A Place For My Head

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"A Place For My Head"
Studio-Hybrid Theory Cover.jpg
Song by Linkin Park from the album Hybrid Theory
Working title Esaul / Esaùl / A Place For My Head (Esaul)
Recorded 1999 - 2000
Length 03:04
Time signature 4/4
Tempo 133
Key Eb Minor
Live debut Unknown
Last played October 27, 2017
Writer Linkin Park, Mark Wakefield
Producer Don Gilmore
Label Warner Bros.

Hybrid Theory track listing
  1. Papercut
  2. One Step Closer
  3. With You
  4. Points Of Authority
  5. Crawling
  6. Runaway
  7. By Myself
  8. In The End
  9. A Place For My Head
  10. Forgotten
  11. Cure For The Itch
  12. Pushing Me Away

"A Place For My Head" is the ninth track on the album Hybrid Theory. It has been a long-time fan-favorite track, especially at the band's live shows.


"A Place For My Head" is one of Linkin Park's oldest songs. Its first version was called "Esaul"[1], which was the name of a friend of the band that they used to hang out with[2], and was written with Mark Wakefield when they were still called Xero.

Deftones was one of Mark's favorite bands in high school[3] (to the point where Mike and Mark had a Xero song called "Deftest") and Mike noted "A Place For My Head" as one of the songs influenced by their sound. "We wouldn’t have written a song like “A Place for My Head” if not for them. There was a bounce to their music that reminded me of my favorite hip-hop songs. And even though the guitars were super heavy, oftentimes they felt smooth like a keyboard, as if the distortion had flattened it so much it was just a wash of chords."[4]

When questioned what was the first demo he received from the band, Chester Bennington said: "I think it had the original version of Place for my Head. That was the song that I got."[5] The other two songs on the Xero demo were "Rhinestone" and "Pictureboard."

On October 12, 2003, when speaking to Yahoo! Launch about their (at the time) new studio album, Meteora, Mike Shinoda revealed the song was started in 1996: "Lyrically, you'll notice kind of a progression or hopefully a growth, because some of the songs on Hybrid Theory are, like, seven years old. "Like A Place From My Head," that was written seven years ago. You'll notice in the lyrics from Hybrid Theory, we're attacking these universal themes of depression, of anger, or of frustration. I mean, we approached those things from the eyes of someone who's 20 years old. Now it's five years later, and we kind of feel that we can attack those thoughts with a little bit more confidence, and also talk about some things that go beyond those things. So this record has those emotions that we expressed on Hybrid Theory, but it kind of has a little bit more. On "Somewhere I Belong," you'll hear a little bit of hopefulness in the chorus, which you probably didn't hear so much in your face on Hybrid Theory."[6]

About the introduction of the final version of the song, Mike told ShoutWeb in October 2000, "It's weird because Brad, our guitarist, went to Ibanez and those guys were really helpful. They totally let him play around on a whole bunch of different guitars. I believe it's called a piezo. It's the term for the setting that they have. It's basically an electric guitar that to us sounded like an acoustic guitar. If you flip it off of that setting it will sound electric again. You can hit the distortion pedal and it will sound just like the heaviest Ibanez. When he first picked that thing up that was the first song he thought of playing that on and it totally worked. He loved it and they let us use one for the album. It was phenomenal. We were really happy to get that sound. He plays a clean channel one live. When he has the chance I think he will get one of those Ibanez guitars. At this point, we're not there yet."[7]

When performing in Wantagh, New York in 2001, Chester mentioned that the song was influenced by "Rocket Queen" by Guns N' Roses[8], but Mike laughs after it, so he could have been joking.

"A Place For My Head" went on to become a fan favorite. Even though Joe has been quoted saying "I enjoy performing "A Place for My Head.""[9] and Chester and Mike both love performing it live, Mike Shinoda has stated some of the other members of the band don't like the song.


Due to Phoenix being out of the band at this time (1999 to October 2000) to tour with The Snax, he did not record bass on any songs on the Hybrid Theory EP or Hybrid Theory. Ian Hornbeck recorded the bass on "Papercut", "A Place For My Head", and "Forgotten".


Due to "A Place For My Head" being one of the band's oldest songs, dating back to the Xero period and appearing on Chester's audition tape for Linkin Park, a significant amount of demos exist for the song.

There are four demos of the song as well as the Unmastered Studio Finals version of the track. Chronologically just going by the release date of the demos, the bridge of the song appears to go from the "go away" to the "stay away" back to the "go away" lyrics, which makes it seem like the band was just temporarily trying out a different bridge for a little while.

The earliest known version of the song dates from 1999 and was released on the LP Underground Eleven CD in November 2011. On the booklet, Mike wrote, "This was one of the first demos the band had ever written. When Chester joined the band, we finally put together enough money to do a proper recording of it (this one) in a "professional studio." These were the original lyrics and performance." A video of the band rehearsing this exact same version was included as a easter egg on the Frat Party At The Pankake Festival DVD. It is different than the other demos as it has drastically different lyrics. Due to "Rhinestone" having the same instrumental from its 1998 Xero iteration to its 1999 demo with Chester, it is likely (again, not proven, but likely) that this version of "Esaul" is the same instrumental version that Xero recorded with Mark.

The Hybrid Theory 2-Track Demo version of the song dating from 1999 features the lyrics "But an on-front attack, you could never run from that" in the first verse and "And the second it starts" lyric at the start of the second verse.

The Hybrid Theory 9-Track Demo CD from January 2000 features the "stay away" bridge as well as the lyrics "So I run from that to a place I can't find you at" in the first verse. Oddly, the Hybrid Theory 8-Track Demo is missing a demo of "A Place For My Head", which is the extra song found on the 9-track demo.

A demo of "A Place For My Head" was released for free download on Hybrid Theory's official website in spring 2000, with the WebArchive date leading us to believe it was posted on or around April 8, 2000. In this version, at the start of the second verse, there's just the guitar playing with no vocals for a second, without the "And the second it starts" lyric. On the bridge of this song, Chester sings the "go away" lyrics.

The version of "A Place For My Head" on the Hybrid Theory (Unmastered Studio Finals 5/7/00) CD from May 2000 features scratching from the intro into verse one, no big re-intro of all of the instruments after the first line of the second verse, it has more scratching effects during the bridge, and the last sample/effect on the ending of the song starts much earlier.


Linkin Park released a remix of "A Place For My Head" on Reanimation in July 2002 titled "Plc.4 Mie Hæd". The track was remixed by AmpLive and Mike Shinoda and features guest vocals by Baba Zumbi (credited as Zion). Both AmpLive and Baba Zumbi are from the hip hop duo Zion I.


Note: Only the date of the very first release of each version is listed.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
A Place For My Head Hybrid Theory 3:04 2000 October 24, 2000
A Place For My Head ESPN X Games Skateboarding 2:50 2000 August 14, 2001
  • Shortened intro.
  • First part of the bridge compressed to make it louder.
  • There was no official soundtrack release for the game.
Esaul (Xero Demo) Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition) 3:07 1998 October 9, 2020
  • Mark Wakefield on vocals.
  • Drastically different lyrics.
  • No screams after the third chorus.
Esaul (A Place For My Head Demo) Linkin Park Underground Eleven

Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition)

3:07 1999 November 15, 2011
  • Chester Bennington on vocals.
  • Slightly different lyrics.
  • More scratching effects in the bridge.
  • Same instrumental as the Xero demo.
  • A 1999 video of Hybrid Theory rehearsing this exact same version can be seen on the Frat Party At The Pankake Festival DVD.
Esaul (A Place For My Head) Hybrid Theory 2-Track Demo 3:08 1999 1999
  • Lyrics "But an on-front attack, you could never run from that" in the first verse.
  • "And the second it starts" lyric at the start of the 2nd verse.
  • The bridge is "Go away."
Esaùl Demos 3:08 1999
  • The CD dates from January 7, 2000.
  • Lyrics "So I run from that to a place I can't find you at" in the first verse.
  • The bridge is "Stay away."
  • Released on LPFuse for free download on Christmas 2004.
Esaul 3:10 1999 2000
  • Released for free download on Hybrid Theory's official website.
  • The WebArchive snapshot which shows this demo dates from April 8, 2000.
  • At the start of the second verse, there's just the guitar playing with no vocals for a second, without the "And the second it starts" lyric.
  • The bridge is "Go away."
A Place For My Head Studio Finals 5/7/00 3:11 2000
  • The CD dates from May 7, 2000.
  • Scratches from intro leads into verse 1.
  • No big reintro of all the instruments after the first line of verse 2.
  • More scratch effects during bridge.
  • Ending effect starts much earlier.
  • Released on LPLive for free download on April 9, 2011.
A Place For My Head Hybrid Theory - Instrumentals 3:07 2000
  • Official instrumental version.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
Plc.4 Mie Hæd Reanimation 4:20 2001 July 30, 2002
  • Remix by AMP Live.
  • Features vocals by Baba Zumbi (credited as Zion).
Place 4 My Head (Original Reanimation RMX) Beats Remixes & A Side Of Mashups 4:31 2001 March 5, 2006
  • Remix by AMP Live.
  • Features vocals by Baba Zumbi.
  • The remix was available for free download at AMP Live's official website until May 2010.
Plc.4 Mie Hæd Reanimation - Instrumentals 4:20 2001
  • Official instrumental version.


Title Album Length Recorded Released Notes
A Place For My Head Crawling (DVD) 0:30 October 28, 2000 2001
  • Incomplete video recording.
  • Professional audio.
  • This video was used in the very first LPTV which is available on the Frat Party At The Pankake Festival DVD.
Esaul Frat Party At The Pankake Festival 1999 November 20, 2001
  • Video.
  • Hidden easter egg.
  • Kyle Christener on bass.
  • Live studio performance with no audience.
  • Studio version of this exact demo was released on the LP Underground Eleven CD.
A Place For My Head (Live At Docklands Arena, London) In The End (CD 2)

X 107.5 X-treme Radio Back Patio CD II

Hybrid Theory (Special Edition)

In The End (JP EP)


Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition)

3:12 March 24, 2001 October 9, 2001
  • Produced for Radio 1.
  • Labeled "A Place For My Head (Recorded Live At Docklands)" on Compilation.
  • Back Patio CD is a X107.5 KXTE-FM Las Vegas radio sessions compilation with all proceeds to benefit Child Haven and Make a Wish Foundation of Southern Nevada.
A Place For My Head LP Underground 3.0 3:57 August 02, 2003

August 03, 2003

November 17, 2003
  • Censored.
  • Live From Summer Sanitarium.
A Place For My Head Live In Texas 4:17 August 02, 2003

August 03, 2003

November 18, 2003
  • DVD only.
  • Recorded live August 2nd 2003 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX and August 3rd 2003 at Texas Stadium in Irving, TX on the Summer Sanitarium Tour.
A Place For My Head (Live From Koln, 2008) Hybrid Theory - Live Around The World 3:57 January 21, 2008 May 31, 2012
A Place For My Head Live In Monterrey 3:45 September 12, 2012 June 13, 2014
  • DVD only.
  • The Hunting Party bonus DVD.
  • Live show filmed at Arena Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico on September 12, 2012.
A Place For My Head (Live At Download Festival 2014) Hybrid Theory - Live At Download Festival 2014 3:43 June 14, 2014 August 12, 2014
A Place For My Head Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition) 3:33 January 30, 2001 October 9, 2020
  • DVD only.
  • The Fillmore 2001.
A Place For My Head Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition) 5:23 June 03, 2001 October 9, 2020
  • DVD only.
  • Rock Am Ring 2001.
A Place For My Head Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition) 3:58 February 23, 2002

February 24, 2002

October 9, 2020
  • DVD only.
  • Projekt: Revolution 2002.


"A Place For My Head" has been a staple and a fan-favorite amongst Linkin Park fans and setlists since the earliest days of the band. "Always a crowd-pleaser back in those days. We started a lot of mosh pits in a lot of venues with that song," declared Mike Shinoda.[10]

Pre-dating even the band name "Linkin Park" is a video of the band rehearsing the demo of the song, "Esaul" under the name Hybrid Theory from 1999 on Frat Party At The Pankake Festival. Hybrid Theory can also be seen rehearsing another demo version of the song in the HiFi Hollywood Rehearsal Studios[11] with bassist Scott Koziol during the episode "jammin with linkin park" of Marc Ostrick's webseries Lockout,[12] recorded on February 24, 2000.

Over the course of their first years under the name "Linkin Park", there were a few times when Chester would mess up the lyrics to "A Place For My Head" and sing part of "Esaul" during the chorus (most notably Phoenix 2000 and Berlin 2001).

For most of 2000, the band performed "A Place For My Head" near the end of the set, before "One Step Closer". Halfway through the Kottonmouth Kings' "Ridin' High" Tour, "A Place For My Head" was moved up to the beginning of the set as the opener, featuring an intro with Fiona Apple's "Love Ridden" playing over the PA before the song.

On the first tour of 2001, the Street Soldiers Tour, "A Place For My Head" returned to the end of the setlist, third-to-last in the set, before "Forgotten". The song returned to its opening position starting at the Rock im Park night performance. After returning to its late set position the next day at Rock am Ring, the band continued to open with it for the next few shows. The band played around with show intros on the Ozzfest, with "A Place For My Head" in the slot at the very first show on the tour. Ultimately, the song returned to its late-set position before "Forgotten" and the "With You" and "Runaway" combination opened instead. The song remained in this position for the remainder of the year. The second performance at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas featured "A Place For My Head" with an acoustic intro, for the first and only time. In 2002, "A Place For My Head" maintained a more mid-set position than it had in past years.

"A Place For My Head" returned triumphantly on the Meteora touring cycle, where it found its way to the encore, being the second-to-last song in the set, with an extended bridge to accompany it. Throughout the special stops on the LP Underground Tour, the song was heavily requested by fans. At the Top Of The Pops performance, Brad played the intro of the song on guitar in response to the fans screaming for it, as the band did not plan on playing it that night. A few days later, the band performed the full song at the CD:UK Headliners show unplanned in response to the heavy requests at Top Of The Pops. On Projekt Revolution 2003, the band began playing an extended intro to the song in addition to the extended bridge, the intro featuring samples from the bridge building up to the main riff. At the show in Lisbon, Portugal, Mike conducted a sing-a-long over the extended intro, having the crowd sing the bridge of the song. "A Place For My Head" remained in its second-to-last in the set position until the summer of 2004. On the Meteora International Tour, "A Place For My Head" was dropped for the first show of the tour. When it returned on the second show at the Download, it was moved down form the encore and closed the main set instead.

The song was not performed for another four years, until the first tour of 2008 on the Minutes To Midnight touring cycle. The song returned with a brand new guitar solo intro by Brad. It appeared as the opener for the second encore in Set T and as the second-to-last song in the main set in Set S (it was not featured in Set R). On the second Minutes To Midnight European Tour in 2008, "A Place For My Head" returned again. It was the second song in the encore in Set Y, the second-to-last song in Set Z, but did not appear in Set X. The song was dropped from the sets on the following Projekt Revolution 2008.

On the A Thousand Suns touring cycle, "A Place For My Head" was only performed once in its entirety: in Paris, France as a celebration for the tenth anniversary of Hybrid Theory. Outside of that performance, Mike often rapped verse one and Chester sang the bridge of the song over the extended bridge of "Bleed It Out" throughout the touring cycle.

The full version of "A Place For My Head" returned in a big way on the Living Things World Tour. It premiered with a brand new long intro and extended outro in the festival setlist on the summer European Tour. When the band faced technical difficulties on the tour, they normally played "A Place For My Head" to fill the time: this happened twice, in Bucharest, Romania and in Noblesville, Indiana. At the Soundwave show in Bowen Hills, Queensland, the band had technical difficulties that caused them to skip "Castle Of Glass", and despite Chester saying, "Fuck that song, let's play 'A Place For My Head,'" the band moved on with the set, performing "Lost In The Echo" instead. On the Honda Civic Tour, "A Place For My Head" was only consistently featured as the intro for Set B, which would continue throughout the Living Things touring cycle. At the headline show in Melbourne, Victoria, the band gave the audience a choice between two songs in the encore, "In The End" or "A Place For My Head". Despite the crowd clearly voting for "In The End", the band went ahead and played "A Place For My Head" instead.

The song was played sporadically during The Hunting Party touring cycle. The first performance of the song was at the Download Festival, when the band performed Hybrid Theory in its entirety. The song was performed again, when the band visited the Warped Tour stop in Ventura, California. Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember performed the song with the band. The song was not in a main setlist again in 2014, but was performed by request at the 12th LPU Summit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the soundcheck. The song finally returned in 2015, where the song was featured in the new versions of Set A and Set B. In Set A, the song opened the encore with a new solo intro by Brad. In Set B, the song was moved down into the main set, as the second-to-last song (still retaining the solo intro). After the tour was cancelled, "A Place For My Head" did not return on the summer North American Tour.

Mike performed the first verse and chorus of the song during his Fort Minor set in London, England above the Funky Rebel Break Instrumental after "There They Go," being the first time he's ever performed the song like that.

"A Place For My Head" was added into the setlists midway through the One More Light European Tour after Mike held a Twitter poll asking fans what song they'd like to hear on the tour (the other option was "From The Inside," which ended up being performed later on the tour even though it didn't win the vote) starting in Kraków, Poland. From there, it was regularly rotated in a "heavy" slot of the set with "Somewhere I Belong," "Points Of Authority," and "From The Inside," usually performed with an extended intro featuring Mike on a synth and Brad doing a guitar solo. At the Hollywood Bowl tribute show, Jeremy McKinnon joined the band again for the track.

Near the end of Monster Energy Outbreak Tour in support of Mike's solo album Post Traumatic, starting with Boston, Mike closed the set with "A Place For My Head". Opening act for the tour Don Broco would join Mike for the song. He also performed the song sporadically during the 2019 European Tour, usually with Don Broco, but he also performed the song with Jennifer Weist from German rock band Jennifer Rostock in Berlin.


Linkin Park

Last Updated: August 22, 2018

Type Description First Played Last Played
Intro "Love Ridden" by Fiona Apple Remix November 11, 2000 June 4, 2001
Intro Acoustic Guitar Intro December 9, 2001 December 9, 2001
Intro Bridge Samples played before the guitar comes in April 4, 2003 September 11, 2004
Intro w/ Crowd Sing-a-long & Bridge September 9, 2003 September 9, 2003
Intro Guitar Solo Intro January 16, 2008 June 28, 2008
Intro Long Intro May 26, 2012 August 17, 2013
Intro Brad Solo Intro January 15, 2015 January 17, 2015
Intro Guitar Intro (Brad checking if his guitar was tuned correctly) September 6, 2015 September 6, 2015
Intro Ext. Guitar Solo & Synth Intro June 15, 2017 July 4, 2017
Bridge Samples repeated until Chester comes in February 23, 2003 September 11, 2004
Bridge Chester repeating "You try to take the best of me, go away..." over and over January 28, 2008 June 6, 2012
Outro Ext. Outro May 26, 2012 August 17, 2013
Outro "In The End" Samples February 27, 2013 February 27, 2013

Fort Minor

Last Updated: August 22, 2018

Type Description First Played Last Played
Alternative w/ Funky Rebel Breaks Instrumental September 8, 2015 September 8, 2015
Alternative Shortened (Through First Chorus) September 8, 2015 September 8, 2015

Live Guests

Linkin Park

Last Updated: December 26, 2015

  • Stephen Richards (Taproot)
  • Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember)
  • Warren Willis (replacing Joe Hahn)

Mike Shinoda

Last Updated: July 10, 2019

  • Don Broco
  • Jennifer Weist (Jennifer Rostock)


Linkin Park

  • Chester Bennington: vocals
  • Rob Bourdon: drums, backing vocals
  • Brad Delson: guitars, bass, backing vocals
  • Joseph Hahn: records, sampling, backing vocals
  • Mike Shinoda: emcee, vocals, beats, sampling

Additional Musicians

  • Ian Hornbeck: bass

Additional Writers

  • Mark Wakefield: writer


  • Don Gilmore: producer
  • Jeff Blue: executive producer
  • Andy Wallace: mixer



In Other Media

  • "A Place For My Head" is featured in the 2001 videogame ESPN X-Games Skateboarding.

Cover Versions

American metal group Sworn In did a rendition of "A Place In My Head" which was previewed on PropertyOfZack[13] before making its premiere on Absolutepunk.net in late 2012.[14] Vocalist Tyler Dennen said, "We chose Linkin Park to cover because growing up it was one of the most influential bands we had, personally I remember buying Hybrid Theory at Best Buy with my dad and listening to it for hours straight. We we’re completely tired of seeing bands in our genre covering “radio” songs or doing “pop goes punk” so we took it a different direction. We also felt it fit our sound because our new cd is going in a more nu-metal direction, and we’ve always had fast paced almost rap style vocals."[15] However, the cover isn't available in any of their albums.

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  • A Place For My Head: LPTV