Black Heart

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"Black Heart"
Single by Stone Temple Pilots
from the album High Rise
Recorded 2013
Released September 18, 2013
Format Digital
Length 3:09
Writer(s) Chester Bennington, Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo, Eric Kretz
Producer(s) Stone Temple Pilots
Label Play Pen, LLC
Stone Temple Pilots singles chronology

Out Of Time (2013) Black Heart (2013)

High Rise track listing
  1. Out Of Time
  2. Black Heart
  3. Same On The Inside
  4. Cry Cry
  5. Tomorrow


Robert DeLeo spoke to NoiseCreep about the song on October 16, 2013:

"It’s special for me. I just bought and found a rare bass that I had been looking for for years. I got a chance to use it on that song, so that meant a lot too. To do that from a gear geek kind of perspective.

I’ve been looking for this certain Rickenbacker 4001 Bass. That’s a very rare 1971 Rickenbacker Bass. There were only 20 of those made in ’71. It’s very rare and very collectible. Growing up on Paul McCartney and Chris Squire from YES, Geddy Lee. You dream of instruments of that. Then when you find one, it’s like, ‘Well this is going on the song.’ That means a lot, man. Dreaming about those instruments as a little kid and actually having one and using it on a song that you put together. It means a lot."

About how the song came together, he said, "That was an idea I had. I just wanted to have something. I started out on guitar and went to bass out of necessity. I always write on guitar. I just wanted to come up with something that kind of had everything — had great power chords, great stringy chords and parts to it. I was just feeling that one."

Eric Kretz also spoke about it in an interview with SongFacts on November 20, 2013, saying, ""Black Heart," which is the single we have out right now hitting radio, that one's so great because it has such a great porch stomp feel to it. When Robert was presenting that on guitar, it was just like you start smacking your foot on the floor [stomps foot]. We were all feeling where the groove was going. So when I hopped behind the kit, I was riding the floor toms in the verse of it with a very straight ahead beat, just to really get the energy across of where those hits were. Then it was just a matter of where to take it, especially for the kind of bridge and the ending of the song. That one was a really exciting start, and then it took a lot of work to make it seem seamless like that."


Music Video


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Black Heart Black Heart

High Rise

3:09 May 2013-October 2013 September 18, 2013
"Black Heart" Alternate Pre-Chorus memo:demo 3:21 2013 February 3, 2015


"Black Heart" was performed throughout the band's 2013 and 2014 tours. It debuted mid-way through their 2013 Fall U.S. Tour in Lake Buena Vista, Florida after it debuted on iHeartRadio's website earlier that day, replacing "Sour Girl" in the mid-set. The song was performed mid-set at the band's 2014 shows, but was dropped completely from all setlists in 2015.




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