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"About You"
Single by Mike Shinoda
from the album Post Traumatic
Recorded 2017-2018
Released April 26, 2018
Format Digital
Length 3:26
Time signature 4/4
Live debut May 12, 2018
Writer(s) Mat Musto, Mike Shinoda
Producer(s) Mike Shinoda
Label Warner Bros. Records

Post Traumatic track listing
  1. Place To Start
  2. Over Again
  3. Watching As I Fall
  4. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
  5. About You (feat. Blackbear)
  6. Brooding
  7. Promises I Can't Keep
  8. Crossing A Line
  9. Hold It Together
  10. Ghosts
  11. Make It Up As I Go (feat. K.Flay)
  12. Lift Off (feat. Chino Moreno & Machine Gun Kelly)
  13. I.O.U
  14. Running From My Shadow (feat. grandson)
  15. World's On Fire
  16. Can't Hear You Now

"About You" was released as a pre-order track for Mike Shinoda's debut album Post Traumatic. It features a verse from Blackbear, who had worked with Shinoda on the track "Sorry For Now" off Linkin Park's seventh studio album, One More Light, and additional production from BASECAMP.


When talking about "About You", Mike said that no matter what he wrote about, people would think it would be related to Chester. That's the feeling that inspired the track.

He told Rolling Stone, "I was thinking, 'God, I have all these ideas for songs that aren't about Chester or what happened. So I wrote a song about feeling that moment of writing songs. Because not every song is about him and about what happened."[1]

Mike explained to Zane Lowe on Beats 1, "I made multiple rap songs and then smashed them together. So if you listen to the track, you'll hear multiple moods in the track, and then when it hits the – after the second chorus, from there out, it was me, and blackbear, and a duo named BASECAMP, and we all just kinda cooked up that end section together. So I'm really proud of it. Part of the thing about the lyrics of the song, which I know Zane Lowe will appreciate, is – I was writing all these songs and a lot of the early stuff on the album was about what had happened and was about Chester and all that. And then I started trying to write some songs that weren't about Chester and weren’t about that whole thing, and I realized that people would hear them as if they were about him. And I was like, "Man, even when I try to make a song that's not about him, it still feels like it's about him.""[2]

On Genius, Mike said about the first verse, "You can guarantee that when a major life event happens to an artist, positive or negative, their touring gets changed. Even before the fans know what happened, dates start to change or get cancelled. I was not just talking about myself, but meant it as a general statement about anyone who has gone through it: when something happens to an artist (health problem, baby’s birth, breakup, etc.), everyone starts dissecting things they say and do, to make it "about" the event."[3]

About the second verse, "Bon Scott was the singer of AC/DC, until his death in 1980. During his life, he co-signed Brian Johnson, who the band called on to sing for the band. Within six months, they had recorded "Back In Black," which went on to become one of the biggest albums on the planet, second only to Michael Jackson's "Thriller". "Thunderstruck" is also an AC/DC song, from "The Razor's Edge.""

"About You" features Blackbear, who worked with Linkin Park on 2017's "Sorry For Now" from One More Light and later worked with Mike again on 2020's "I'm Still Fucking Here." Mike said, "Blackbear wrote with Brad and I on "Sorry For Now." When I was making this "Post Traumatic" album I asked him to be a part of this song and talk about his memories of during the time we were working together. His verse is a bit abstract, which allows the listener to draw their own conclusions, but is rooted in reflection about our experiences."


Digital Single

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 About You (feat. blackbear) Mat Musto, Mike Shinoda 3:26

Music Video

The music video for "About You" was shot during Mike's trip to China in April 2018.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.

Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
About You (feat. blackbear) About You

Post Traumatic

3:26 2017-2018 April 26, 2018
  • Features vocals by Blackbear.
About You (feat. blackbear) About You

Post Traumatic (Clean)

3:26 2017-2018 April 26, 2018
  • Censored.
  • Worldwide release on October 31, 2018.[4]
About You Post Traumatic - Instrumentals 3:26 2017-2018
  • Official instrumental version.


"About You" was debuted live at Mike's first ever solo show. The song had an extended intro where Mike sang into a vocoder and was shortened, ending before the bridge, and transitioned directly into "Over Again".


Last Updated: January 12, 2020

Type Description First Played Last Played
Intro Vocoder Intro May 12, 2018 September 8, 2019
Outro Transition to "Over Again" May 12, 2018 September 8, 2019
Alternative Shortened (No Bridge or Ending) May 12, 2018 September 8, 2019



  • Written by Mike Shionda and Matthew Musto
  • Produced by Mike Shinoda, Jordan Reyes, and Aaron Harmon
  • Vocals by Mike Shinoda and Matthew Musto
  • Mixed by Manny Marroquin
  • Mastered by Michelle Mancini



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