic rock in the style of Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith (requested by michele_444_) + Acoustic Boom Bap Hip Hop (requested by imrenemeth)
  • Unreleased

7.31 Trail Mix

  • Date: July 30/31, 2020
  • Working title: 7.31 Bhangra Zeppelin Boom Bap 2
  • Theme: Beastie Boys track sampling previous stream with additional three loops requested by fans
  • Notes: Mike sampled the Bhangra/Led Zeppelin/Boom Bap jam from the previous day doing some scratches to create a new track in the style of the Beastie Boys. After he created a beat with the 808 sounds, he did a poll asking the fans if he had to continue with that style or not, and he did. The jam took different directions and Mike joked about the variety of sounds, so he decided to rename it "Trail Mix" as suggested in the chat by the fans, a nod to Mike often eating trail mix during the streams.
  • Unreleased

8.4 Secret Agent UFO Hunter TV Theme

  • Date: August 3/4, 2020
  • Working title: 8.3 quick beats
  • Theme (Fan Requests): James Bond (requested by hrmengilda) + X-Files vibes (requested by pathrycja) + TV Series Theme Song (requested by thefemalsteetsoldier) + two loops requested by fans
  • Notes: On August 3 the stream was mostly about adding the new requests, so Mike did a quick freestyle jam before the end, using two loops in the track. He choose the James Bond/X-Files/TV Series mashup for the next day, deciding to start from the jam he did that day.
  • Unreleased

8.7 Pool Party

  • Date: August 7, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased

8.10 Freestyle

  • Date: August 10, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased

8.11 - anime prog metal video game theme

  • Date: August 11, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Prog Rock in the style of Polyphia and Periphery (requested by Kromeymilk) + Incubus (requested by shadman1982?) + Second Opening from Death Note (requested by mcell?) + NieR: Automata Soundtrack (requested by calumk?)
  • Unreleased

8.12 GamesCom Theme

  • Date: August 12, 2020
  • Theme: Writing a Theme for gamescom: Opening Night Live 2020
  • Notes: Announced on Instagram the day before the stream. Used in a promotional video for the event.
  • "We sent them some of my jams, from this channel. The ones they liked are what I ended up call these james, "Dust Code" and... There is one where, during the stream, I said something to the effect of like, 'This falls under the category of Mike's gonna Mike', like you guys had asked me to do something and then I kinda just turned it into my own thing, it sounded like Linkin Park. I called that one "Mike's Gonna Mike". And they liked those, they were like, 'Ok, do something like these!', and I was like, 'Ok, sounds great, I'll make a new thing from scratch!'"[5]
  • Unreleased

8.17 The Fiyah

  • Date: August 17, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle inspired by We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel
  • Unreleased

8.24 Freestyle

  • Date: August 24, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased


  • Date: August 25, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Lord Of The Rings (requested by joan_1020) + Assassin's Creed (requested by florybandasila) + Mauritian Ravanne (requested by yaas_o) + Dorian Mode (requested by debbie_lp)
  • Unreleased

8.27 Subcarpti Morricone LP X Men

  • Date: August 27, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Subcarpați (requested by chestiute) + Death Rides A Horse by Ennio Morricone (requested by soleil444tn) + Meteora, but push its bundaries (requested by dsmooth6) + It's Goin' Down by X-Ecutioners (requested by inik33)
  • Unreleased

8.28 Ambient Sleep Track

  • Date: August 28, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Request): Sleepy Time
  • Notes: A fan suggested to create a long and relaxing "sleepy time" track, so Mike opened music requests for a minute and another fan redeemed the theme.
  • September 9: "Yeah we're working on it, I don't have definitive news yet. But Sleepy Jam is on the horizon, I want to get it out as quickly as possible so you guys can start using it for your sleepy time music. Remember if I told you if I put it on streaming services that it'd make royalties when you listen to it? My concept is actually, I have a scholarship at ArtCenter College of Design that I funded forever ago, and I realized, 'Ah I'd really love to do something with the income from the Sleepy Time Jam that's really cool.' I want to try to send those royalties there, I want it to help fund the scholarship. When you are doing something like that, if I donate it from my royalty income, it gets taxed on the way to me and then I can donate my portion to the school. So I'm like, 'Is there a way I can do it where just donate the album itself to the school?' So if it makes $1,000, then the thousand dollars is taxed and then a portion of a thousand dollars goes to the scholarship. So I'd rather the whole thing go, if it's possible. My scholarship at ArtCenter, it's big enough for a graphics or illustration student based on financial need and merit. So they have to be really good and they have to need the money, and they need help going to school. So we'll figure it out, that's why it's taking an extra second. We aren't going to just put it up on SoundCloud or let you download the thing, I want to do something like that with it. It's complicated enough... the government doesn't want you to use charitable donation as like a tax loophole basically. So you've gotta do it the proper, legal way and I'm not super educated on how that works so we’re figuring it out. So that'll be that with the Sleepy Time Jam."[6]
  • September 21: "Check this out! The ambient track, the sleepy track, is coming along, and a did an artwork for it, I did a cover, for the sleepy track. Fun, right? I started it black and white, and then I added a little textures on the edges, and then I started just lightning and coloring it, so I wanted it to be more sleepy and chill. Yeah, I like it, it came out pretty good. I did that this weekend. Just to show you that I haven't forgotten about it. It's happening, it's on the way. I mean, I don't know what's going to happen with it, actually!"
  • Unreleased

8.31 Industrial All Electro Freestyle

  • Date: August 31, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased

9.3 Goth Christmas

  • Date: September 3, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): In The End by Linkin Park (requested by iLambros) + Evanescence (requested by WrightTownsend and LPEVHybrid) + Christmas Music (requested by Pheebje)
  • Unreleased

9.9 Freestyle

  • Date: September 9, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased

9.11 Sepia Tone

  • Date: September 11, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased

9.14 ATS anniversary

  • Date: September 14, 2020
  • Theme: A Thousand Suns
  • Notes: Mike decided to create another song in the style of A Thousand Suns for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the album, mentioning Blackout and The Catalyst as inspirations.
  • Unreleased

9.16 Gorillaz Blues Motown

  • Date: September 16, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): Gorillaz (requested by altdisneymama) + Robert Johnson/Delta Blues (requested by Maria4LP) + Motown (requested by EdArrowz)
  • Unreleased

9.23 Queen Hamilton Broadway

  • Date: September 23, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): I Want To Break Free by Queen + Hamilton Musical (requested by MariaAzmon) + Contemporary Broadway Music (requested by checkyesjules)
  • Notes: The Queen request was actually redeemed for the July 21 jam but Mike decided to try it again for another jam.
  • Unreleased

9.25 hundredth stream

  • Date: September 25, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle w/ five sample requested by fans
  • Notes: On the previous day, Mike acknowledged that his next jam would have been his 100th song since he started streaming and decided to do a freestyle track, using sample redemptions by the fans. It wasn't his hundredth stream, like he wrote on Ableton, but the hundredth song.
  • Making Of: 9.25 - My 100th Jam made live on stream!
  • Unreleased

9.28 plugins i dont use

  • Date: September 28, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle w/ one sample requested by fan
  • Notes: Mike sang funny Vocoder vocals.
  • Unreleased

10.1 Plastic Shepard Crane Kick

  • Date: October 1, 2020
  • Theme (Fan Requests): The Lonely Shepherd by Gheorghe Zamfir (requested by Florina84) + Japanese 80's City Pop (requested by majorivan88) + Totoro from Studio Ghibli (requested by yokiiyok_) + Animal Crossing Soundtrack (requested by maylovesmusic)
  • Unreleased

10.5 quick beat post Among Us

  • Date: October 5, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: Mike played Among Us for the first two hours of the stream then he decided to do a quick jam.
  • Unreleased

10.6 freestyle

  • Date: October 6, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased

10.8 All Sample Track

  • Date: October 8, 2020
  • Working title: 10.8 All Sample track
  • Theme: Freestyle sampling vinyls
  • Note: Mike wrote on Facebook, "10.8 - taking you back in time today. Before the band started, I learned how to make beats by sampling. I'm going to do an all-samples track today."[7] At the beginning of the stream he told the story of him joining a songwriting competition that he actually won with a song he wrote when he was a kid, and played what he remembered from the track. Then he created a 7-minute track with a lot of samples made from his vinyls collection, including Led Zeppelin, the Star Wars soundtrack, Michael Jackson, Wu-Tang Clan, Al Green, Audio Two, The King 45, Nine and more. He also used the Sex Explained For Children vinyl that he already sampled in the past for the demo "Goop". After the stream he sent an e-mail to his Twitch subscribers with a MP3 download of the track, via Dropbox, with the following message: "Thanks for being a subscriber! Here is the track from today’s stream:"
  • Released: October 8, 2020 (through a Dropbox link sent via e-mail to Twitch subscribers)

10.12 Jazzy

  • Date: October 12, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased

10.15 Goosebot 5000

  • Date: October 15, 2020
  • Working Title: 10.15 freestyle
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased
  • Making Of

10.16 Dude Person

  • Date: October 16, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Unreleased
  • Making Of

10.20 Clips Session

  • Date: October 20, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: Mike decided to create a song using the Clips mode on Ableton.
  • Unreleased
  • Making Of

10.21 testing Kontakt drum-song

  • Date: October 21, 2020
  • Theme: Freestyle
  • Notes: Mike used the drum samples he created during the October 19 stream.
  • Unreleased
  • Making Of

10.27 Stranger Swings

  • Date: October 27, 2020
  • Theme: Earth, Wind & Fire + Synthwave in the style of the album RR7349 by Survive + Brass Devil by Parov Stelar
  • Notes: Mike started the stream with the idea of a freestyle track but he decided to pick some requests from the Bowl Of Destiny.
  • Unreleased

Pending fan requests:

  • Aggressive video-game music
  • Percussion only
  • The Strokes
  • A song inspired by Megalovania from Undertale
  • Dinosaur Jr.
  • Bachata
  • Mor Lam music
  • Folklore Hip Hop and Lo-Fi
  • Freestyle
  • Space Rock in the style of Angels & Airwaves
  • Drums Wildcard
  • Rhapsody In Blue by George Gershwin
  • Hungarian Folk


On March 18th, Mike released the first CoronaJam along with "Open Door" demo, instrumental and stems, via the Community app through WeTransfer links, shared on his socials.

On April 2nd, Mike sent an e-mail to the LP Underground with his "Hybrid Theory" style CoronaJam attached. The message read, "Hey everyone, While I’m staying home and self-quarantining, I’ve been doing live music-making sessions. I generally start from scratch and build something over the course of about an hour in my studio. Fans can watch in real-time whenever I go live, or you can watch the clips later after they’ve been posted. Today I felt like making a Hybrid Theory / Meteora-inspired instrumental demo, and I wanted to give the final product to you in the LPU. Enjoy the music! -m"

On May 5th, Mike said he is going to release the CoronaJams on streaming services soon, but he has to go back and clean some of them up first.

On May 15th, Mike started drawing the album cover, putting a lot of references and inside jokes regarding the songs. He continued to work on the cover off-screen, saying that he didn't want to spoil the final result. He confirmed the release will be all instrumentals and he asked fans which CoronaJams should make the album.

On the May 28th stream, Mike gave an update about the status of the jams saying, "I am working on mixing and putting out some of these instrumentals from the live streams. It's been kind of going back and forth. I just want to set it up right so I can regularly put them out to you guys. There's like a lag time... I have to make them presentable and we have to deliver them, and then we can put them out. I'm trying to take that time and crunch it as fast we can do it. It's starting to look like around a month, or less... three weeks-ish to a month, maybe shorter. But we'll see how that works out. It's going well, you're going to hear Open Door, like a final version of that, you're going to hear some songs from the streams. And if in the first batch you don't hear one that you really love or whatever, it's gonna come later. I may not put them all out, 'cause they aren't all awesome, but I do want to put out the jams that have been created here on the streams. I'll put them out so you can listen to them on Spotify and Apple and all of that. You can make TikToks to them, or put into them in your Instagram. All that stuff, it'll be in the system. So there's that."

In early June, he said that he stopped calling them CoronaJams, saying that he intended to keep releasing them after the coronavirus period eventually comes to an end. He did not give a new name for what he is calling them, so we will wait for the first official release before we rename the jams.[8]

On June 10th he confirmed to have delivered the final master for the "first volume", saying, the next day, that he won't reveal how many tracks (and which ones) will be released. He said, "I'm not going to tell you which ones either. This is part of the artistic decisions that have to be made, this is what makes me happy is choosing the right ones and transitioning them and making a mix from one to the next, making a presentation out of it. You've gotta leave some of it to me. I'm not going to tell you which ones." He also did a poll asking the fans to pick one song to be released first on the second volume. The options were "Party Meow" (from the May 18th stream) and "Waltz" (from the June 11th stream).[9][10][11]

Mike released the first collection of CoronaJams on July 10th, with Dropped Frames, Vol. 1. He stated that he had already turned in volume 2 before volume 1 was even released, and was currently working on volume 3.

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No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 CoronaVirus Jam 3.18.20 M Shinoda Shinoda Mike 5:06
2 HT Corona Jam 4.1.20 Shinoda 2:53
3 10.8 All Sample Track Shinoda 7:35

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