Can't Hear You Now

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"Can't Hear You Now"
Single-Crossing A Line-Nothing Makes Sense Anymore.jpg
Song by Mike Shinoda from the album Post Traumatic
Recorded 2017-2018
Released June 15, 2018
Length 3:28
Time signature 4/4
Tempo 99
Writer Mike Shinoda
Producer Mike Shinoda
Label Warner Bros. Records

Post Traumatic track listing
  1. Place To Start
  2. Over Again
  3. Watching As I Fall
  4. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
  5. About You (feat. Blackbear)
  6. Brooding
  7. Promises I Can't Keep
  8. Crossing A Line
  9. Hold It Together
  10. Ghosts
  11. Make It Up As I Go (feat. K.Flay)
  12. Lift Off (feat. Chino Moreno & Machine Gun Kelly)
  13. I.O.U
  14. Running From My Shadow (feat. grandson)
  15. World's On Fire
  16. Can't Hear You Now

"Can't Hear You Now" is the sixteenth and final track off of Mike Shinoda's debut solo album, Post Traumatic.


When talking to iHeartRadio in 2018, Mike was asked about "Can't Hear You Now." The interviewer said, "But it's funny to me as a listener how conflicting some of the emotions on this record are. There are moments of real rising above. I think of "Can't Hear You Now," which is almost like a battle rap. "If you're a hater, I can't hear you now," because that's really one way of looking at that song or hearing that song." Mike replied, "Really, I think that was the intention of the song for sure."

The interviewer continued, "And yet I hear it now and I come to that line "woke up knowing I don't have to be numb again," and maybe that's a reference back to this other thing I've been thinking about on this record." Mike answered, "Yeah. Well, the reality of the record and of going through something like this is that, most of us know, it's messy and the references are going to blend in to one another, and even I listen to it and I go, "Oh, yeah. I was definitely thinking about A, but subconsciously there's a little bit of B in there.""[1]

Music Video

Mike released the official video for "Can't Hear You Now" on December 7th, 2018. He teased the video on December 6th.[2]

The video was directed by Tim Mattia and features Mike singing along to the song against a white background.

On December 8th, 2018, LPLive tweeted, "Is the "Can't Hear You Now" video out of sync for anyone? Seems like a half second or second difference between the video and the audio. Enough to be really recognizable."[3]

In response, Adam Ruehmer addressed it on the 8th and said, "Thank you for the heads up. Will get this fixed."[4] and "Man, so weird so many people are noticing this. I don't really notice it at all. I'm like frantically checking all of my files to make sure I uploaded the right one and I did and I'm just not really seeing it but so many of you are I'll see what can be done!"[5] Fans pointed out the glitch was at 1:33-1:34.

On December 18th, 2018, a fixed version of the video was uploaded to Mike's YouTube account and replaced the previous version.[6]


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Can't Hear You Now Post Traumatic 3:28 2017-2018 June 15, 2018
Can't Hear You Now Post Traumatic (Clean) 3:28 2017-2018 June 15, 2018
  • Censored.
  • Worldwide release on October 31, 2018.[7]
Can't Hear You Now Post Traumatic - Instrumentals 3:27 2017-2018
  • Official instrumental version.


Though the full song has never been played live, the first verse of "Can't Hear You Now" was done acapella at his show in Padua, Italy. On December 26, 2019, Mike posted a picture on Instagram of a part of his live rig used to trigger pieces of songs, and one of the labeled buttons was for "Cant Hear You", indicating he considered playing the full song live at some point, but chose not to.[8]


Last Updated: June 23, 2019

Type Description First Played Last Played
Alternative Verse 1 Acapella March 15, 2019 March 15, 2019


  • Written and produced by Mike Shinoda
  • Vocals by Mike Shinoda
  • Mixed by Serban Ghenea
  • Mastered by Michelle Mancini



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